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  1. Good if you need ammo and can't wait for it to ship, but you should probably jump on it quick if you need it. A few weeks ago Dicks had Blazer Brass 9mm for 2 boxes for $20. They sold out a few hours before I got there. Dick's doesn't exactly have Cabela's-like stocks of ammo. Knowing Dick's, I would have nearly cleaned them out by asking for 10 boxes. lol
  2. Thanks! This is going to be an expensive month. lol
  3. I stopped in a week or two ago to check the place out and wound up walking out with a new toy! Definitely good guys. They made waiting for the NICS to come back on a Saturday afternoon entertaining. I'll definitely be back in at some point.
  4. Very nice choice! Funny, I was all excited about the new M2.0 until I tried out the trigger. It isn't terrible, but compared to the PPQ, they're not even in the same league. I guess I was expecting better, given the tend of new striker 9s with good triggers. Enjoy!
  5. Seems they're releasing more SFP9 (VP9) series guns in Europe, so they're probably coming here shortly. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/03/01/hk-sfp9-l-sfp9-sk/
  6. I guess that people in the industry get used to it, but I would have gone nuts if someone dry fired in my direction. Just pointing a firearm in my direction, even unloaded, would get my blood boiling.
  7. I need to pay attention. Obviously dead now, but I love getting in on these Cabela's GC deals. SVMGiftcards is where I've gotten them in the past, and they're great.
  8. Same here. The only thing they've ever asked for is my birthday to verify my age.
  9. I haven't bought from Cabelas.com yet - I've simply gotten better deals from Brownells lately. I do get a better deal from Cabelas when I purchase in store, though. When I have business in DE/MD, my company pays mileage and tolls. Add a $20 off $150 coupon (I get them in the mail periodically, but you can do the survey on your Cabelas receipt to get them as well) and I'm a happy guy. Add in the fact that you can usually get $100 Cabelas gift cards for $85 or less online, and that $10.99 box of 9mm only winds up costing $8.13 (assuming you buy 14 boxes, of course).
  10. My first time buying 9mm ammo at the DE Cabelas made me giddy. The selection and prices are so much better than any of the shops around me. Being able to compare prices and take it off the shelf, without having to go get an "adult" to record your sale and treat you like a criminal, is absolutely liberating. I love it when my job needs me to go to DE/MD for the day. I usually check to see what's on sale first and I hit it hard. I usually don't have much time, so I'm in and out in 15-20 minutes, but it's a wonderful experience compared to NJ. You and the dealer are still supposed to fill out a Certificate of Eligibility, correct? http://www.njsp.org/firearms/pdf/sp-634.pdf
  11. If I could get a 320 for $440, there wouldn't be any question I'd get one. That's a no-brainer!
  12. Wow, this thread certainly took a turn. Anyway, I guess I shouldn't expect more than $50-$75 off MSRP when dealing with off-the-shelf rifles, especially ones that aren't NJ compliant from the factory. Judging by Windham's website, they start at over $1000 for their baseline NJ compliant model. That seems a bit much for a "baseline" rifle, IMO. I feel that I'd be better off getting an entry level M&P Sport and swapping out furniture. That wouldn't get me exactly what I want, but would be closer for less money. From my perspective, a muzzle brake isn't needed. I just figure that most non-NJ compliant guns have threads for a flash suppressor, so would need a brake welded on.
  13. A Surefire or Stramlight should work well. I'm very happy with my Streamlight TLR-2G and its 300 lumen output. Since you don't want the laser, TLR-1 would be good.
  14. From what I've shot and held, my ideal rifle would have a mid length gas system with a low profile gas block. I also like a longer forward rail, which allows me to grip longer down the barrel. I don't care about mounting much more than sights and maybe a red dot at some point, so quad rails with Mlock, Keymod, etc is lost on me, but most of the rifles I've looked at come with the ability anyway. I saw a Special Ops Tactical (guy from Spike's Tactical went out on his own) model for $12xx that felt great in my hands, fit and finish were great, had everything I want, and specs appear really good, but I'd never heard of them until seeing it. I also haven't seen many reviews. I'm sure it would be fine, but I'm not so sure about being a test dummy for $1000+.
