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  1. I'm in, bringing a box of clays and ammo. Does anyone know if it's ok to bring one of those pop up 10x10 portable canopy tents?
  2. On the last day of the sale the only place that had any in stock were in brooklyn.
  3. All regular priced ammo buy one at regular price get one at 50% off. I just bought the .22, so i didn't look at the price of anything else but it was a good deal around 5 cents a round.
  4. Do they have to hand in the paperwork to any state police barracks, or do the need to go to trenton.
  5. I believe it was Bambi in the early 70s in journal square, jersey city.
  6. Where does an out of state person apply for the fid?
  7. BJ's Extreme savings week 6/11/17-6/18/17 Stack-on 24 gun safe 299.99 picked up in store. Shipping will cost almost as much as the safe. Even if you aren't a member it's worth the cost of the membership.
  8. I live in Jackson, I don't think there is a discharge law here.
  9. My neighbors house is set back further than mine. I was just talking about discharging a weapon, isn't that still 450 feet?
  10. I would have to be at the very back of my property to be clear of the 450 feet from an occupied structure
  11. Chicks are only a couple bucks each, i lost about 20 over the course of a few days.
  12. It seems like the wind closed an eight foot gate that goes from the barn to the arena. It's cattle fencing and it has a 1 inch diameter metal stud that catches into the lock. I believe as she squeezed back through the gate to the barn she got pinched between the wooden fence and the stud on that gate. There was a little tuft of hair on the wooden fence, so thats my theory.
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