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  1. LOL - this one was funny - All the fearmongering NJ firearms lawyers and NJ's firearms laws can all screw themselves - with all the moving I did last year 450 miles away, the last thing I worried about was notifying them about my stupid ass yellow card - I live in free America now and have better things to do, like help keep the South free. And those dumbass permits/registrations for the firearms I owned and brought with me can go rot in an NJSP barracks somewhere - we are Brady exempt down here and its amazing to think I actually endured the kind of firearms oppression up there - Godspeed, y'all.
  2. Thank you yes I was a bit off - my point was that it is not a SBS -
  3. Yep - does this surprise you? I was just appalled that an FFL in this state was trying to tell me that it was an SBS - Its one thing to say "NJ AG hasn't ruled yet, waiting to hear", but if you don't know it meets the AOW definition that is not good.
  4. ^^And you know what that, is what made me want to find a deal on one, as opposed to just getting a VP9 - literally everyone I know with a P30 series in V1 Light LEM sing nothing but praise, and say its best of both worlds if you like striker pistols without a safety but want a hammer fired HK - maybe I spent a bit more but it sounded like a great trigger system to learn, hammer fired HK's are known to be bulletproof, and to "switch it up" as my last 4 pistols have been striker fired - plus John Wick! Lol - Yes I'm excited to receive it I've heard nothing but tons of praise!
  5. It never had a stock attached at the factory so it is not a shotgun. Read the AOW definition. The pistol grip only Mossbergs that come in the tube (the ones that do NOT come with a shoulder stock), are AOW's, and not shotguns. They have 18" barrels. The raptor grip on the Shockwave, combined with the 14" barrel makes it 26.5" overall length - which is one of the requirements of an AOW (over 26") - If you took the Shockwave's raptor grip off, and put a pistol grip on it or a shoulder stock on it, you would now have an illegal short barrel shotgun and an NFA item. They key is it never came with a shoulder stock and the overall length is over 26".
  6. ^^I 100% agree with you on new pistols - Gunbroker is never cheap - Shipping and credit card fees, etc, I like to buy direct from distributors. A guy was selling an HK P30L, 9mm in V1 Light LEM - BE date code so 2014 manufacture, and he said he purchased new and it sits in his safe and he ran maybe 150 rounds through it so its like new - I ended up winning auction at $730 and the least I can find for brand new from distributors is at least $150 more than that - so I got a decent deal -
  7. I just won a pistol on Gunbroker - He had positive feedback of 13, returned emails promptly, answered all my questions - lets hope it all goes smoothly. I'm with JT - on Armslist, FTF or use Premium Vendors -
  8. Update - Now, for not wanting to publicly post the FFL who told me this, but inquired about a pistol transfer to him yesterday as he's a bit closer to me than Steve @ Monmouth - I asked about doing a transfer on a 590 Shockwave if I could win one off Gunbroker, and he told me verbatim "Not NJ legal - it is a short barreled shotgun which is a no-no" - I thought the whole point of the Raptor grip installed at the factory makes it a 26.5" AOW and non NFA? There is even an ATF letter on the Mossberg website. Sigh. This will probably be one of my first purchases around Labor Day when I am settled in to my new digs in NC. If you read Buds website they will not ship to NJ - probably because we are fucking retarded in this state, even though its legal - odd that also TX is also not being shipped the Shockwave, per Buds - Mossberg has everyone scratching their heads! "I mean it LOOKS illegal, but is it??"
  9. P30L in V1 Light LEM has been won - en route to Steve's shop for transfer - I wanted something "different" this time around and look forward to shooting and learning proficiency on the LEM trigger system from HK - This will be my last one before I move out, I'm afraid -
  10. No desire or need for 40 for me - HK is discontinuing the P30 series in 40, prices are approx. 25% less than their 9mm counterparts now - 9 and 45 do me just fine, if I want a different kind of effective caliber I have the 38/357 -
  11. A MagGuts in the flush (7) and a Taran +2 would do good for a backup - IMO the +4 is too long - But if you like it, good! I may be picking one up soon, I have no single stack 9's and we all know they are the hotness -
  12. ^This - its actually just as easy as Amazon, I always cancel by day 29 - And I usually get an offer for a new trial every 4 months or so, just when I could use 10% off and free shipping on a case of ammo
  13. Not sure what town you are in - but I'm in Bridgewater and just dropped off pistol paperwork off on Wednesday - my references had letters in their mailbox on Saturday - again, first time in the 4-5 years since I got my FPID that additional pistol permit applications got reference letters. So stupid - I can't wait to get out of here - don't forget that $20 NJSP fee for criminal records search and that $15 for NICS on each handgun purchase - the state makes $65 off me each time I buy 3 pistols - and they wonder why I do transfers, 7% sales tax is another kick in my pants.
