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  1. I used to have a online bookstore that I sold signed books as a hobby, didn't have the time and gave it up, have had a number of books stored in a non smoking, dry area. I have many more but will start with these to see if any interest. all books were acquired by myself or family member at a signing event, some titles are just 1 others are a couple, just ask I will sell in order of response I get, I work during the day so don't expect an answer till later in the day. Any questions please ask. Most books are at the price of the book or slightly more some less. Shipping will be $5.00 1st book, with. Few dollars more for 2-3 more If local to Oakland area could meet for pick up. Billy Idol - No Regrets $40.00 Brian May - Queen - Diableries $300.00 Very hard autograph to obtain Billy Ray Cyrus - Hillbilly Heart $10.00 Alton Brown - Good Eats 3 $20.00 Buddy Valastro - Cooking Italian. $20.00 Buddy Valastro - Cake Boss. $20.00 Phil Jackson - 11 Rings. $35.00 Hope Solo - Solo. $20.00 Jerry West - West by West. $35.00 Gabby Douglas - Grace Gold Glory. $20.00 Rafael Nadal - Tennis - Rafa $25.00 Bobby Orr - My Story. $40.00 John McEnroe - You Can't Be Serious. $35.00 Andre Agassi - Open. $25.00 Tom Coughlin - Earn the Right to Win. $20.00 Michael Bolton - The Soul Of it All. $30.00 Ozzie Osborne - Trust Me I'm Doctor Oz. $30.00 Maria Osmond - Key is Love. $25.00 Peter Criss from Kiss - Make up to Break up. $60.00 Rod Stewart - Autobiography $70.00 Patti Smith - Banga. $40.00 Ozzy Osborne - I'm Ozzy. $30.00 Raquel Welch - Beyond the Cleavage. 30.00 Jimmy Carter - Living Faith. $30.00 Condoleezza Rice - No Higher Honer. 15.00 Al Gore - The Future. 20.00
  2. That's on the list after after bribery fails.
  3. I put a bet on Truex Jr. but wouldn't surprise me if Hamlin pulls it out. Either way got to admire Gibbs, 3 out of the 4 cars are his. one of the best.
  4. Saw this movie today with my son, he enjoyed it and I thought it was good, wish they would have gone into the building of the gt40, but guess that would have made the movie to long. Overall with a look.
  5. Would taste better if they used Taylor Ham.
  6. What about the video games that kids spend so much time on
  7. Brand new never fired Glock 26 Gen 4. Comes with everything in case. Bought this when I thought I liked Glocks, learned I didn't to late. Been keeping in safe in case I changed my mind, I haven't. Asking $425 - Will meet at Reloaderz or GFH. Must have permit. All the normal rules apply. Will hold if payed. PayPal OK.
  8. Anyone thinking were going to be short 2 gaurds soon. AP sources: Epstein jail guards had been offered plea deal https://news.yahoo.com/ap-sources-epstein-jail-guards-232232259.html
  9. Haven't seen the normal media coverage on this. Is it the lack of a "assault weapon" or no "mass shooting"
  10. Woman With the Biggest Boobs in History! ...unbelievable....photo of a woman with the two biggest boobs I have ever seen...
  11. I'm not going to lean either way on this and leave it as a coincidence, But if it ever came to light that it wasn't, It would destroy the party which I care nothing about and this Country would never be the same. Which I do care about. Talk about a civil war. For that reason alone I hope and pray that it is nothing more than a horrible coincidence.
  12. Wonder if this is being done due to the recent court ruling, so if sue one (S&W) you can't sue the other - Outdoor brands. wonder if others will separate? https://finance.yahoo.com/m/f1e32e42-ac6d-305d-8792-02870a6207f8/smith-%26-wesson-to-split-from.html
  13. Welcome, RTSP is a great place was a member there till one closer opened up. Enjoy the hobby. Someone will ask a breakfast meat question soon.
  14. I never get these calls, either get hang ups, car warranty, schools for my son, (college bound) or the NRA asking for money, not as often recently.
  15. Click the ruby red shoes and we might have a chance
  16. I'm going and pushing like people to go. Maybe the Dens are so confident they will forget to go.
  17. I have a fridge in a attached 2 door garage with rooms above it for 3 years, have never had a issue with it turning off. Maybe my garage never got that cold.
  18. They fit pretty true, if anything might have a little room in the toe, if you wore thick socks, definitely not on the tight side.
  19. Just turned TV on was on fox with Hannity, He will be talking about this later tonight.
  20. That's how I felt reading it, almost confusing, wanted to see if it was just me.
  21. Just saw this article if anyone is interested. https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/10/constitutional-case-gun-control/600694/?utm_medium=offsite&utm_source=yahoo&utm_campaign=yahoo-non-hosted&yptr=yahoo
  22. Looks like most don't care. From business week. Sorry for the large print. Dick’s Sporting Goods reports strong earnings as it experiments with reducing gun sales
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