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  1. Sold the vortex magnifier. Still have the others. Cmc AR Flat trigger - $100 Sig Romeo MSR - $85 I can meet up at RTSP in union or I can ship it
  2. Nice! I’ve been thinking about getting that apex trigger for my Q5. I just wish the whole trigger was blue.
  3. Stacks73


    I have the Parker mountain machine comp on my Vp9 and it’s awesome.
  4. Checkout Middlebrook firearms on route 22 in green brook. They usually have a decent selection of handguns.
  5. If you want to keep your firearm locked up and still be able to access it quickly VAULTEK makes some really nice biometric safes.
  6. Vp9 is awesome! IMO its one if not the best striker fired guns on the market. And if you decide later you wanna customize it there are plenty of options for it. I installed a Lobos trigger and a HKparts ultra match spring kit and i love it.
  7. I have a range bag from Cannaeprogear.com and I love it. It’s very good quality I’ve had it for - while. You should check them out.
  8. Most shop owners are going to call the junkyard and get a used one at the wholesale price and charge you more for it anyway. Besides a lot of them come with a 30-90 day warranty. Some even cover labor if they don’t work, you just have to provide a invoice from the mechanic.
  9. A used transmission isn’t that much money on these cars. If you go to the App Store on your phone and download the “Car-Part.com “ app it will give you a list of local junk yards that show they have them and how much. Then you just have to buy fluid and find a shop that will install it for you. I wouldn’t get a reman it’s gonna cost you more than the car is worth when everything is all said and done.
  10. This is great, I’m gonna use this to order my SilencerCo threaded VP9 barrel today.
  11. I have a Trijicon Rm01 on my VP9 and a Vortex venom on my FNX45 tactical. Honestly the Trijicon looks better but I don’t know if it’s worth the extra few hundred bucks.The Vortex gets the job done, and I still manage to get some pretty good groups.
  12. What about the faux suppressor on the CZ scorpion carbine rifle ? I always wondered if it was legal in NJ.
  13. So I just purchased my first shotgun at heritage guild in Rahway yesterday. I want to do some upgrades to it. Any recommendations or places in particular I can get accessories from?
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