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  1. Cookie for you, AOW, NFA item, same shit different name. You got the point though cupcake, yeah?
  2. Oh my freaking gawd. The lack of reading comprehension in this thread is astonishing, even for this place. Let me try to simplify before PK90 has a stroke. Federal law defines a pistol as being designed to be fired by one hand, with a maximum overall length of 26 inches. Therefore, legally speaking, any gun over 26" cannot be a pistol. It is a rifle, shotgun, or firearm. I know a lot of people run around calling their 12" barreled AR's pistols, but those people are wrong, and should be corrected. The presence of a vertical grip, or lack of, has absolutely zero to do with pistol or firearm designation. A pistol with a vertical grip is an AOW (edited for cupcake) . Over 26" is not a pistol, so that rule doesn't apply. Anyone who still doesn't get it, you're hopeless. Just be quiet before you kill PK90.
  3. Paranoia... you've been programed well.
  4. Does PSA require a copy of FID for 22lr?
  5. I like Glen over at Freedom, but like (almost) everyone else around here...he's a rip off. Do yourself a favor buy a couple lowers online and have them shipped to Deuce's Den in Sewell. He charges a flat $35 for transfers. Most I've done is 3 at at time, so he may charge more if you're transfer 4+. If you wait for a sale at Brownell's (one just ended) you can transfer 2 Aero lowers through Deuces for what you would pay buying 1 direct from Freedom.
  6. I wouldn't dream of it. It's my Google Voice number which forwards to my cell.
  7. It most certainly can be. It already comes with the blast difuser pinned to a legal length of 16". All you'd have to do is modify or replace the stock.
  8. The only things I need while in OBX are beer and nacho fries from Captain Franks. For the love of god, the Lost Colony is the most painfully boring thing I've experienced in my life. If you hate yourself, then I highly recommend it.
  9. I get 3 - 4 electricity supplier scam calls a day, plus the NRA begging for money almost every day. I block every number they call from, but they're all spoofed so it doesn't help.
  10. I see a bunch of people here telling the OP to contact ANJRPC, but in my experience they do nothing. I've emailed them 6 - 8 times over the past year and a half to report my Township requiring extra paper work and I've never received a single response. Though that may be due to the fact that I live in South Jersey. Most organizations in this state ignore everyone from the western half of Burlington county on south.
  11. So you're the type who doubles down on stupid instead of ever admitting to being wrong, got it.
  12. I've heard this before. But the last time I checked, picking your nose with a bishop while making horsey noises as you bounce a knight around your fischer-price picnic table does not count as playing chess.
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