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  1. It fits, I've got one in mine, and my stock was painted before it was installed. The best way to install it is use the longest screw it comes with to pull it into the hole. Once the cup is all the way in back the screw out and use the correct length. If you try to beat into submission you're going to have a bad time.
  2. LMAO, you've got a better chance of being raped by a unicorn that's riding a unicycle while juggling.
  3. If "it is a pistol grip or it is not" were true then you couldn't own a saiga shotgun with a thumbhole stock. I think.the only issue is gun owners in this state are a bunch of whipped dogs. So excited of getting that bone on semi-auto shotguns that they're too distracted to realize the full ramifications of it.
  4. Since semiauto shotguns can legal wear them, why can't we run a hera arms cqr stock with a flash hider on an AR?
  5. There's no way that thing would pass muster. No tools required for removal.
  6. He seemed to be the only FFL near Philly with reasonable transfer fees.
  7. Posted on their FB page today. I have no more info than what they posted, and not going to speculate.
  8. There are only 2 reasons to pay for an expensive lower. Neither of which is practical, or has anything to do with quality. And by expensive I mean anything more than $100 (Spikes, Ruger, etc). The first being cosmetics, we all like stuff that looks cool, I get it. The 2nd being resale price, and if you're concerned about resale you shouldn't be building an AR. Any delusions about this or that fancy AR lower being better are just that. And if you're paying that money for a billet lower, you're actually paying extra for a structurally inferior part. A mil-spec lower is a mi-spec lower is a mil-spec lower.
  9. No, and no.
  10. For clarification purposes...are we talking more than one TLR-1 here or multiple failures of the TLR-1s. Important distinction.
  11. If you think making a post containing nothing but a three digit number qualifies as getting giddy, then there really is no helping you.
  12. It's the G17 was top in sales world wide, G19 for the US. They're market share has been in a free fall though, because they refuse to admit that they're being passed left and right. That's why they had the tantrum after losing out to the P320, they desperately needed the sales. But go ahead and delude yourself, thinking others haven't even caught up yet. You'd fit right in at the Glock corporate office.
  13. So they're expanding the protected class? Whoopty freaking do.
  14. I've reported Gloucester Twp multiple times in last year to the State's AG, Operation Strike Force, and NJ2AS, for their continued use of an illegal form. The only response I ever got was from the State AG (only took 6 months), who told me to contact the Gloucester Co. DA. Too bad Gloucester Twp is in Camden Co.
  15. No surprise there. Cheyenne's prices are always absurd.