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  1. ^ I like your analogy and thought about it for a moment, I guess the difference for me is we have a right to bear arms and not a right to go swimming. Never the less though, good point.
  2. Here's an idea ... can you find a local Echo dealer that has the appropriate charger? Maybe they will let you stop in for a quick fix?
  3. ... and a third for the Alien Gear. Not a 1911 user here but super comfy with my M&P Standard and Glock 26.
  4. Saw this story this morning too, as it's locally relevant. I don't think it's possible for the jet to have crashed in the area they reference w/o any civilians noticing. Maybe it flew out over the ocean? Either way, wouldn't ATC have had it on radar? The military does not track their own aircraft? Doesn't make any sense ... maybe a UFO took it?
  5. YankeeSC


    The NHC shows it staying below 137 knots. https://www.cyclocane.com/lee-storm-tracker/
  6. YankeeSC


    I've been keeping an eye on this the past couple of days too. My expectation is it turns north. https://www.cyclocane.com/lee-storm-tracker/
  7. The obvious solution here is that NJ needs to institute a "firing permit" making it illegal to press the trigger w/o first obtaining a NJ Permit to Fire. Then they will know with certainty who fired every shot. They can use the existing P2P process - background check, references, and a fee. We need more "common sense" gun laws, right?
  8. The example you gave has nothing to do with that, the shooters actions were to stop something else. I believe that would be considered deadly force in ALL places.
  9. I thought this post was going to be about Jim Scoutten https://www.firearmsnews.com/editorial/jim-scoutten-passing/478513
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