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  1. LOL - this one was funny - All the fearmongering NJ firearms lawyers and NJ's firearms laws can all screw themselves - with all the moving I did last year 450 miles away, the last thing I worried about was notifying them about my stupid ass yellow card - I live in free America now and have better things to do, like help keep the South free. And those dumbass permits/registrations for the firearms I owned and brought with me can go rot in an NJSP barracks somewhere - we are Brady exempt down here and its amazing to think I actually endured the kind of firearms oppression up there - Godspeed, y'all.
  2. Thank you yes I was a bit off - my point was that it is not a SBS -
  3. Yep - does this surprise you? I was just appalled that an FFL in this state was trying to tell me that it was an SBS - Its one thing to say "NJ AG hasn't ruled yet, waiting to hear", but if you don't know it meets the AOW definition that is not good.
  4. ^^And you know what that, is what made me want to find a deal on one, as opposed to just getting a VP9 - literally everyone I know with a P30 series in V1 Light LEM sing nothing but praise, and say its best of both worlds if you like striker pistols without a safety but want a hammer fired HK - maybe I spent a bit more but it sounded like a great trigger system to learn, hammer fired HK's are known to be bulletproof, and to "switch it up" as my last 4 pistols have been striker fired - plus John Wick! Lol - Yes I'm excited to receive it I've heard nothing but tons of praise!
  5. It never had a stock attached at the factory so it is not a shotgun. Read the AOW definition. The pistol grip only Mossbergs that come in the tube (the ones that do NOT come with a shoulder stock), are AOW's, and not shotguns. They have 18" barrels. The raptor grip on the Shockwave, combined with the 14" barrel makes it 26.5" overall length - which is one of the requirements of an AOW (over 26") - If you took the Shockwave's raptor grip off, and put a pistol grip on it or a shoulder stock on it, you would now have an illegal short barrel shotgun and an NFA item. They key is it never came with a shoulder stock and the overall length is over 26".
  6. ^^I 100% agree with you on new pistols - Gunbroker is never cheap - Shipping and credit card fees, etc, I like to buy direct from distributors. A guy was selling an HK P30L, 9mm in V1 Light LEM - BE date code so 2014 manufacture, and he said he purchased new and it sits in his safe and he ran maybe 150 rounds through it so its like new - I ended up winning auction at $730 and the least I can find for brand new from distributors is at least $150 more than that - so I got a decent deal -
  7. I just won a pistol on Gunbroker - He had positive feedback of 13, returned emails promptly, answered all my questions - lets hope it all goes smoothly. I'm with JT - on Armslist, FTF or use Premium Vendors -
  8. Update - Now, for not wanting to publicly post the FFL who told me this, but inquired about a pistol transfer to him yesterday as he's a bit closer to me than Steve @ Monmouth - I asked about doing a transfer on a 590 Shockwave if I could win one off Gunbroker, and he told me verbatim "Not NJ legal - it is a short barreled shotgun which is a no-no" - I thought the whole point of the Raptor grip installed at the factory makes it a 26.5" AOW and non NFA? There is even an ATF letter on the Mossberg website. Sigh. This will probably be one of my first purchases around Labor Day when I am settled in to my new digs in NC. If you read Buds website they will not ship to NJ - probably because we are fucking retarded in this state, even though its legal - odd that also TX is also not being shipped the Shockwave, per Buds - Mossberg has everyone scratching their heads! "I mean it LOOKS illegal, but is it??"
  9. P30L in V1 Light LEM has been won - en route to Steve's shop for transfer - I wanted something "different" this time around and look forward to shooting and learning proficiency on the LEM trigger system from HK - This will be my last one before I move out, I'm afraid -
  10. No desire or need for 40 for me - HK is discontinuing the P30 series in 40, prices are approx. 25% less than their 9mm counterparts now - 9 and 45 do me just fine, if I want a different kind of effective caliber I have the 38/357 -
  11. A MagGuts in the flush (7) and a Taran +2 would do good for a backup - IMO the +4 is too long - But if you like it, good! I may be picking one up soon, I have no single stack 9's and we all know they are the hotness -
  12. ^This - its actually just as easy as Amazon, I always cancel by day 29 - And I usually get an offer for a new trial every 4 months or so, just when I could use 10% off and free shipping on a case of ammo
  13. Not sure what town you are in - but I'm in Bridgewater and just dropped off pistol paperwork off on Wednesday - my references had letters in their mailbox on Saturday - again, first time in the 4-5 years since I got my FPID that additional pistol permit applications got reference letters. So stupid - I can't wait to get out of here - don't forget that $20 NJSP fee for criminal records search and that $15 for NICS on each handgun purchase - the state makes $65 off me each time I buy 3 pistols - and they wonder why I do transfers, 7% sales tax is another kick in my pants.
  14. Well I'm high bidder on a used but like new in box P30L V1 Light LEM for $750 shipped off GB - if I miss out on the auction I'll keep saving up for an LE model -
  15. Hey man - thanks for the post - I'm in Bridgewater and would love to have met up but I've basically decided that is the hammer fired HK way to go for me - being a mostly striker pistol guy this is best of both worlds - and I'm also a southpaw so although the V3 DA/SA is nice, actually using the decocker as a lefty is not as easy to sweep thumb under the hammer to get to the button etc - so I am passing on the V3 Thanks for the post man I appreciate it!
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