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  1. There should be harsh criminal and civil liability on property owners for any firearm related death or injury that occurs in a "gun free" zone. If a property owner is going to enforce that, the owner then has a duty to protect.
  2. I think they know exactly what they're doing. Maybe that's the point ...
  3. Actually, there are some subtle similarities in the last two new posters here (e.g. username is in the format [lastname][firstname] all lowercase, generic content of the post). Wouldn't surprise me if it's some kind of bot using a ChatGPT type engine ...
  4. @raz-0 is spot on here. When evaluating SCOTUS decisions, it's very important to understand the subtle nuances in the case - the context and the arguments made by plaintiffs. Just because they rejected it, you can't assume they agree with NYS and will rule the same on another matter against this law.
  5. I don't read them as contradictory I think that's very clear. "one" permit and "all' handguns, there is no limit. The key word here is "intends", which is essentially "a plan" https://www.dictionary.com/browse/intend So quite simply, that was your plan at the time you qualified, but plans can and do change. You are not locked into your plan.
  6. Therein lies the problem as we've been lied to by these people over the past 50 years about what a healthy diet is. https://www.foodlies.org/
  7. Good thing they pixelated the firearms in the video, it's just way too scary to see that.
  8. I don't think any other state in free America requires this, at least not in South Carolina.
  9. Not to go off on a tangent, but if you liked that book you'll want to read this too: https://www.amazon.com/Food-Cooking-Science-Lore-Kitchen/dp/0684800012/ref=sr_1_1?crid=WBFEVGNP0LVI&keywords=on+food+and+cooking+harold+mcgee&qid=1672410962&sprefix=on+food+and+%2Caps%2C194&sr=8-1
  10. What machines do you use for grinding and stuffing? Where do you get your casings?
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