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  1. Source ? Can’t find anywhere online saying open carry is suspended
  2. Huh? Have I missed that much ? its not a open carry state at the moment ?
  3. Going to a trip in the poconose next week.. can you CC with Utah or NH license ? any issues with open Cary up there ?
  4. Thank you for contacting Attorney General Grewal regarding regulation changes for taser/stun gun use. As of October 22, 2017, in accordance with a Consent Order entered in the United States District Court, prior statutory prohibitions against selling or possessing stun guns in New Jersey have been declared unconstitutional. By virtue of this ruling, New Jersey is now on similar footing as 39 other states that allow stun guns with limited or no restrictions so, unless there is a change to the law, no permit or license will be required to obtain or possess a stun gun. However, the State Police have adopted a rule effective January 2, 2018 prohibiting minors under the age of 18 from obtaining or possessing stun guns. In addition to this regulation, current statutory provisions that establish restrictions on stun guns remain in force and effect, including laws that prohibit felons and incompetent persons from possessing stun guns, possession on school grounds, possession for an unlawful purpose, and possession under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for such lawful uses as a stun gun may have. This response is not intended as legal advice but is offered for informational purposes only. Unless the law is changed, New Jersey law contains no permitting or similar requirement that must be satisfied in order to possess a stun gun (whether at home or in public). And, as previously indicated, there are limitations under the current law which are not affected by the Consent Order. You may wish to consult a private attorney should you require legal advice on this issue. Thank you again for writing. Sincerely, Jonathan J. Pantano Citizens Services and Relations Office of the Attorney General thats wht why I got in June 20th from AG office.
  5. Wow that’s helpful do you have a flyer or email outlining that ? any idea why they wouldn’t update their website ?
  6. Has the new AG given any guidance as to the allowance of stun guns integers to ge last AGs letter ?
  7. That’s where my head is at.. with a couple set ups (1) being the portable version .. it could be a good team building tool “brought to you “
  8. That being said do you see an all indoor virtual range as profitable?
  9. That being said do you see an all indoor virtual range as profitable?
  10. Some systems I’ve priced out come with 4-5 modes and upwards of 1000 senarios ia there a chance for for officers and other security to use as training? chance for people to understand guns prior to going to a live fire ?
  11. I wouldn’t be looking for milarty but I have priced out some 180 screen and hat fats system and I could have quite a system for 100-125
  12. A competely virtual range do? How realistic are they? im taking top of the line technology with over 1000 senerios. would be able to avoid most of the zoning issues.. contemplating a 100k+ to look into this option.
  13. Has anyone heard a peep from the new AG on this? why are the laws not updates online ?
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