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  1. Real time tracker w/o any of the Weather Channel BS hype: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSGNpVeafAo
  2. @10X was spot on with his response here. FWIW, this is my least favorite. Tender? Yes, but practically no flavor (because there's very little fat). My preferences in order of flavor are skirt steak, hangar, rib eye, beef ribs, brisket (the point not the flat). A temp of 140 is quite beyond rare, I think you want 120 to 125. What you might want to try is a "reverse" method where you sear it last. If you use a sous vide method, you can easily get it to 120/125 with zero risk of going over, and then give it a quick sear in a very hot cast iron pan. Many of the fancy restaurants are doing it this way these days. Yup, the links I provided above explain why.
  3. Guys the purpose of this thread is to express one's experience in applying for a carry permit, let's try to stick to the topic please.
  4. No worries, that's why I said "too early to tell". With the present models it won't even be in Florida until Wednesday. From my experience a lot can change from the initial models, it already has. Ever since moving to CHS in 2018 I watch hurricane season like a hawk.
  5. https://www.cyclocane.com/ https://www.cyclocane.com/tropical-storm-risk/#atl
  6. Gotcha. Why doesn't that apply to the General Discussion forum though? But yet we have ... and on and on ... just looking for consistent application of the rules ... feel free to nuke this post.
  7. Technically they did. Fighting how they chose to physically send it to him is another matter that probably doesn't have any legal merit.
  8. My prediction is that he loses on a technicality. Baltimore is not saying he can't carry a firearm, they're saying he can't carry it within 100 ft of a public building, and I think it's common for that type of restriction in every state.
  9. too early to tell. https://www.cyclocane.com/tropical-storm-risk/#atl
  10. If we can ban/restrict felons from voting, then we can restrict their 2a rights.
  11. How does that work with states that have no permit and are constitutional carry?
  12. Am I missing something? I thought the 30 days for the court was policy and not law.
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