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  1. Just wondering of anyone here has bought a lower from geissele? I ordered one on their black Friday sale and received an email last month saying that they cant sell to nj residents and i replied asking for the reasoning which I never got a response to. A couple days ago another person from geissele emailed me asking to have an FFL contact them. Just wondering if anyone here has ordered one and what your experience has been?
  2. I only have about 500 rounds through mine so far but I'm a big fan. The ability to have a flash hider and adjustable brace are pretty awesome
  3. That's kind of what I thought since I had been able to buy one and exchange the mags in the past. I think he didn't know the law and didn't feel like looking it up. I know heritage guild where I've been in the past is weird about it too. I bought one of those troy a4 "other" firearms that just came out and they basically had me buy a gift card in PA for the exact amount of the sale and then transferred it to the branch burg location where I had to then use the gift card to buy it there. So many hoops to jump through for simple things... I also was going to a friend's house in PA a year or so where a whole bunch of us were going to shoot basically all day on his farm and I wanted to get 3 30 round mags to just keep there for when we shoot and they wouldn't sell them to me. So I ended up borrowing a couple and then just giving him money to buy me a few to keep there for future use.
  4. I've come to the conclusion that it's impossible. A friend of mine has an uncle who is a pretty renowned chemist and had argued that someone could attempt to kidnap him to force him into making either drugs or chemical weapons and was denied. Although outlandish that does seem semi legitimate. I also know someone who was formerly a correctional officer who had multiple death threats by former inmates and he was given one but only for 1 year i believe and he was unsuccessful in getting it renewed after that.
  5. Yeah i just went to a gun shop across the river and they told me that they cant even transfer a firearm to me if the serial was originally attached to a gun that came with a 30 rd mag.. I have in the past bought a handgun from heritage guild in PA that came with 17 rd mags and they just shipped it to their nj location and gave me 2 15 round mags at that location back when we could at least have those. So im thinking I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and just pay an FFL to modify the stupid thing for me
  6. Ok well first thing is first. Im not up to anything shady. I really want to buy an ak style rifle specifically the psak 47 gf3 from palmetto state armory. They don't offer an nj compliant version. I contacted a couple ffls near me to see what it would cost to convert it prior to allowing me to take it and the prices they're giving me is outrageous.. Keep in mind the bayo lug just has to be ground off and the muzzle brake needs to be pinned and welded. Now I've been a master automotive technician for about 12 years now and I know for a fact I can do both of these tasks in minutes and my coworker lives in PA about 25 minutes from an FFL. Would they be allowed to transfer it to me legally? I feel like this should be kosher, but tbh the law is so ridiculous these days I have no idea what I can or can't do anymore.
  7. They have responded to me at this point and told me to send it in for their gunsmith to look at. With a little more research I have found that this is fairly common as the firing pins are made by a company called khan which makes firing pins for basically all guns manufactured in turkey and Spain. From what I can tell khan doesn't exactly have a very good track record. I found on another forum someone said his Tristar broke a firing pin at 5k rounds, had it replaced and it broke again after another 1k rounds. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there are any aftermarket options available. Yeah they are made in turkey, but Tristar as a company is located in Kansas city. Regardless they have gotten back to me at this point but basically said it has to be sent in to determine whether it's a warranty or not. I have read online that someone's warranty claim was denied because there was evidence that they were using magnum loads although the owners manual specifically states that you can do so. I have not used any magnum loads so I don't see this being an issue for me.
  8. I would just like to warn anyone who may be considering buying a Tristar over under shotgun. I just recently bought a brand new Tristar setter 12 ga in November as a cheap option to get started into sporting clays. Me and my friends have brought this out a handful of times and probably have around 1600 rounds through it. Within the last few rounds of 100 the gun would start to fire both barrels simultaneously on occassion and sometimes the 2nd shot wouldn't go off at all when pulling the trigger. Last week the first round went off and then nothing. The action was stuck shut and the breakdown lever was completely stuck and cocked all the way to the right. I had to break down the shotgun completely to get the live shell out. I brought it home and inspected it and the lever is still stuck to the right and the firing pin for the bottom barrel is broken in half. I was just using low brass fiocchi target loads so it definitely wasn't an issue with the ammo. I sent Tristar an email regarding getting it warrantied 4 days ago and still have had no response. I submitted a support ticket 2 days ago with no response. So if any of you are considering this entry level over under i would suggest going with another brand. </endrant>
  9. Hey just wondering if it's at all possible to legally ride my motorcycle to the shooting range with a pistol. Would it be legal to put it in a backpack and lock it? Or would I be able to lock it in a saddle bag? Just wondering because my coworkers (all pa guys) are planning on riding to one of their houses for a shoot on one of the few remaining nice days this year and i am the only one who lives in nj so none of them know whether or not i can do so legally. Unfortunately nobody lives anywhere near me so they can't pick it up and I don't want to risk my job by bringing it to work for someone to take either.
  10. Ahh ok.. i misread the "outside the pistol grip" part.
  11. I was shooting my coworkers carry pistol over the weekend who lives in PA. It is a glock 43 with a +3 extended magazine. Would i be able to purchase this combination legally in nj? I am wondering because i really liked shooting it but i found it to be very uncomfortable to hold with the standard magazines. I found the "assault weapon" definition on wikipedia: Semi-automatic pistols with detachable magazines and at least two of the following: Magazine that attaches outside the pistol grip Threaded barrel to attach barrel extender, flash suppressor, handgrip, or suppressor Barrel shroud safety feature that prevents burns to the operator Unloaded weight of 50 oz (1.4 kg) or more I would imagine i could right? The only one it has is the extended magazine. Just wondering if anyone here has any experience or input. Id rather not make any assumptions given the fact that i have a gung ho police department in my area
  12. ok interesting. so I am in fact planning to buy 2 new rifles and surprise them for Christmas. I just downloaded the 4473 pdf from the atf website. I read the bottom section and understand how I will be filling out question 11a however, afterward is there any paperwork I will have to have my parents fill out to send to the atf to your knowledge? it doesn't really specify.
  13. my parents both just got their FID cards but they don't have any guns yet. I would like to get them each a rifle for Christmas but I am not sure how to legally do so. how exactly do I go about doing this without inadvertently making us all go to the slammer? edit: I forgot to mention they will be moving out of state in 6 months or so, so I would like to know how to make the transfer official before they move so that if later down the line someone asks questions it doesn't look like an illegal out of state transaction.
  14. I have the shorter m&p 40 2.0 with a 4.25 inch barrel. I am wondering if anyone here who has this pistol knows of a good light that will sit flush with the barrel. I'm not turning up a whole lot of good info on google. I could always check on the s&w forum but I'm not a member on there and I would prefer to see if any of you guys have any info first. thanks.
  15. I am wondering if anyone has any good places they know of to get parts for an ar build. I got an awesome deal on palmetto state armory on a geissele ssa and lower build kit for my lower but they don't really have any good deals as far as upper parts that I'm interested in. does anyone know any other sites that will have any good deals on upper parts? they don't necessarily have to come in combo deals but just some other places to look around would be nice.
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