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  1. Thank you yes I was a bit off - my point was that it is not a SBS -
  2. Yep - does this surprise you? I was just appalled that an FFL in this state was trying to tell me that it was an SBS - Its one thing to say "NJ AG hasn't ruled yet, waiting to hear", but if you don't know it meets the AOW definition that is not good.
  3. ^^And you know what that, is what made me want to find a deal on one, as opposed to just getting a VP9 - literally everyone I know with a P30 series in V1 Light LEM sing nothing but praise, and say its best of both worlds if you like striker pistols without a safety but want a hammer fired HK - maybe I spent a bit more but it sounded like a great trigger system to learn, hammer fired HK's are known to be bulletproof, and to "switch it up" as my last 4 pistols have been striker fired - plus John Wick! Lol - Yes I'm excited to receive it I've heard nothing but tons of praise!
  4. It never had a stock attached at the factory so it is not a shotgun. Read the AOW definition. The pistol grip only Mossbergs that come in the tube (the ones that do NOT come with a shoulder stock), are AOW's, and not shotguns. They have 18" barrels. The raptor grip on the Shockwave, combined with the 14" barrel makes it 26.5" overall length - which is one of the requirements of an AOW (over 26") - If you took the Shockwave's raptor grip off, and put a pistol grip on it or a shoulder stock on it, you would now have an illegal short barrel shotgun and an NFA item. They key is it never came with a shoulder stock and the overall length is over 26".
  5. ^^I 100% agree with you on new pistols - Gunbroker is never cheap - Shipping and credit card fees, etc, I like to buy direct from distributors. A guy was selling an HK P30L, 9mm in V1 Light LEM - BE date code so 2014 manufacture, and he said he purchased new and it sits in his safe and he ran maybe 150 rounds through it so its like new - I ended up winning auction at $730 and the least I can find for brand new from distributors is at least $150 more than that - so I got a decent deal -
  6. I just won a pistol on Gunbroker - He had positive feedback of 13, returned emails promptly, answered all my questions - lets hope it all goes smoothly. I'm with JT - on Armslist, FTF or use Premium Vendors -
  7. Update - Now, for not wanting to publicly post the FFL who told me this, but inquired about a pistol transfer to him yesterday as he's a bit closer to me than Steve @ Monmouth - I asked about doing a transfer on a 590 Shockwave if I could win one off Gunbroker, and he told me verbatim "Not NJ legal - it is a short barreled shotgun which is a no-no" - I thought the whole point of the Raptor grip installed at the factory makes it a 26.5" AOW and non NFA? There is even an ATF letter on the Mossberg website. Sigh. This will probably be one of my first purchases around Labor Day when I am settled in to my new digs in NC. If you read Buds website they will not ship to NJ - probably because we are fucking retarded in this state, even though its legal - odd that also TX is also not being shipped the Shockwave, per Buds - Mossberg has everyone scratching their heads! "I mean it LOOKS illegal, but is it??"
  8. P30L in V1 Light LEM has been won - en route to Steve's shop for transfer - I wanted something "different" this time around and look forward to shooting and learning proficiency on the LEM trigger system from HK - This will be my last one before I move out, I'm afraid -
  9. No desire or need for 40 for me - HK is discontinuing the P30 series in 40, prices are approx. 25% less than their 9mm counterparts now - 9 and 45 do me just fine, if I want a different kind of effective caliber I have the 38/357 -
  10. A MagGuts in the flush (7) and a Taran +2 would do good for a backup - IMO the +4 is too long - But if you like it, good! I may be picking one up soon, I have no single stack 9's and we all know they are the hotness -
  11. I do - I place plenty of blame on the legislature - but unlike the RINO's in Trenton and Washington, when the Democrats have the power that they need, they will do something to further their causes - The Republicans tend to stall in place, and Christie's years are proof of it. Obama got plenty done to advance their agenda in his two terms and he didn't have either legislative branch for the last 2 years. ^^This - if he wanted us to be "better than he found it" we could have worked on repealing some of the asinine gun laws on the books. Exec orders, whatever you want to call it. Roubian has done more in this state in 8 years than the actual Republican governor.
  12. Just like Ryan and McConnell in DC, he has done nothing to roll anything back - vetoing even more anti-2A legislation on top of what we have does not take the progressive agenda back even a decade - if he felt so strongly he should have done a PR campaign (like he is doing with opiates now, its a feel good thing) and town hall meetings to rile up the Republican base and vote out the D's out of their districts. A veto does nothing but temporarily stop the inevitable. What he did last summer to kill the bill on justifiable need changes (which was what? Adding "serious threats" to the definition? That couldn't even be accepted in this state, what a joke) was political grandstanding to look good while he was on the presidential campaign trail - just like the Republicans passing a full, clean repeal of Obamacare to send to O's desk for veto as recently as a year ago I believe? He knew in a million years the legislature would never pick up a vote to accept full removal of justifiable need - but it felt good to do it and he could tell people he was working hard to get gun rights back. And as soon as he is gone, if NJ has another D governor, they will pick up where they left off in 2008 and they will try to one-up New York to be a "model" of "safety" for the country. I am hopeful that people will wake up in this state - but thinking that Christie has ever been a 2A advocate for a private citizen in any form is joking - he is a political class elite just like the rest of them, he only started speaking favorably (reluctantly I'm sure) in the primary to hopefully get some NRA support - trust me Chris Christie cannot fathom in his mind advocating in a public setting that one has a constitutional right to keep and bear arms outside the home for protection as a "God given right to self defense" - try putting that on your carry permit application in NJ. Democrats hold power, Republicans hold office. And until I see some rollback of the progressive agenda either in Trenton or in Washington I will continue to say that.
  13. Yep that's the Krispy Kreme I know - in 8 years he has done nothing to roll back any infringements of the past 30-40 years and kept the status quo in place, including those evil "automatic assault weapons" The picture with the children is very telling and very progressivist propaganda "if it can only save one life!" where have we heard that -
  14. ^Yes don't want to go down the parental supervision slope - I don't have kids currently but they will learn from a young age that firearms are not taboo, but they are not to be touched. The point is for the inevitable response of "well my kid could go looking around and found a gun in your XXXX (hidden place)" well why on God's green earth is your child rifling through my private possessions? When I go some place whether its with my dogs or my kids or even just myself I don't start looking through other people's things - Now when no adult is home that is 100% different story. But yes lets not digress - the other statements I hear more than you'd think (mag capacity no big deal, ok with pistol permits and FPID's, ok with more background checks)
  15. ^^I agree with you Zeke but the problem is we are moving in opposite direction IMO - whereas the Constitutional carry states number more and more each year, there is going to be 1/3 "extra free", lets call those the Cons Carry states - then 1/3 "ultra communist", the NY/NJ/MD/MA/CA/IL/HI crowd (I might be missing one or two), and then the other states somewhere in the middle - You wouldn't believe the amount of NJ gun owners who I've encountered who have said the following to me: -I don't mind the pistol permit system -There should be a law about keeping your guns locked up if children are in your home -Magazine capacity restrictions don't bother me, who needs more than 15? -Yeah I think everyone should have a background check to buy a firearm -You can buy ammunition online? Is it legal? The problem isn't that we don't have enough gun owners (I contend we have plenty), the problem is we don't have enough Constitutional thinking gun owners - and until those numbers shift, the Progressives have NJ by the balls -