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  1. Been enjoying shooting clays, been doing it more and more. Have also gotten a few friends to start. We were (thinking) planning on going to Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays on Sunday. Anybody been there? Pros/ Cons.
  2. Thank you, Rosey and Mrs. Peel. Yes saw a bid, hope to get more, Remember members I will donate all the proceeds. Will do occasionally and will try to list other material of interest in future.
  3. Lets look at those numbers: ......"Serious auto-loan delinquencies – 90 days or more past due – in the second quarter, 2019, jumped 47 basis points year-over-year to 4.64% of all outstanding auto loans and leases, according to New York Fed data released today. This is about the same delinquency rate as in Q3 2009, just months after GM and Chrysler had filed for bankruptcy." Looks like there will be some great used car deals soon
  4. Isn't Maksim a financial adviser? He might know someone in your area.
  5. If this is not allowed or in the wrong place, Please move or delete. Thought of a way of trying to do a little something to benefit CNJFO I used to have a online bookstore, Sold signed books, these are some of the lower priced ones that have been left over. I have these 4 listed on EBay as a auction, Whatever they sell for I will donate all proceeds to Rosie at CNJFO, it's a small mix, will see how it goes and might add others. If you guys have any interest bid them up, if someone from the forum wins I'll ship for Free. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133336216961 - Newt Gingrich Signed book https://www.ebay.com/itm/133336191167 - Bobby Orr Signed book https://www.ebay.com/itm/133336186742 - Hope Solo Signed book https://www.ebay.com/itm/133336212842 - Gaby Douglas signed book
  6. Congrats, looking to get one myself.
  7. I heard them say that they wanted to put a 45 on the car, But the only thing allowed on car is the Flag and presidential seal. Great flyover. Hoping for a good Safe race.
  8. Sad part is these are the same idiots that when they're in harms way yell out for help for the police.
  9. If it works can PA invite us. I'm sure parts of NJ would leave and join them?
  10. I agree, Key part, "nearly all situations" Also Welcome
  11. I have no issues with them cashing in, it's business, Most companies do that have a nostalgic brand, example Todays challenger, camero, mustang Yesteryear's Hemi's, SS, Shelby Today's cars will never be the value of those cars with the big motors, but still very popular today's as daily drivers. if you had a big Hemi challenger would you drive it everyday, but you would today's car. You as the buyer decide if you want vintage or modern, and use it or not.
  12. Didn't know this, but turns out was getting coffee this morning at Dunkin, bought 2 officers coffee (something I do every now and then as a thank you) Good day to just do it, Wonder if they knew about the day.
  13. Welcome, It's addictive, Try a Beretta, get a Beretta , then watch them multiply.
  14. Wish you guys weren't so far down south, Need to try to get some meet ups for us Northerners, we had one at RSTP, Never did again. With reloaderz open and GFH expanding even RTSP should try again.
  15. Always wanted a Python from my kid days of watching Starsky and Hutch, yes dating myself and or a Luger w/stock that my step uncle had (think he bought it back with him) that I always wanted and never got.
  16. I believe it's Defensive gun use
  17. Ordered on the 1st received today, will update with review and when refund given.
  18. Should do the right thing and send them back, only the left and illegals get things for free.
  19. Could be ammo, other day at range used some PMC bronze 115 grain in my Beretta 92 and PX4 and both would jam and not load every 3rd or 4th round, worse with the PX4 than 92, Switched to American eagle 115 grain not one issue with either.
  20. Difference to me is that if I spent $3000 on a vintage Python I would be less likely to use it a lot due to the investment and wanting to keep it pristine. this one I would most likely take out more often. Like a vintage car doesn't always go out.
  21. Easy for him to say when he has a armed security force behind him. Let him say that if he was alone and a civilian saves his ass.
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