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  1. Leave them curbside with a "free" sign taped to them.
  2. To be clear, the FID is required for handgun ammo. Any ammo that can only be fired from a long gun (e.g. .308 or 12 gauge) does not require a FID.
  3. What do you intend to use it for? The answer usually guides the decision ...
  4. So Nick Saban tests positive on Tuesday, but then had 3 subsequent negative tests on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. How many people are actually testing a false positive and making these numbers even more bullshit than we know? Apparently it's so pervasive the SEC put a policy in place to have retesting done to rule out these false positives.
  5. Usually inexpensive and Full Metal Jacket (generic - not specifically designed for self defense).
  6. Just curious - were you going to rent or going with a friend that is bringing his firearms?
  7. The Palmetto State Armories around here all have a decent firearm supply but are sold out on common ammo. You may not be able to get the exact firearm you want but there are plenty of options.
  8. In terms of everyday belt I have been using this Daltech Force steel core belt for the last 2 years and it has held up very well. When I need something "dressier" the Crossbreed Executive gun belt has served me well.
  9. True story: back in the early 90's I did on-call work for the IATSE stagehands union at the meadowlands and was lucky enough to get called in for the Van Halen show. I was assigned to unload the sound equipment truck and had the good fortune of being the one to unbox and setup Eddie's speaker cabs on stage. Sammy Hagar was hanging out pre-show with the crew the whole time back stage (he was very cool). I remember Eddie making a grand entrance right before show time as his limo pulled inside the arena and he got out of with Valerie. Here is the t-shirt we were all given to wear for the show:
  10. Goes against the general liberal principle of "more government".
  11. From the article: Interesting choice for a quote source? I rarely hear him mentioned on this forum.
  12. On the question of brakes/comp/hiders - isn't it a matter of how the manufacturer markets/labels it?
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