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  1. WTS: New Kizer Feist front flipper. for all of you fidget guys, this is a great little blade. Front flip design is great to flick open at your desk or on the couch. titanium scales, S35VN blade. Comes with everything pictured. Bought new for $168. ASKING $120 net shipped (or picked up in morris county) PM me if your interested. Trying to fund a different blade
  2. From my collection, re-arranging some of knives to get some different ones. Barely used Microtech Ultratech. Has bayonet half dlc blade in Elmax steel. fires hard and fast. Glass breaker on opposite end. Comes with box, bag and warranty card. 03/2013 production Asking SOLD
  3. Can I butt in here for a moment and try to regain control of my “WANT TO BUY” post...Mods?
  4. Looking to buy a USED tac-14 or shockwave. Would really like a FDE version if someone has it and doesn’t like it. Prefer used since I’m going to trick it out a little and don’t want to molest a new gun PM me if you have one.
  5. Im sure you've seen the pulse. Its not any bigger than a normal sub-compact pistol. I will train with it and I'm going to take the GFH training class eventually. I'm not talking about putting a M26 in a IWB. The Pulse is a good size EDC option IMHO.
  6. So..I've decided to go the Taser route. Eventually I'll get a Pulse for carry. What are some opinions on where to carry it? Im a little on the hefty side, so I'm not sure I can do appendix. Also, any recommendations on pulse holsters for those who have them?
  7. Looking for someone in the NNJ area that’s looking to get rid of a taser. Would prefer the pulse model for ease of carry and discretion, but I’m pretty open. Let me know what ya have.
  8. Looking to re home my brand new Emerson Mini Commander. Just a little big for me. $180. Located in Morris county. (If anyone has a Emerson mini A-100, I’d trade) shoot me me a message if your interested.
  9. If anyone has a benchmade knife they would let go, please shoot me a PM. Looking for a folder. Located in morris county, but can travel reasonably.
  10. Hey gents, i just picked up a luminox watch watch so I don’t need my trusty G-Shock anymore. Its in like brand new condition. No dings, dents or scratches. Not the fanciest model, but it will take a beating and it tells the time. Looking to get $30 net to me. I can ship priority or meet up if your around Morris county. Let me know!!
  11. I’ve had a ton of knives come and go. Wouldn’t really call it a collection. Just a buy/sell/trade addiction. I recently switched to an insurance investigator job so I’m in the field a lot more than I used to be. Picked up a Kershaw launch 4. It’s about the size of a bic lighter which is perfect for keeping in my change pocket.
  12. I know lol. I have a deep carry clip that only has 2 screws that I have to put back on
  13. Went back to basics...kinda. Had a buddy of mine trick out my Spyderco Endura. Cerekoted blade and back lock. Mirror polish on the blade. Outstanding!
  14. I would not want to be cross examined by him. Just repetative asking of the same question, gets people to rethink what they’ve already said. And his dog is always on point
  15. Beef and broccoli combo is my go to. 99% of the time.