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  1. If anyone can dumb this down for me it would be great. https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=e55795eb0e7d6fc0ea7586884cae2616&mc=true&node=se22.1.123_117&rgn=div8 Quick browse looks like 3 firearms and 1k rounds.
  2. Thanks for the responces. This is a permanent move, not vacation. There is only one firearm I have without any paper trail. All others have receips or were purchased new. Do I still need to verify all firearms to CBP/ATF?
  3. Im moving abroad and looking for some pointers an bringing my small collection with me. Spoke to PD in the country Im moving to and it looks like Im going to need some proof of a 22 bolt action my Pops left me. He bought it new in 72 and passed away in 97, so no paperwork for that one. All other firearm have paperwork.
  4. I built this a while back just to see how light I could build it without going broke. I mainly used the AR parts/weight database but also read up on other lightweight builds on the web. Two things I did a little different, one was I did not use an aluminum bolt. Second, you can spend $100 on a lightweight handguard or $300 on a little lighter handguard. So I didn't buy the lightest/most expensive parts. I think I'm right about $1k maybe a little under. No plastic. Mag Tactical lower, slick Spikes upper. Guntec honeycomb furniture set but the stock/tube they use has a big slug of steel on the end so I went with an Anderson carbine buffer tube. Rock river arms 2 stage trigger, faxon pencil barrel and slim 3 port brake. Brownells lightweight steel bcg. Strike Industries charging handle. 1st photo is just the rife, 2nd is w/red dot and full 10rd mag You can shoot it one handed. :)
  5. I'd be making sure whoever does the chrome plating has done firearms before. I've seen some nasty chrome jobs where they get carried away with the buffer and all your edges and detail are gone.
  6. I was going to buy a oil/electric house over the summer. Called NJNG about converting to gas. Free service line and appliance install if I bought appliances from them.
  7. My last house was a 2 story 1910, my brother lives in NH in an early 1800's house (post & beam on granite foundation). For me, I put another layer of insulation in my attic (on the attic floor) and built a cover out of rigid insulation for the attic stairs. Basically a box that covered the pull down stairs opening. I had forced hot air and got a 30-40% increase in airflow just by sealing all the ducts in the basement. Also closed off some of the 2nd floor heat registers and ran the ceiling fan in the bedroom 365. My brother gets most of his heat from a wood burning stove, but as others said, you need to control the heat with fans. He put up a cheap set of french doors to close off the stairwell and uses those little triangular corner fans in various doorways to direct the heat.
  8. Might be a little late but..... If you plan it out, you can drill one hole in the stock toward the front, then drill holes at each adjustment notch in the buffer tube. Then just use a punch to remove the pin if you want to move the stock, then reinsert the pin.
  9. I have both a 1911 and P220, the difference is more the trigger and how the gun feels in your hand, not really which one is "softer" or not. I've put a ton of time into my Sig's trigger an it will never come close to the 1911.
  10. I was one of the first to have Fios in my old house, used Verizon from 2005/6 until this year paid ~$250/mo (wife likes her shows). Moved into a new house, no deals and had to pay installation (2 weeks after calling) even though there was already Fios equipment installed. Going to wait out the contract then "cut the cable". Customer service has gone downhill.
  11. You need a paper trail for pistols.
  12. I did the capacitor/resistor rig, worked on one car not another. $3 at radio shack and some time soldering, etc. The wires are stainless so I made small crips by removing the plastic shields and ends off plain eyelets.
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