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  1. I plan on shooting at GSSC for the first time this week. Happy to hear such great things about it looking forward to it!
  2. Well after giving another call to my PD on 6/27 and getting the same answer I decided to call a buddy of mine that works for the department. He checked in on it for me and told me it would at least be another month or so (didn't get into details why) but to keep calling and see if it'll get them to budge. On 6/29 I decided to skip the calling and instead I emailed the mayor and chief of police about my application. Today 6/30 I received an email from the chief stating that he "checked the status of my application and it was completed and approved. You should be contacted by the Police Records Bureau shortly regarding same." Very glad I sent those emails.
  3. Couldn't help myself and got the itch to call again on 6/14. Papers are on desk ready to be processed but the women is on vacation....Trying to be patient
  4. Definitely interested in the night sights and a light like the TRL-1. But you're right getting the G17 without full capacity would kind of be a waste it's just a bigger G19 so right now no point really in getting one yet. The 9mm PPQ's were gone when I went in but I got to hold a PPQ 22 which was super light and did feel great in the hand. Didn't try out the trigger because it wouldn't compare to the 9mm but overall a great looking handgun with a great overall feel. I will eventually pick one up down the road. I have to start making a list of all the handguns I want down the road
  5. Nice! I'm hoping my FID and permit come in this week so I can go pick it up! In the mean time I'm ordering ammo today probably around 200-300 rounds just to get started. Im going to keep it stock probably for a while except for maybe the sights. Can't wait to get to the range and shoot. I would definitely want to own a G17 and G26 in the future it's just a matter of time
  6. Since I am new and just purchased my first handgun I was thinking of naming him/her/it. Is this a thing?
  7. Yep G19 fell in love once I held it. The selection is great I held a lot of them including the CZ P01 which is a beauty. Let me know how it shoots. I'm thinking that's the next purchase probably around Christmas time for myself but I won't get to ahead of myself just yet haha
  8. Made the purchase today at Monmouth Arms thanks for the feedback guys really helped me through the whole process. Now its time to wait patiently for my FID and Permit to come in so I can pick my baby up
  9. Middletown Police Department 5/13- Filled out initial FID and 1 permit (yes I know only one take it easy) 5/21- Got fingerprints done with IdentoGO by Morphotrust 5/23- References received and sent back letter to my PD 5/24- Went into PD and followed up with copy of my finger prints receipt because I wasn't sure if I had to bring them back. I read somewhere on here that you have to however with my police department you don't. The women at the desk told me I did not have to bring the receipt in however she took my papers and made a copy for their records. 6/7- Called the records department in Middletown PD and kindly asked for an update on my application. The women was very nice and more than happy to check my status. She told me that they had recieved all my paper work a couple days ago and that they are processing them at the moment. I am hopeful that they will be done soon. A couple of my buddies have told me that my PD is fairly quick so my fingers are crossed!!
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