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  1. I'm in Delran so the closest big gun shop to me is Cheyenne's in Bordentown on rt 130. Their prices are great on some things and high on others, but they always seem to have CZ's in stock....that's where I got the 2 I already have and I have the permit application on my desk at work to get 3 more permits so I can buy another CZ. Or 2.
  2. Looks like I'll be trying out the CX4 Storm tomorrow with a guy from work so we'll see.......
  3. It's 5 minutes from my house so I sooo hope they make it happen
  4. I'm totally willing to buy all 3!! The 22...really? I've heard its a blast to use but I've never been a 22 guy
  5. I understand.....I think because I'm so open to anything its gonna be tough for anyone to pin something down. If I could take an AR to an indoor range I never would have sold the S&W and thats kind of why I'm in the boat I'm in. Again, I don't mind buying 2 or 3 different guns right now as long as I can use them and they arent just safe queens. Long term plan is to move to NC but it depends how much my kid loves or hates the new school district shes starting. If she loves it then we're probably here for 9 years til shes out of high school.....if she hates it then we're out next summer. Didn't want to spend a ton on a neutered AR if I can hopefully get an "evil" one in a year.
  6. Did you go in knowing you wanted a Mossberg or did you try out a bunch for feel 1st? Based on what I know I've named the 3 shotguns I named just because I dont think I can wrong with any of them, but ultimately its going to come down to what feels the best.
  7. Oh I'd be OK with any caliber of an AR as long as I can use it at an indoor range. 9mm would be easiest for me because of the ammo supply I already have but I'm totally open to other calibers too....can always buy more ammo.
  8. Like I originally said....I'm willing to buy a 9mm Carbine, a shotgun and an AR if I must! I like how you think!
  9. Screwball...... My brother has a KelTec sub2k in .40 and when I tried to shoot it I could not get comfortable and couldn't get the sites lined up right at all. It seemed too small and cramped....something just wasn't right. So then I was thinking CZ Scorpion or the Beretta but I'm pretty sure I'd have to have all sorts of work done to the CZ to make it NJ legal and also its ugly as all hell. So the CX4 came out as my front runner in that category, but again mostly because of word of mouth.
  10. Hell if anyone knows of a 9mm AR thats NJ compliant that I can pursue I'd love to hear from you! Screwball and HE.....those are sweet looking rifles!
  11. To me a 9mm AR would be ideal but I don't want to attempt a build myself and I'm unsure if they even make a NJ compliant one....hell, I didnt even know there was such a thing til now. I'm a CZ guy so I don't own any Berettas where I already have magazines but I've heard nothing but good things about the CX4 storm so I figured I'd give it a try As far as anything goes for HD I would never even chance anything less than lethal....if I need to protect my family I won't settle for 2nd best.
  12. Shotgun seems to be the tried and true HD gun but with the AR's and the ammo that they can use now that's definitely the way to go. Then I wouldn't need to buy a shotgun too....although it would be fun to take it out once in awhile. 9mm carbine seems like it would be a crazy fun toy to take to the range. My brother has a KelTec sub2k but I can't seem to get comfortable using it so thats why I'm looking into the CX4 storm. Since I hopefully never need to actually use something for HD, I know I want to be prepared and at the same time I want to have fun at the range.
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