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  1. I would suggest you check out https://gunforhire.com/ in Woodland park. Probably the closest to you, and an excellent facility.
  2. It's for your "safety" ...
  3. For clarity, you don't have a "license" per se, but rather a "firearms purchaser Identification card".
  4. You pick out the firearm, you complete the ATF 4473 form, the dealer processes your P2P and does a NICS background check (could take minutes to > 24 hours), you pay the dealer, you take the firearm home (or come back to pick it up).
  5. Can you brine the chicken instead of inject? or not enough time?
  6. you already posted here ...
  7. Extremely subjective question. You will get a more useful response if you share with us your likes/dislikes, current inventory, where you want to with your collection - same caliber, additional calibers, different types, what type of shooting you like to do or get into ...
  8. Because it's a different state, with different laws. Because as per NJ law, counties don't issue the permits, the local municipal police chief does (and then it goes before a state judge).
  9. It should be turned around on them in regards to enforcement of federal immigration laws. You're right they want it both ways. The states/localities can refuse to enforce immigration laws and refuse cooperation with ICE, but not as the same applies to the 2A? Bullshit.
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