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  1. I wonder what this make me? lol (not really happy with star wars/disney after TLJ)
  2. the pump action is legal in 50 - I bought one myself 2 weeks ago
  3. TSUSA is good with the alerts but if you receive one for a caliber and price you want, you better have already your browser open, logged in and quick on the clicks to get your order in. On a side note, we are feeding the monster buying ammo at these prices. people need to chillax with this (im trying to sound the like yutes lol) so the demand can level off, as well as, the prices.
  4. 11:15 10/1/20 The NICS Online application is currently experiencing issues relating to their servers. At the current time the NICS Unit is unable to process any NICS submittals. More information will follow when updates become available.
  5. After 20+ years seniority as Yankees Season ticket holder, I painfully canceled my tickets and closed my account (lost all the perks that came with it, kids running the bases, play catch in the outfield etc). I watch sports to forget and escape from all the nonsense going on and my problems for 2-3 hours. Alas, even in baseball politics are front and center spammed all over our face. I don't want to enrichen the pockets of these spoiled brats who don't know any civics or how our country works. No one kneels to the flag and I don't care who you are! If we want the teams to be serious people need to stop watching or hurt them with their pockets. Thank you and God Bless!
  6. Yesterday I received a random email that I requested a PW reset. It looked suspicious and I did not initiate the PW reset. So I called Cabelas and they told me it was a company wide PW reset because they were merging their systems with Bass Pro Shops. I told them they should have at least let the account holders know the reason for this reset. She said they were receiving calls about it all day. I asked her: are you still shipping ammo to NJ? From what she could tell they still do. According to her, If users had their orders canceled it was not because of shipping restrictions to NJ but rather inventory problems. She claims they are restocking their inventories now. Not sure if all of this is true but just wanted to share. God Bless!
  7. That is what I meant in splintered. Its tough donating to so many orgs.
  8. I think Alex (nj2as) and Dan (blue star) must have had a disagreement on the whole billboard campaign because the live streams ended abruptly and then blue star union was born and the billboard came up a week or so ago. we have too much splintering in the nj 2A world. I get it that each association has their purpose but I would expect them to have some type of “summit” to coordinate their efforts (maybe I’m wrong but there is always strength in numbers).
  9. In case anyone was wondering, I finally picked up my nj2as raffle prize yesterday from the FFL. (I paid extra for the custom white and the acog I already had). I'm pairing up with my custom "Stormtrooper" Wilson Combat 9mm.
  10. Murphy mentioned the ban will be lifted as of 8am tomorrow so I would hope that would means NICS also.
  11. F1 had their first race in Melbourne this weekend and cancelled a couple hours before the first practice session (may cancel upcoming races also)
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