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  1. Do you ever travel to south Jersey Cherry Hill area? I would take all primers and 9mm and 357 bullets.
  2. Looking to buy a set of reloading dies for Remington 223 and 308Win. The preferred dies brands are Redding and Dillon. Also case prep station or tools. Swage tool for 223 and 308.
  3. The NJ FFL will not be able to complete the firearm transfer without the NJ DL or state ID. I believe it is needed for NICS.
  4. To the AR15 I would add Ruger mini-14 and IWI Tavor, which has even less recoil but is a little more expensive.
  5. Some FFLs in NJ will be willing to block the magazines to 10rds capacity for extra $ in addition to the transfer, in average $20 per mag. You have to first close that with the FFL where the handgun going to be shipped at. Also make sure that the seller will ship the gun with the mags because some of them ship without from the fear of "breaking the NJ law", but in reallity scamming you on the mags.
  6. I would also recommend to stay away from the exotic calibers as the price of ammo will decide for you how often will you practice at the range. Unless you want to reload your own ammo. For semiauto I would start with 9mm.
  7. Take this class online it is completely free: https://www.frontsight.com/onlineccw/
  8. Hi Guys, Front Sight has provided free course online for Virginia CC, which can be obtained by non-residents of Virginia. It is good for 29 States and takes only an hour to complete. I went to their trainig site in Nevada 2 times and can tell that these guys are real pros. If the link does not work send me the PM with your email and I forward it to you. https://www.frontsight.com/onlineccw/ Cheers.
  9. It is the best to shoot the gun before buying as everyone says. I've listened to all kind of advises and ended up with 6 hand guns that just collect dust in my safe. I have bought all of them new thus resale value is much worse versus if I had bought them used. I was itching to buy Glocks(19, 18, 30, 34), Sigs(226, 320, 1911), Colt 1911(several models), Ruger SR9, Beretta 92FS. I tried them first though and found that I just cannot shoot them well thus stick to my Walther PPQ M1 and S&W 686 plus revolver. After about 4 years I got an urgency to buy something else and I bought S&W Performance Series revolver and looking to buy Walther PPQ Match because I enjoy shooting and perform well with PPQ and S&W revolver platform. Here is the link to used Glock17 for $300, it is much better than buying for $600 new.
  10. From my personal experience I can say try several different guns. It has to feel comfortable and have malfunction free record history. I would suggest 9mm because of its most affordable ammo. The prices are cheaper out of state but then you have to pay Transfer fee + Nics + NJ compliance work if the magazines capacity larger than 10rd. I have small hands and out of several guns I have my favorite is Walther PPQ (Not mix with PPK) and CZ P07, I also recommend to look at Beretta PX4 storm as its barrel rotates thus reduces the recoil. There are many modifications of it are available. I have brand new that I can sell cheap DAO/LEO(Law Enforcement Only).
  11. In my opinion crooks in high military command sold half of the stash and created the fireworks to cover the theft. However While traveling to Cody, WY I was told the story about someone's house burning with lots of ammo inside, so burry your ammo in the ground. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. I shot Kriss SMG full auto in Vegas and have fallen in love with it. However when I bought Kriss CRB I felt like like that I bang fat ugly chick instead of the model I was suppose to get. The long goofy barrel kills the purpose of the firearm same way as 18" barrel Tavor. Eventually I sold both. I had some problems with independence ammo for Kriss. It would cram the bullets further into the cases once in awhile. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. In the manual usually says if the hand gun needs to be oiled prior it's first shooting. I stripped and oiled my Walther as the manual have suggested it. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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