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  1. I tried mine out last night (pump action). The damn thing jams too much. It doesnt eject the shell cleanly or there is enough room and the shell gets stuck. Not sure if it just an issue of breaking it in or more oil.
  2. I cant agree more. I tell this to my relatives all the time. Where do you think you want to move to? They all say NC. I am like "the cancer has already spread" throughout the country and in NC maybe worse. I have so much vested interest on NJ its almost impossible for me to get uproot the familia move. If all of "us" leave, who will be left to fight? It's our home too.
  3. I will have to 1up you on this. I owned an ever more rare "SS" or rather its predecessor (until an idiot almost killed me stopped at a traffic light and the car got totaled but anyway) : the 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP - 1738 of 1829 ever produced. I like the SS but the Pontiac bells and whistles on the Commodore is so much cooler looking. When you have the car in 2nd gear and hit the pedal to get to 60 mph, you could feel the Gs glue you to your seat. I miss that car....
  4. Here is my 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport. The GM A bodies are the best!
  5. Has anyone's ballot status changed from "Received"? (mine has not)
  6. i submitted mine a few days after i got the ballot and mine reads "Received" & "Accepted". I should be good then (I hope)
  7. I wonder what this make me? lol (not really happy with star wars/disney after TLJ)
  8. the pump action is legal in 50 - I bought one myself 2 weeks ago
  9. TSUSA is good with the alerts but if you receive one for a caliber and price you want, you better have already your browser open, logged in and quick on the clicks to get your order in. On a side note, we are feeding the monster buying ammo at these prices. people need to chillax with this (im trying to sound the like yutes lol) so the demand can level off, as well as, the prices.
  10. 11:15 10/1/20 The NICS Online application is currently experiencing issues relating to their servers. At the current time the NICS Unit is unable to process any NICS submittals. More information will follow when updates become available.
  11. After 20+ years seniority as Yankees Season ticket holder, I painfully canceled my tickets and closed my account (lost all the perks that came with it, kids running the bases, play catch in the outfield etc). I watch sports to forget and escape from all the nonsense going on and my problems for 2-3 hours. Alas, even in baseball politics are front and center spammed all over our face. I don't want to enrichen the pockets of these spoiled brats who don't know any civics or how our country works. No one kneels to the flag and I don't care who you are! If we want the teams to be serious people need to stop watching or hurt them with their pockets. Thank you and God Bless!
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