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  1. That’s where my head is at.. with a couple set ups (1) being the portable version .. it could be a good team building tool “brought to you “
  2. That being said do you see an all indoor virtual range as profitable?
  3. That being said do you see an all indoor virtual range as profitable?
  4. Some systems I’ve priced out come with 4-5 modes and upwards of 1000 senarios ia there a chance for for officers and other security to use as training? chance for people to understand guns prior to going to a live fire ?
  5. I wouldn’t be looking for milarty but I have priced out some 180 screen and hat fats system and I could have quite a system for 100-125
  6. A competely virtual range do? How realistic are they? im taking top of the line technology with over 1000 senerios. would be able to avoid most of the zoning issues.. contemplating a 100k+ to look into this option.
  7. Has anyone heard a peep from the new AG on this? why are the laws not updates online ?
  8. Has he new AG commented on this or changed anything ?
  9. Has anyone started/finish a project of opening a range ? say I had the right investors and background that never includes a traffic ticket. is it feesabke to think I could satisfy all the hoops to jump trough ? Would 100k be enough of starting money to get everything in place ?
  10. I’m sure then has been posted like 10000 times but are you allowed to have a 15 round magizine for semi handgun in NJ ? im having a hard time finding it 2c section ...
  11. You asked about carrying ?
  12. Weekly bump for any info
  13. Please post when available
  14. bumping The thread to see if anyone else has heard anything ?
  15. I just sent the NJSP another email asking if they could further explain there stance on carrying on there person