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  1. Any insight on the quality of this barrel? Looks like the use an FN in this set up. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-chf-1-7-m4-carbine-556-prem-classic-ar15-upper-assembly-no-bcg-ch.html
  2. Thats why i qiestioned if they were legal under current ban. Since the wording essebtially states permanent and not temporary, pin not being acceptable.
  3. Ok great, i like them much better than the actual 10 round mags
  4. Totally seperate question since we are on the topic of legality: and my apologies, as mentioned i have been out of the loop a while. Off the forum and not in the market for new guns over the last couple years. Regarding magazine - is it legal to own the hex mag ar magazines that are a 10 round capacity in a 30 round shell? Since they come directly from the manufacturer structured to accept only 10 rounds? I know wording in current ban states it must be permanent and a pin is not acceptable. Not exactly sure how hexmag restricts them to 10 max.
  5. Yup i did eye the colt uppers on brownells but looks like all the front sight posts have the bayonet lug. Trying to avoid the hassle of somehow removing the lug.
  6. I did pick up an aero complete lower on bf.
  7. Justbto clarify, you are still able to do a 14.5 barrell with a break long enough to bring you to compliant length, correct? I dont see in the description but does this have the bayonet lug as well? Really not looking to go through having to remove it but i do want a front sight post. https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/receiver-parts/receivers/upper-receivers/m4-5-56-upper-receiver-groups-prod69545.aspx
  8. Also open to some suggestions from you guys on a quality complete upper that wont break the bank. Keeping this rifle somewhat affordable. Want it to be carbine length with a 1:7 twist. 7 inch handguard with a mounted front sight. If it doesnt come with handguard or charging handle that is ok as i plan to replace with what i want anyway. Also ok of no bcg. Preferably no more than $800 and only willing to go that high if it does include rail, charging handle, and bcg that i like and wont have to replace.
  9. Monmouth arms is where i currently have my aero lower being shipped to. Just ordered it over the weekend. Think i may scratch that psa upper then. Also have my eyes on a colt 6920 upper and a spikes upper, if i can find a deal somewhere. Not in a huge rush
  10. How difficult is it to remove the entire bayonet lug? Did not even realize it had one. Also, is it ok for me to order that upper, never attach it to an upper, bring both the upper and lower (detached) to my ffl and have them pin the stock and weld the new brake on? Then be in a legal configuration? Only illegal of the upper and lower are connected with the flash hider?
  11. So is the only difference that its called a break and not flash hider? What is the actual difference that would be visible to the eye?
  12. Been out of the game for a while friends. Looking at ordering this complete upper. Is this a2 "flash hider" legal in NJ of i get it pinned/welded? https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-classic-m4-freedom-upper-with-bcg-and-charging-handle.html
  13. I did not make the purchase yet. Price was quoted to me by an FFL in Brick, also a family member. Shoot me a PM with your price details.
  14. Looking purchase a completed spikes tactical lower, enhanced lower parts kit, spider logo. Can order through Spikes but have found some other online retailers with lower prices but won’t ship to NJ.
  15. Looking to see if any NJ retailer has this in stock. Have one FFL quoting me $1000 plus compliance, nics, and tax but he won’t have it in for a while.
  16. Hi all - Would be totally new to long range/precision shooting but I want to get my feet wet so that I have something new and fun to do when I look to go shooting. I am very uneducated on much of this topic and right now I would appreciate some help/insight into the different cartridges/calibers available for this type of shooting and the pros/cons/benefits behind them. In order for me to start drilling down and narrowing my options on a rifle, I first want to find out which cartridge I would like to shoot the most. Does anyone have any links or just some own personal experience that I can reference so I can become more knowledgeable on the cartridges?
  17. I'm sure this question gets asked often but I have been out of the game for a while. Had to put the gun hobby on hold for a bit and I am starting to resurface now. Bought a new home in 2018, had a baby 30 days later, started a new job last year. So needless to say my free time and extra cash has been non existent, also sold a few guns prior to the move for some extra furniture money. Looking for an affordable entry AR, under $750 or so, maybe under $500 if possible. Want quality and a good shooter for the money, not looking for the greatest gun ever made. I have in mind a Ruger AR556, m&p sport 2, or a PSA. Back when I was more involved I had my eye on a colt 6920 and a LWRC. Any suggestions or any reason to steer clear of any of the above mentioned? Ideally want a 1:7 twist but will settle for 1:8 if it ends up truly working out to be the best option. Thanks!
  18. Looks like my home to company, Ozarks Holsters, is no longer in business. Any recommendations on custom, made to order, kydex companies specifically for Glocks? Preferable not a massive production type company.
  19. When you say a strategic action to safeguard your property, or refer to storing your firearms I a way to help against things like this, what do we mean exactly? If the guns are not physically at your home at the time anyone came knocking, there is nothing they can do? They can only take what they can find in the home, and not issue anything else that would cause it to then be illegal to own firearms moving foward, or something to prevent you from purchasing more?
  20. So that's it? No hope or potential for anyone or anyway to see that this is broken and intervene?
  21. What I am referring to is the ability for a family member or friend to have a voice in saying that someone should not be allowed to legally own firearms. From what I gather on the doctor aspect of this is if even a general physician feels you are a risk to yourself or others (for whatever reason they deem appropriate), they have the right to call that in and poof, have your guns taken away. But what I am trying to better understand is the ability of an anti-gun family member who just doesnt like the fact that you have guns in your house, being able to ruin your hobby or your ability to protect yourself. Also, let's say you and the spouse are on the verge of separation and just out spite knowing how much you enjoy shooting and collecting as a hobby, decides to say to a lawyer that they are nervous about you owning guns, is that also an instant confiscation? What I'm trying to get at is there any actual investigating or understanding put into these decisions or all it takes is just about anyone saying you are a threat and no matter what, there goes your freedom of being able to protect your family and home. Is it that easy?
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