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  1. In NJ, there is a defacto registration with the handgun permit scheme. The number on your FID card is actually a NJ SBI number, same number as it would be for a criminal arrest or record of an individual. Using the NCIC 2000 NJ state database, law enforcement can do a firearms check on an individual. Handguns that are acquired legally within the state with handgun permits are on here (manufacturer, model, caliber). With the old paper permits, it could take months or even years for this info to be inputted, but I suspect with the new E-permits registration info it can be inputted faster. There isn't long gun registration in this state, but if an individual has an FID card and has no handguns, then their name and SBI number will still pop up on a firearm search. This is on the state's level. Hope that answers your question.
  2. Thank you Mak for your insight! I am glad to know that these anti gun companies can't silence our signal.
  3. Its getting up in price, going up to 40 cpr lowest price online. After the election results got certified, price spiked up. One of the things that Biden/Harris can do is stop the import of foreign made ammo, such as 7.62x39 (which by the way, most 7.62x39 is made outside of the US.)
  4. @SmartAss has one for sale on the WTS section.
  5. But how many people registered them? Not many people want to register their guns and get special permission to travel to move.
  6. Its all too ambiguous. Non NFA OTHERS such as the troy may be affected.
  7. UPDATE: https://blog.princelaw.com/2020/12/16/atf-to-institute-rulemaking-regarding-stabilizing-braces-and-require-registration-of-currently-owned-braces/
  8. Reinterupting the NFA has already been done. Remember Bump stocks. It can be done. Another thing that the Biden administration do is ban imports. Large frame handguns like H&K SP5s, and many others can be banned. So can AK rifles like the yugos. Also, be on the look out for a ban of imports from Turkey. With Remington out of the shotgun game as of right now, only players for a pump action shotgun new are Mossberg and the imports. Be on the look out for what Turkey and what they are doing on the world stage in regards to human rights. I almost forgot, cheap steel case ammo like tula and wolf could also be banned also. That will be a big hit on the 7.62x39 ammo users, right now its the cheapest intermediate centerfire ammo you can buy right now.
  9. @kevinmcs might be able to help you out, he has a recent thread about looking for a good price on his Colts. He is looking to sell as indicated on his thread.
  10. What can I say, cheapest way to get into bullpups in the US market
  11. My first rifle I bought when I first got my FID card. Cheap, reliable, accurate. I got the high tower armory bullpup stock on mine and have a chicom rig to carry spare magazines. One of my most favorite rifles to shoot.
  12. https://www.simmonssportinggoods.com/ https://www.natchezss.com/ Those two I ordered from recently. If you are on reddit check out r/gundeals, r/instockammo and r/njguns also. You can always try the lgs too.
  13. One handgun is never enough! My first go around for permits was in December of 2019, got 6 in January of 2020. I used my first two to transfer two of my dad's handguns and the third to pick up a old vintage model 37. Now in March of this year everything gets shutdown and I can't extend the other three because my PD was "closed"! I applied for three more in April and got them in April. Used those three and applied for two more in September and got them in November. Got a Polish P64 waiting for me which will get picked up next Friday. I would recommend if your PD is like mine and getting them extended is like pulling teeth, get two. NICS is taking 4 to 5 days to get back and with two you got 90 days of leeway. With a NJ handgun permit, it must be like clockwork to get a handgun in this state!
  14. With the discussion of laws aside, it looks like handguns and non-nfa others are off the table for this discussion. Long guns such as rifles and shotguns seems to be the likely candidate. Question I will poss is which long gun would be a likely candidate for you?
  15. I think this is the first to go, https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/confirmed-atf-brass-recommended-targeting-braces-80-lowers-under-a-biden-administration/
  16. I got some 10/30 mags coupled with cardboard as a spacer and tape for the same idea. Got idea from Larry Vickers in a forgotten weapons video.
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