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  1. nnjrescue1

    Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

    AR stock has been sold
  2. nnjrescue1

    Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

    Interesting. Maybe I'll make an account. Thanks!
  3. nnjrescue1

    Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

    Hey bud I actually measured it last night. It is commercial spec. Just didn't update the post yet.
  4. nnjrescue1

    Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

    Lowering the price of the stock/buffer tube to $15 shipped. Someones gotta want this crossbreed holster at this price! It's like new!
  5. nnjrescue1

    Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

    Lowered some prices.
  6. nnjrescue1

    Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

    Everything else still available. Make an offer!
  7. nnjrescue1

    Misc AR parts and XDS Holsters

    A2 stock, hand guard, and XDS United kydex holster are all sold.
  8. bushmaster A2 stock with buffer tube, spring, and buffer. SOLD carbine length hard guard- SOLD Generic AR grip Nothing fancy Free if you buy something else and want it Generic AR stock with buffer tube, 2 springs, and buffer SOLD XDS kydex IWB holster made by United holsters for the 3.3" barrel. Like new SOLD Crossbreed mini tuck IWB holster for the Springfield XDS both my 3.3 and 4" barrel guns fit perfectly in it. barely used and a very high quality holster -$40 shipped Kydex trigger guard holster for the XDS all sizes $8 shipped PayPal preferred buyer pays fees or FF. Tracking will be provided with shipping
  9. nnjrescue1

    New versacarry holster

    I had it in less than a week, with tracking.
  10. nnjrescue1

    New versacarry holster

    I have a kydex Inside waist band and I also have a crossbread iwb holster. Neither with a mag pouch. For the price I figured I would give it a shot and am happily surprised how low profile it stays and how convenient it is. No need for an additional mag pouch or one loose in the pocket. The $25 for the 2018 commander is valid with coupon 2018COM. The %40 Valentine's Day coupon is a different one which is also a damn good deal on their other stuff. I'm going to be buying a belt.
  11. nnjrescue1

    New versacarry holster

    Picked up a new holster for the XDS. Awesome deal at $25 bucks for a genuine leather holster. Fit is perfect and seems comfortable as can be! Didn't know if I would be a big fan of the back up mag portion but it is really unnoticeable while carrying. Best deal I could find and for the price was blown away by the quality. Looking forward to using it. Check em out www.versacarry.com And no, I don't have any affiliation with them. Truly think it's an awesome deal. The 2018 commander holsters are $25 bucks while they last! Coupon code is 2018COM http://bit.ly/2OUgKH9
  12. Well....passed the house. Only 2 democratic "y's"
  13. It is going on right now. So far 204 Yay, and 138 Nays. 2:30 to go.
  14. The vote for H Res 645 (HR38) is starting now.

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