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  1. I see a bunch of people here telling the OP to contact ANJRPC, but in my experience they do nothing. I've emailed them 6 - 8 times over the past year and a half to report my Township requiring extra paper work and I've never received a single response. Though that may be due to the fact that I live in South Jersey. Most organizations in this state ignore everyone from the western half of Burlington county on south.
  2. Just posted on FB today...
  3. So you're the type who doubles down on stupid instead of ever admitting to being wrong, got it.
  4. I've heard this before. But the last time I checked, picking your nose with a bishop while making horsey noises as you bounce a knight around your fischer-price picnic table does not count as playing chess.
  5. Not that I honestly believe national reciprocity will happen. But you need to work on your listening and/or comprehension skills. That, or your being deliberately obtuse? It's been stated time and again that non-resident permits would be included. Ask the bill's author if you don't believe us. How many times do you have to be told before it sinks in? Stop regurgitating that b/s already.
  6. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. But you know who definitely is an idiot? Anyone who thinks that slimy little mullet weasel is REALLY on our side.
  7. Since you're late to the return party too, how long did it take you to get your replacements? They received my series 1 mags two weeks ago, and I've heard nothing since.
  8. And make sure you double and triple check that scope mount while you're at it. If it's an Amazon el-cheepo...upgrade. Those things aren't suitable for anything other than rimfire.
  9. Yes, they do. Model # 19102 has a threaded barrel and a 10 round magazine. Still can't fin it anywhere though.
  10. Most M1A rifles come from the factory with a flash hider, so they'll be on the naughty list as well.
  11. I wouldn't think a light weight filler would be very stable or sturdy. You'd probably be better served using a bi-pod if you want to shed some weight from the range gear.
  12. I just don't buy ammo from any site that requires it. Problem solved.
  13. What, you guys don't have TD Banks in North Jersey? They all offer free notary service to anyone, not just customers.
  14. It doesn't need to be welded, unless your barrel is under 16". Get yourself a cheap drill press from harbor freight. Works out to $58 and change if you use one of their 20% off coupons. Do 2 rifles and it's paid for itself.