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  1. Did you check online to review the property records ? You can easily see who the owner is and if there is a tax lien against it http://tax1.co.monmouth.nj.us/cgi-bin/prc6.cgi?menu=index&ms_user=monm&district=1301&mode=11
  2. They sold them to Iran before their Islamic revolution. We obviously regret it now. I cant believe they still are able to fly them. Besides the fact we stopped making parts, with the sanctions and all we are not furnishing parts to our mortal enemy. The movie guys must have gotten permission to redeploy a mothballed f14 - they retired then ‘06.
  3. Grumman F-14 Tomcat - the best all around fighter plan ever made >>>>>>>>>> F-18.
  4. How is it then that the Rock Island Armory VR80 semi auto shotgun (AR platform shotgun) with exactly the same “grip” as in the photo above NJ legal? (Since semi auto shotguns are not permitted to have a pistol grip )
  5. Paramus PD - applied for 3x P2P: Applied online 4/26 Both References replied 4/26 Background Check completed 5/4 Application Approval email received 5/7 Now waiting for the PD to call me so I can pick up the permits. The "old fashioned" way it would take 60-90 days through the whole process. The mental health form was usually the hold up.
  6. So I applied with the new online system (for 3 p2p) in my town today (Paramus). The records department rep told me that when everything is done I would then pay for the permits when I pick them up. The only "issue" or discrepancy I see between the PD instructions and the NJSP's site is whether or not the references can be relatives or not. The NJSP site reads "other than a relative" while the PD instructions reads "your references can be family members". I used relatives with different last name as mine to make it more legit (one reference already completed his form within minutes of the app being completed). We will see how it turns out.
  7. That’s next Sunday for the rest of us (Orthodox)
  8. My 1984 Chevy Silverado K10 (rust free)
  9. I would think High Point @ over 1800 ft above sea level is something taller than a hill if not a mountain but i think you know what I was trying to say or the point I was making
  10. I feel the same way. We got mountains, shore, casinos, malls, NYC next door (or not if you look at it in a different way) best sports teams, no tax on clothing (until they take that away) and of course the best diners. Yes we get taxed to oblivion but we also make more money than other places too. I have too much vested interest here myself. I know all the bad stuff but its my home. I will not lose hope. I am staying here for the same reasons Anthony at GFH always talks about as well. As he says, there is nowhere to hide. The cancer is spreading everywhere. Other places have become "marginally" better. Never give up! #MAGA
  11. My Stormtrooper CQB Elite Sidearm courtesy of the Empire
  12. Only issue now is that they charge sales tax now (because they have a store here aka Bass Pro Shop in AC).
  13. They are available again. I may have bought several $100 worth of these from this seller over the past year. They always bring them back ever couple of weeks.
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