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  1. Tried sending you a message but the forum says you don't accept messages.
  2. I’m looking to buy a M&P Shield in 9mm. Please let me know. Thanks
  3. I sold a gun to a person in Idaho. Can I mail it directly to the buyers FFL or do I have to mail it through a NJ FFL? I was going to mail it UPS or FedEx to the buyers FFL but just not sure. I've searched but haven't found an answer. TIA.
  4. I had the same problem and had to change the baseplates. According to Carver, the problem is in the tolerances in the polymer grips. If you take some material off the bottom of the grip the Carver magwell will fit higher and the stock magazine will then lock.
  5. I used Jagerwerks to mill my slide for red dot and they do excellent mill work. Check them out on Instagram.
  6. To the OP, did the tick look like this?
  7. CCW will never happen in NJ as long as "The People of NJ" keep voting the same politicians back into office. Unfortunate but true.
  8. They've had bad weather up there so there might be a delay.
  9. Just got mine in the mailbox. Now to find as much info on conceal carry in PA.
  10. I mailed mine on Jan 15 with a money order that just cleared. Should be any day.
  11. Just checked their website and it hasn't been updated yet. Last update was in 2015.
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