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  1. Welcome, RTSP is a great place was a member there till one closer opened up. Enjoy the hobby. Someone will ask a breakfast meat question soon.
  2. I never get these calls, either get hang ups, car warranty, schools for my son, (college bound) or the NRA asking for money, not as often recently.
  3. Click the ruby red shoes and we might have a chance
  4. I'm going and pushing like people to go. Maybe the Dens are so confident they will forget to go.
  5. I have a fridge in a attached 2 door garage with rooms above it for 3 years, have never had a issue with it turning off. Maybe my garage never got that cold.
  6. They fit pretty true, if anything might have a little room in the toe, if you wore thick socks, definitely not on the tight side.
  7. Just turned TV on was on fox with Hannity, He will be talking about this later tonight.
  8. That's how I felt reading it, almost confusing, wanted to see if it was just me.
  9. Just saw this article if anyone is interested. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/10/constitutional-case-gun-control/600694/?utm_medium=offsite&utm_source=yahoo&utm_campaign=yahoo-non-hosted&yptr=yahoo
  10. Looks like most don't care. From business week. Sorry for the large print. Dick’s Sporting Goods reports strong earnings as it experiments with reducing gun sales
  11. For those under 40 and don't know. Sanka is a brand of instant decaffeinated coffee, sold around the world, and was one of the earliest decaffeinated varieties. Sanka is distributed in the United States by Kraft Foods. Wikipedia › wiki › Sanka
  12. Would have like to attend, just to far for me, did end up going to a Thunder mountain with the boys, Great quality time with them. Hope you guys had a great time, next time will try to make it or if one is closer.
  13. Bklynracer


    Nice family photo.
  14. 2016 all over again? Is this Bernie 2.0 It's about time some of them speak up. Question is will she follow through or be quieted, and business as normal. https://news.yahoo.com/gabbard-threatens-boycott-debate-alleges-140223733.html
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