  15. True, but I know myself, and I can already tell that if I got a baseline model, I'd be spending hundreds over the coming months in modifications and upgrades.
  16. Now that you mention it, most of the models I've been looking at are not natively NJ compliant (as far as I know) so I guess the dealers are simply passing on the cost of NJ compliance. Maybe I should look into what my local shops charge for muzzle brake welding and stock pinning.
  17. Hi all. I'm starting to look at ARs but I'm a bit surprised at some of the prices I've seen. A few shops I've visited seem to have their ARs right around MSRP. For example, a local shop has a Daniel Defense M4V7 for $1599.99, when MSRP is $1679. Another shop had a M&P 15 Optic Ready for $999, when MSRP is $1069. Obviously, they're not gauging, but I figured there'd be a little more room to deal with. I guess I'd like to know what's considered normal and am I expecting too much? I seem to remember seeing handguns marked down more than the ARs are. Before someone chimes in with "build it" that is on the table, but I want to get a good baseline on pre-built rifle prices before I go pricing out parts.
  18. It all depends on how you look at it. The hammer HKs and Sigs, I agree on them being a bit much, but the VP9 and P320 aren't too bad. Almost no one that I've seen has them selling for MSRP. For about what it would cost to buy a Glock 19, new trigger, new sights, and modify the grip to be more comfortable in my hand, you're right there at the cost of a VP9 without any fuss. With that said, there's a good chance that my next pistol will be a Glock "project gun" so...lol
  19. You can't really go wrong with any of those options, but I will say that I absolutely love my VP9 LE. It just felt right as soon as I picked it up, and it shoots great. I find shooting the VP9 to be a more enjoyable experience than the Glock 19 due to the much better ergonomics. I haven't shot the PPQ, but I did hold it prior to buying my VP9. I preferred the feel of the VP9 (obviously) and the P320 over the Walther. I also wasn't impressed with the plastic sights on the Walther (sure, you can swap them out, but it is easier if the gun comes with sights you like).
  20. The H&K hammer-fired guns are a bit pricey, but the VP series isn't that bad, all things considered. For the price it would take to buy a Glock, buy and install new sights, buy a better trigger, and modify the grip to be reasonably comfortable in my hands, you're in the ballpark of what a VP9 goes for.
  21. I realize that cost is a factor, but the charging supports on the HK VP9 are quite functional. They really do help with getting a good purchase on the slide. I'd recommend her at least holding one in a store. The grip is also really ergonomically friendly, and can be adjusted to fit almost any size hand. I have one (LE model with the factory night sights) and have no regrets.
  22. Of course, not having to get some more pistol permits to swap to another size or caliber is certainly a plus. I'm considering a P320 for this very reason.
  23. Looks like I found this thread a day late. I found them mentioned somewhere online (Facebook, maybe?) and I figured I would stop in yesterday and check the place out. Unfortunately, I didn't see any signs for "American Armory" so I just kept driving and figured they were gone. Maybe next weekend.
  24. 1. Application type (FID/permit w/ existing FID). - FID change of address & 3 pistol permits 2. Police Department where you applied. - Jackson Township 3. Name of the person you dealt with at the PD. - I don't recall anyone saying their name, but shame on me for not asking. 4. Time taken to issue FID and/or permit. - Just shy of 90 days. 5. Documents required by the PD (aside from the standard application and the mental health release form). - Just the standard forms, but they only allow you to apply for 3 pistol permits. 6. Notes - anything pertaining to the application process (unforeseen difficulties, chief of police calling your home, you hiring an attorney, etc.). - At around the 85 day mark, I got very frustrated after calling the records department to ask for an update. The lady on the phone was really not nice to deal with, and didn't tell me anything useful. I sent a very respectful letter via email to the Chief which requested a status update and offered to assist him and his staff with any outstanding items. I did not in any way accuse him or his department of any wrongdoing (30 day "law"). I figured that if I'm going to tell my Chief of Police that his department is doing something wrong, I should do that via legal council. He (or someone who checks his email) responded to my email within an hour, and let me know that he would have someone look into my application. I had my FID & permits the next business day.
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