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  1. Shocked there's no warning label, but it does say "Adult supervision is recommended"
  2. Born and raised in Brooklyn, we called it skelzies
  3. Thanks, I don't trust Yahoo either, just thought it was worth a read.
  4. What do you guys think if Speer Gold Dot? looks also on sale
  5. Seems some big boys are ready to hold back donations. https://news.yahoo.com/major-nra-donor-lead-rebellion-110312191.html
  6. From what I know they are still open, different owners, I used to go 2-3 a week when I was a kid, lived a few blocks from them.
  7. The house of pizza and calzone in Brooklyn heights area and Arturo pizza NYC 1610 York Ave, But honestly there are many good ones in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and NYC Proper. Queens not so much.
  8. 24 Le Mans this weekend. If I remember right this will be Fords last year in the race.. Good luck to Ford GT and Covette. hope they have a good safe race.
  9. Got a bottle of Elijah Craig 10 year old as a gift, it's pretty good Anyone try it?
  10. Glad they didn't, they would have ruined the name, still might have fine cars, but Enzo would have started another company.
  11. Looks good, always been a Ferrari fan, but like the FORD GT, Great story American & Italian muscle.
  12. If I didn't have the EMP4 I would consider it. Really like the gun. Good shooter.
  13. Just thought you would go with Beretta for 9mm
  14. Glock 9mm - Thought you were a Beretta man
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