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  1. Did a double-take when TGC news mentioned the MODMAT SBF + NJ legal, aptly described as "succulent freedom", LOL. Order Placed!
  2. Long overdue thanks to Jack for 20+ transactions. Great customer service and if something isn't right, he'll work with you to make it right. Thanks again!
  3. That's correct ... I can't see the pin but there is a noticeable hole.
  4. The dealer said he'll ask the gunsmith to take a look at the pinning to ensure the pin doesn't protrude through the barrel and there's no burrs left by the hole. Admittedly, I'm somewhat bummed this happened. If the pin should move, I presume the pin would blow out of the muzzle brake from the gas pressure and hopefully not into the barrel. Again, I'm no gunsmith so I could have this all wrong. Thanks again for everyone's thoughts and insights!
  5. Thanks JohnnyB! Gotta love the flow charts!
  6. Thanks to everyone who responded ... I'm somewhat conflicted on this pinning technique since I haven't encountered it before. I agree that mistakes can happen. If this technique is acceptable practice, I don't want to make waves and slander a vendor unnecessarily (especially since I just joined the forum). However, I do get the sense that this technique is not the norm so I plan on going back to the FFL / gunsmith and ask about the pinning.
  7. Would the Steyr 40th anniversary rifle be considered ok (assuming the flash hider is replaced with a permanently attached muzzle brake)? According the website, the stock will be factory marked 40th Anniversary STG77 and not "A.U.G." Or does this fall into the "substantially identical"? http://www.pjs-steyraug.com/STG77.html Thanks for the assistance!
  8. True. I have no idea whether or not the hole would affect accuracy since I haven't shot it. As I mentioned, I'm not sure if it would affect the function or accuracy. My question was whether or not this method of pinning was ok. Based on the response thus far, I presume the preferred method is to drill into but not through the barrel.
  9. Thanks Ian ... I wasn't sure if the hole that cut through the rifling would affect the function or accuracy. Admittedly, I haven't shot the rifle yet to confirm. Just wasn't sure if it would be ok to shoot.
  10. Hello everyone, New member to the forum and I hope this is the correct place to post this question. Apologies in advance for the long post. I recently purchased a VEPR (see attached pic) and had a local NJ FFL / gunsmith pin the muzzle brake to the barrel. After inspecting the rifle, I noticed there is a hole drilled through the barrel wall into the bore where the barrel is pinned. The pin doesn't protrude into the barrel but there is a noticeable hole inside the barrel. The FFL indicated that this shouldn't affect the firearm but I'm not so sure. I've had barrels pinned from other gunsmiths and the drilling only went into the barrel and not through the barrel into the bore. Admittedly, I'm no gunsmith so I'm looking to the collective wisdom of the forum on whether this type of pinning is ok. Thanks!
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