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  1. Gunner74

    (FFL) Greetings from Manahawkin, NJ

  2. Gunner74


    That picture doesn't look much different than today! Lol Snow was a bust for me, 2" than all rain.
  3. Gunner74

    Wilson Combat 92fs

    Thx for the replies. Might have to dust off the 92, the double actions don't get much love anymore.
  4. Gunner74

    Wilson Combat 92fs

    I was thinking about getting those grips for mine. Are they "grippy"? I like a fairly aggressive grip.
  5. Gunner74

    Official Glock Photo Thread

    The gun company. Currently my favorite magwell. I have a tactical-edge coming in that looks promising too.
  6. Gunner74

    Official Glock Photo Thread

    Saw that on p&s, I run an sls not an als. Good info considering the popularity of the als holster, and the growing acceptance of comped guns for serious use.
  7. Gunner74

    Official Glock Photo Thread

    Almost forgot the 17! Lol
  8. Gunner74

    Official Glock Photo Thread

    ...and the comped guns.
  9. Gunner74

    Official Glock Photo Thread

    I'll play. These are the other slides blksheep and I were waiting on.
  10. Gunner74

    Which Ambi-Safety Selector do you like?

    Bad ass on everything, great product.
  11. Gunner74

    Howdy from Ocean County

  12. Gunner74

    New From Camden County

    Welcome, also camden county here.
  13. Gunner74

    New from Fort Lee


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