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  1. I know lol. I have a deep carry clip that only has 2 screws that I have to put back on
  2. Went back to basics...kinda. Had a buddy of mine trick out my Spyderco Endura. Cerekoted blade and back lock. Mirror polish on the blade. Outstanding!
  3. I would not want to be cross examined by him. Just repetative asking of the same question, gets people to rethink what they’ve already said. And his dog is always on point
  4. Picked this up in a trade. Has been carried. Blade appears to be in great shape and never shaprpened. Carbon on fiber on top is in perfect shape. Aluminum body has some scratches but it still looks nice. Pocket clip lip is worn but serial number and model are still visible. Selling to to fund another purchase i can’t find these things anywhere. They are the small 2.4 inch version. I think I’m low, but looking for $100 because of rarity. Located in Morris County
  5. Beef and broccoli combo is my go to. 99% of the time.
  6. Just as the title says. I picked up a Microtech utx 70 for my collection recently and would like to add a big brother. Ultra tech, benchmade infidel, something like that. I am an EMT and can provide my certification card as proof and “legality” to own (if anyone really cares) thanks NJGf!
  7. Short answer is they both cut things What makes a Rolex any more expensive than a Casio g-shock? obviously it’s status and wrist presence, but deeper it’s materials and craftsmanship. Same with knives. If your into them, you’ll buy it. If it’s a tool and Soley that to a person, than a $65 knife will work just fine.
  8. I think it’s all about environment. Me, working in an office environment having a higher end knife isn’t so much a huge deal because, quiet honestly, I hardly use my knives other than opening mail or boxes. It’s not out of my pocket enough for me to fear losing it. On the other hand, when I worked in EMS, I always had a $50-$75 kershaw or the like since I was using it more and I’m harsher environments. If I broke it (which I’ve done) or got blood on them, I tossed it and got another. Ive been more into the mid-tech knives recently. $100-$200. There’s a huge knife collecting market out there that I can use them for a while, and sell them for a minimal lose, if a lose at all
  9. Haha. More and more I keep thinking of asking you to throw in that old MOD knife haha
  10. Browsing through dicks today and saw they had a USA made Kershaw Leek. Picked one up just to have. It would make a great small edc blade and something to replace my recently sold CRK.
  11. I’ve got nothing with a wave so no fun for me with that. This works well for my work environment and I have my shirt tucked in so the scales lay between my shirt and the inside of my pants. I’m also limited to 1 spot for the pocket clip to go Jump on it haha. I’d do trade/cash if you have something interesting
  12. Yea, slightly behind my front right pocket. Just clip the pocket clip to my pants and let the belt ride over the clip. It’s surprisingly comfortable. The knife, although the “large” isn’t that big. It it also prevents it from being dinged around with keys and change and what not
  13. @High Exposure mines for sale! Treat away!!! its a great knife. Slim, perfect ergos
  14. I’ve been carrying a CRK sebenza for a little bit. Had a small one years ago, got a Large now. Fits great IWB. I also usually keep a case knife in my pocket for smaller stuff.