  14. Well I'm high bidder on a used but like new in box P30L V1 Light LEM for $750 shipped off GB - if I miss out on the auction I'll keep saving up for an LE model -
  15. Hey man - thanks for the post - I'm in Bridgewater and would love to have met up but I've basically decided that is the hammer fired HK way to go for me - being a mostly striker pistol guy this is best of both worlds - and I'm also a southpaw so although the V3 DA/SA is nice, actually using the decocker as a lefty is not as easy to sweep thumb under the hammer to get to the button etc - so I am passing on the V3 Thanks for the post man I appreciate it!
  16. ^^I've heard its worth the wait and every penny! I would do the reduced reset carry perfection package as well if I had the $
  17. ^^Thanks! Did you get yours back yet (your thread doesn't say you did) - Bruce Gray's work is 100% top notch and worth every penny - If I got a P30 in V3 DA/SA only configuration I would most likely be sending it to them for trigger enhancement - would love to handle a stock light LEM as some people love it the way it comes, but there are always improvements to be made
  18. Thanks! I'll see what my day is like tomorrow, although I'm not interested in purchasing any .40S&W's that would be super kind of you to let me check both out side by side :thumbup:
  19. ^Will keep it in mind - both versions are not easy to come by! 1 on GB now for $800 and is like new but not factory new, Steve said he was checking with his distributors too -
  20. If you are looking for a single stack 9 the Shield would be the way to go - You can't beat $260 out the door after transfer and rebate - Or for the 45ACP with the better 2.0 texture, $300 or so after transfer fee and rebate -
  21. ^^ME TOO - And I do not want the Remington copycat version either -
  22. That's not bad at all - Besides Steve's (Monmouth Arms) shop (who's prices are phenomenal), and RTSP Blue Label purchases, I have always had this problem elsewhere at other LGS that prices seem to be really lofty to what I could get transferred - I'll keep it in mind, thanks man!
  23. My thing is I don't mind paying maybe up to 10% more on a firearm from a B&M / FFL, depending on what it is - Considering I also have to pay 7% sales tax on that whole purchase - I get the whole storefront, overhead, etc, but moving more units at less of a profit per unit would wash out IMO - I was in a local shop last week and the standard VP9 I can have delivered for $520 plus $42 transfer including NICS was listed at $699 plus tax and NICS = $762 - I like to support my fellow business when I can but especially in times like these when the market is relaxed a bit and the deals are out there to be had, I'm not charitable enough to spend 40% more on the same purchase, and not even if its sold to me by a busty blonde who asks me to the tavern afterwards.... Maybe I'm an idiot but I was always under the impression that going into a gun store and haggling on price in order to "make the sale" was out dated and not accepted in this day and age (the price marked is what you pay buddy, type of thing), but then again I've been wrong before....
  24. Thanks brother I am going to do a transfer for myself soon enough and my wife has a G42 waiting on her permit to pick up - I'll ask him if it's something he can get. They are out of stock everywhere. High polished is such a BBQ gun but so gorgeous. I'll sell the pinned mags if he has it and get the regular 16 rounders when I move in a few months.
  25. I see both sides of the argument - Walt of Destiny thank you for confirming what we basically already know - Unfortunately citizens in free states are able to exercise their right to carry without hundreds of thousands of dollars invested, and decades of time before humbling upon an NJ powerbroker who will grease the wheel of a judge so to speak - I respect everyone who has done this 'process' who is not LEO to obtain their rights back, but this is precisely why I am on my way the fuck out of here - because if this is the accepted norm, and politically the climate or electorate is not changing (National Reciprocity? our legislature will have a LOL-fest, Crackhead Ryan and Cluck-U-Chicken McConnell can't even defund sanctuary cities who the fuck are they kidding) and we are stuck with same government that oppresses the freedoms of its citizens, its not something I'd want to donate years of my life and my future childrens college funds to get - especially when we are headed towards our own bastardized version of NY's unSAFE act next year if we are unlucky with the wrong Cory Booker sponsored gubernatorial candidate, and if we are really lucky, maybe we'll get another Christie (because we all see how reliable the GOP is in Washington) - after all that work, time, money, and dedication, it would really burn my ass to be restricted to 10 rounds for defense. And yet more states are going constitutional carry every year. NJ is moving backwards not forwards. I will make my farewell donation to Roubian's group as many of you know I am moving to NC, I'd rather continue to keep that state's rights active (as more move from liberal NY areas down there each year) instead of burying 10k plus in property taxes to wait for NJ to change, which as far as I know has been the better part of the last 3-4 decades or more. A good citizen can't even go purchase a pistol in this state without a 3 week process on the low end of obtaining a permission slip from Trenton (even more time if you use an SP barracks) and don't forget that Trenton gets another $15 back in their pocket for every purchase, so they are making money off of what little is left of gun rights in this state, which pisses me off even more. OK I'm done with my rant.
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