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  1. @kwin how long did it take to get your FID? I moved from one town over to clifton (allwood) and just applied for a change of address. Since a change of address is not a simple change of address and it is the entire process again, I applied for 2 pistol permits while I wait. Was told to expect 3 months turn around. Could be less then 3 months, but there was a heavy emphasis on expect to wait 3 months. Oh and clifton is not setup for FARS yet. Or at least that's what I was told in person, over the phone and in writing from clifton's directions informing you on how to apply for your FID.
  2. Martyz, i figured that was the case as soon as i saw them say there was an issue. Not sure y UPS didn’t mention this before creating the label. Any excuse to charge me more money I guess.
  3. Update: I reached out to them about receiving my eotechs. Here is the reply I received. "Thank you for contacting Heffler Claims Group. We have received your scope.." Should I be concerned, "scope" as opposed to the quantity of 2 holographic weapon sights I mailed in. Oh boy, fingers crossed!
  4. I used UPS because I have an account with them and it was easy for me to print the label and drop it off in one of the dropboxes on my way home from work. If I used my town's USPS, I would still be there trying to mail it. I guess I could have used stamps.com or whatever their website is for that. I have more experience with UPS and more confident in their services. I guess I will try to use the inquiry form on the website to contact them about the shipping confusion.
  5. cnk who did u use to deliver the package? i used UPS.
  6. update my eotechs got delivered, but to a different address? My only guess is because I requested a signature at delivery. Well all I can do is document everything, which I already have done. Good luck to myself and every1 else who is going through the same process. shipped to: Foster, et al. v. L-3 Communications EOTech, Inc c/o Heffler Claims Group P.O. Box 60255 Philadelphia, PA 19102-0255 delivered to: Foster, et al. v. L-3 Communication c/o Heffler Claims Group 1515 MARKET ST PHILADELPHIA, PA 19102 US
  7. update. so i shipped out my 2 eotech sights (xps2-0 xps2-2) and the situation is feeling a lil sketchy. I literally copied and pasted the address that they want them sent to, and UPS is having an issue with the address saying it needs to be corrected. Then they "correct it" and then say it is missing a suite number or something and is "corrected again". It is currently "out for delivery" but this is not confidence inspiring with my expensive sights in limbo. If they dont get them I dont get refunded?! It isn’t my fault the address they gave out is all wonky. Nervously biting my nails that it gets delivered and I can get my refund.
  8. Guys, your claims have to be in before 11:59pm tomorrow the 23rd!
  9. ok guys, i filled out a form for each eotech sight i own. 1 for the xps2-0 and another for a xps2-2. now i just have to ship them out with insurance, delivery confirmation and signature required. any1 else joining?
  10. damn it. well I guess I can use the money from my 2 eotechs to get glass on 1 ar and a holosun on another and pocket the rest.
  11. cnk I was using both of my eotechs on rifles (they r currently on my desk as i want to send them in), but i want to replace them as i stated in my earlier post. Replace 1 with a low power variable scope with a set of offset buis and the other with a holosun red dot on it. So I guess I will file claims and proceed as you did. Any1 else joining?
  12. cnk r u confident that u will receive $ back (after whatever the wait time is)? Did u have to fill out 2 forms, 1 for each optic? I have 2 that I would need to send it as well.
  13. I am wondering the same thing as JC_68Westy. Has any1 gone the fostersettlement (http://www.fostersettlement.com/) route of getting your eotech purchases reimbursed? I would much rather run holosuns if your going to have optic issues. If the holosun has the same issues, at least it is a ~$200 budget optic vs a ~$500 optic that eats more expensive cr123 cells. I’ve experienced thermal drift on both my eotechs and had issues hitting a 10" wide torso steel target at 100 yards. Range trip 1, zero the eotech, shoot for the day then store the gun. Range trip 2, cannot hit the same target at 100yds (100yds isnt that far). I think its crazy that the sight can self adjust in NJ temps/weather (do usually go rain, snow or shine. my record is going in 18 degree weather). Its ridiculous that I have to rezero the optic every time I go to the range. Obviously the zero is worst some times then others but thank god for backup irons (troy folding battle sights), zeroed 1 and done.
  14. Wait what?! How is that supposed to work? You fill out a claim, send your eotech(s) in and then u play the waiting game and HOPE that u get ur money? So either u get money or nothing back?! What is this atlantic city?
  15. guns_and_raptors on instagram posted our NJ gun law petition! Lets get this past the GOAL! https://www.instagram.com/guns_and_raptors/
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