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  1. After contacting the guy keeping records of donations and reviewing the backers. We P O 6 apologize for screwing up your shirt. Somehow we missed the $115.00 donation you made on June 10. We DID receive the donation. And we would like to either personally deliver a shirt and patch to you. Or we can Mail them out ASAP. This is not bullshit. Please e mail your address to partyofsix.org Again we apologize. Dear Albert, I wanted to donate $100 but I also wanted the T-shirt and the patch. Does $115 cover the cost of those items? I'm an X-L size on the shirt E mail us at partyofsix.org
  2. By the way Nickjc MIke called Joe at the shop regarding your post. Seems the shop does indeed support PO6 and what we are doing as well as joe. He looks forward to discussing this with you.
  3. Complete BS? John you and i have had this conversation before. I find it interesting that no other 2A group or media outlet is calling the PO6 lairs. Whats more interesting is the fact that in a short period of time we the PO6 have been welcomed and supported by a large number of people in NJ. Prior to the Party of six formation, the founding members decided to form a grassroots effort for a mass carry project. Operation carry. We had 600 law abiding firearm owners ready to apply and be denied and join us in a lawsuit against the state based on failure to apply justifiable need and prove that NJ 96% approval rate is false. Yet when we presented this project with hat in hand to Nappen and Bach they wanted nothing to do with it. Furthermore we were advised to not proceed. Why? I personally was never naive enough to buy into the constant gloom and doom attitude of most groups that ask for donations. I have spent countless hours informing multiple groups and law abiding firearm owners on up coming anti gun legislation and pro gun legislation,also promoting and sharing firearm safety organizations. Should i wait for a newsletter that comes out every three months to inform me of something that has come and gone?This history of stale leadership is at least two decades old here in NJ. I suggest we agree to disagree John. Also i wrote our state NRA representatives three times by e mail. This was two months ago. NO reply. As a founding member of The Party of six i can speak for all of us. We seek not to divide the 2A community but to motivate those interested in bringing down N.J.A.C. 13:54-2.4 piece by piece.
  4. Thank you for your inquiry on donating. http://gogetfunding.com/po6fightingfor2arightsinnj/
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