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  1. That is the problem... a lot of this law is vague is left up to the interpretation of cop and court. What I am most concerned with is having my HD handgun at the ready and out of its safe. With all the restrictions surrounding handguns and hollowpoints I like to be cautious about having it, and I am not sure if I am within legality if my name is not on the lease. The longarms I am not too concerned with, but I just want to make sure I am within the law with my storage of the pistol.
  2. Good info, and a lot to consider. To clarify, I am a person of absolutes. I don't like the "what-ifs" of leaving some things up to circumstance and just assuming I am in the right. I don't want to ever end up in a position where some freak thing occurs and I am stuck trying to prove that I live here.
  3. The police in the event of whatever. I'm bugged out about having handguns at this address, when my license and FPID is at a different location and my name is not on the lease, even though I pay an equal/majority share of rent and live here.
  4. How do I prove residency in the event the SHTF? Am I currently "legal" under this setup?
  5. Hey NJGunforums, I have been lurking for a while and had a question about multiple addresses. My current FPID and NJ Drivers license is the same address as my parents house. I live at that house as well as an apartment that I rent out with my girlfriend. I pay half of everything for the apartment (rent, utlities, wi-fi), however her name is solely on the lease as I moved in after she started renting the place. The great majority of my firearms are stored at the house I rent with my girlfriend, but as mentioned before my license and FPID are in the name of parent's house (which I also live at). My question is how can I establish residency at the house I rent with my girlfriend when my name is not on the lease? I do not want to change my FPID because it is a painstaking process as both houses are in NJSP barracks territory, and I do not feel as though I have to being that I live at both houses. Any ideas and suggestions are welcome.
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