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  1. SEV1 MLOCK its not listed on their site anymore. I changed out the stock and grip.
  2. While I don’t want to forget it took negative publicity to get any sort of response, Chris over at Stag has been very helpful and is trying to make this right, along with being a pleasure to talk to. I’m at about 200 rounds and it’s shooting well now. Have a case in the mail and I’ll be sure to make a 1000 rnd update in a few months.
  3. Email sent. I’ll update here later.
  4. Lopo. To clarify after shooting a frustrating ~50 rounds one or two at a time, then taking the gas block off I could see the imprint from the gas that was not lined up well with the port.
  5. Great let’s see if they’re better in public. Seeing that I called themed everyday it must be Katy or Ronny?
  6. Lined up poorly. I difinitelt let stag know, I was on the phone everday and they couldn’t even email me a return label in a week, let alone “take care of me.” But yeah it’s worth a shot I guess. I also posted on Reddit and there were several other people with the similar issues recently.
  7. Gas ports weren’t lined up from the factory. Ffter firing rounds and taking it apart I could see where the gas left a mark and it it wasn’t nearly centered. Sure lube helped too. The ammo was good from the start
  8. I was pretty close to ordering the BCM but decided to try it once more today. Lubed it up then double checked the gas block again and it shot well. Had one stovepipe of 80 rds and that was right at the beginning, think it’s wearing in. I will say I learned a lot but wish I didn’t have to deal with it on a brand new gun. If I didn’t get the gun for $500 on Black Friday it would be gone. Can’t justify the extra $1000 right now. Going to add a few goodies and keep it for now.
  9. Yeah that’s fine and I could understand a delay. But 2 weeks for just a return shipping label? Not acceptable in my opinion. They way they blew me off every time I checked on my order status also left a sour taste in my mouth. Im gonna shoot a box today at my last attempt and I’ll get back to you thanks
  10. Lol I won’t pretend for a second the majority of members here know 10x more than us about guns but the guy that helped is full tackleberry. it will fire one, rarely two then doesn’t chamber the next I can manually cycle it. Didn’t try a new buffer tube. Tried the ammo and bag ina different guy worked fine
  11. Yeah I'm mainly upset with their customer service. My buddy ordered the same gun at the same time and hasn't had an issue.
  12. Looking to return my nightmare stag and purchase the BCM Recce-14 MCMR which has a 14.5 in barrel but comes in at 16.1 in with the permanent compensator. Other than the magazines will I need to modify the gun other than pinning the stock to make it NJ compliant? Wanted to make sure the comp counts towards the length. Sorry for the dumb question.
  13. Order takes over 2 months to receive after being given an original time to 3 weeks. Stag offers little help and no compensation. See original thread. Gun finally arrives and they sent the completely wrong model. I figure I could deal with it and have them refund me the difference for the cheap model I received. Nope, gun doesn’t work. Fires one or two rounds then won’t cycle. Tried several solutions no luck with knowledgeable guys at work (LEO). No luck something wrong with the gas system. Contact customer service they say they’ll send a return label and get me the correct rifle. Not today tho.. will take 4-5 days because there Is only one employee that handles returns! It has now be 9 days and several phone calls and emails later. No return label. They claim all their employees are at shot show. STAY AWAY FROM STAG. Think Im going to go with a return instead of the exchange and get a BCM.
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