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  1. Old Bidge Rifle & Pistol Club has a group that runs USPSA and multi-gun matches (I used to attend these) but it looks like the range is only open to members and they have not yet resumed matches.
  2. Launch is scrubbed for today due to weather.
  3. Do you guys do whole bean or ground? I was doing whole bean on the thought that by grinding fresh each time it would be the best tasting coffee, but honestly I'm not sure I noticed a difference.
  4. I agree with Clifton. Start with a standard rifle from a reputable manufacturer, something in the mid-range price but of course whatever is in your budget. There are great options for every price range. ModMat Patrol is a fine firearm. I have found these guys to be helpful to me: https://www.pewpewtactical.com/ar-15-definitive-resource/ https://www.pewpewtactical.com/best-ar-15/#toc11
  5. They're talking about significant layoffs here in CHS, so good luck with that ...
  6. Welcome! I think the new question has become "mask or no mask"?
  7. Well no one needs tobacco or alcohol to survive, and we would certainly save significantly more lives over what the chinese virus has done. We need food, maybe just ban junk food to help prevent obesity and diabetes and other associated illnesses.
  8. So anyone on youtube in a police uniform is validated as a cop? I agree with your general point, just pointing out the fault in this logic.
  9. Because SCOTUS is not proactive - someone needs to bring a case that has failed in the lower courts.
  10. Lebron James should tweet about it, he needs to get the message out to the community that it's a bad idea.
  11. Just 6? Seems like all 8 to me ...
  12. 1000% - as a private citizen he has a right to free speech. The reason I can't stand Colin Kaepernick, in addition to not agreeing with his message, is that as an employee of the NFL he does not have the right to express his message during an NFL event. Maybe it should be different for public employees though - thinking this through - "Congress (the government) shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech" - in this case his employer is the government - maybe they should they held to the same standard here? Maybe it's different for public employees? I don't know, IANAL. My wife made a great point - he was merely saying in his video that as a police officer he swore to uphold his code of ethics, the Constitution, the core principles our country was founded on. How can you be punished in any respect for that? Again, I did not say I agree that he should be punished. It was just speculation that things may (or may not) have gone differently. Just some points to ponder and discuss.
  13. To be clear I did not say it was justified nor did I say I agreed with the disciplinary action. I was merely speculating how things might have been different.
  14. Respectfully - what I don't understand is, why don't they just open up? Then when someone physically shows up to shut them down, they actually have a case. It looks like the food/beverage scene has been brave enough to do that.
  15. Are you saying they have no discretion in what gets enforced? ... or do they? I am on your side and pro-police, but what's the point then of "Cops are pounded with Constitutional Rights in the police academy"?
  16. I 1000% support his message, but had he made the video sitting in his living room dressed in T-shirt and shorts he may have avoided that.
  17. Welcome and thank you for your service.
  18. Yep. No concrete scientific evidence. Doctor X says wear them, Doctor Y says don't, Doctor Z says "don't wear them, um wait now you should wear them". Then you have all the people wearing masks the wrong way or wearing the wrong kind of mask. All of the restaurants and stores in a frenzy wiping everything down. Politicians and MSM doing their best to strike fear into the heart of every American. False sense of security ... and we're trashing our rights, our freedoms, and our economy because of it.
  19. For pure entertainment value: TheYankeeMarshall
  20. ... or is it pulled? Remember Einstein taught us motion is relative.
  21. Welcome, and thank you for your service.
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