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  1. happy new year! Daily use: 2009 Tahoe LTZ and Occasional use: 1984 Chevy k10 long bed (rust free for the most part - imported from Kansas)
  2. +1 same here. we need Murphy out at all costs.
  3. Rizzo is a member there - he would have to endorse him
  4. Its on the screen shot - Luciano's in Lodi. I bought the exact same one in the fall (i think for the same price). i think the nics/transferee fee is another ~$100 (I dont recall so dont hold it against me) Better call him because he sells all his shotguns within hours....
  5. I stand corrected but you know what I meant. (Many laws were have are poorly written - not only the gun ones)
  6. The way they are phrasing it reminds me of the current transportation lanugage. When we go to the range you need to keep the gun separate from the ammo in a lock container or locked in the trunk. On GFH Radio a couple years back, Anthony had Loretta Weinberg on the show and she virtually admitted they intentional write up the laws in ambiguous fashion and then let the courts decide what they should be. This is not what the founding intended of course.
  7. "The bill requires the legal owner of a firearm to store or secure a firearm that is not in use, unloaded, in a gun safe or securely locked box or container. Downey said it also mandates that the legal owner of the firearm store the ammunition separately in a securely locked box or container." Please define "not in use" in the home? The whole logic of this law is flawed and just moronic. If i bought a gun for self defense at home and the ammo is not readily available why even have one? Just ridiculous.
  8. Turnout was under 38.5% ridiculously low. If all the gun owners had shown up, we would have won easily.
  9. Looks like he may be "winning" Internal Poll Has Pro-Trump Candidate in Front of NJ Governor Primary | Newsmax.com
  10. Just received this flyer in the mail today (more like a medium sized poster)
  11. https://www.hirshsingh.com/issues/2a
  12. Daniel I commend you for the patience you had with your guest cause I would lose my cool 5 mins into the discussion lol
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