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  1. PSA definitely has a sense of humor.
  2. Agreed! My first gun was a VP9 from Howell Gun Works. For a first time buyer, I HIGHLY recommend them! I was able to put a bunch of guns in my hands and see what felt best. I haven't been there since moving to SC, but their selection on 9 mm handguns was very good when I lived in the area. For central NJ, I can also recommend Monmouth Arms since they tended to have better prices, but Steve didn't have the selection of HGW, which I think is important if you aren't sure what you want. Again, may be different now...
  3. When I moved to SC I wanted my muzzle brake removed and a flash hider put on. After some research, it just didn't seem worth the hassle of getting the Dremel out to do it myself or getting a gunsmith to do it. Wound up with a Faxon that I've been quite happy with, and wound up using the old barrel and other spare parts to build another AR.
  4. Cool video! Subscribed to his channel!
  5. I also have a Model 52, and it's pretty good. The straight line access is much nicer than traditional safe designs, and it wasn't too difficult to get it up to my third floor apartment. It isn't an actual safe by any means, so there's no fire protection and isn't going to stop someone who's determined, but that's what my supplemental insurance policy is for. Paired with my alarm system, I'm confident that it will stop a smash and grab thug, which is what I am concerned about. Anyone savvy enough to disable my alarm system is robbing the wrong house. Maybe I'll get something beefier if I buy a house, but until then, it should do the job just fine. Considering that just about any RSC can be cut into with a $20 grinding wheel from Harbor Freight, I recommend layers of deterrence instead of putting everything into your "safe".
  6. If you're in Cherry Hill, do you have any friends or family across the river in PA?
  7. I added a P365 on Black Friday weekend. Local shop here in Greenville was blowing out the P365 TacPacs (3x 12 round mags plus a holster) for $479. I was thinking about getting a second Shield 2.0 as a backup with the massive sales and rebates, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to carry 12+1 in the same form factor as my 7+1 Shield. The holster it comes with isn't much to speak of, and I already ordered a Clock Tuck 3.5, but isn't a bad backup holster. It also fits very nicely into a small pistol rug, so it works well for those times when I can't carry, but still want something in the glove box (AKA every day since work doesn't allow CCW). Once the Cloak Tuck comes in, I figure the P365 will be my main carry with the Shield as my number 2. With the P365, I will likely retire my P320 compact from the rotation. If anything, I can add a 15 rounder to my P365 and be about the same height as the P320, but still thinner.
  8. When I was going, you had to own the chamber flags. They sell them, but they're cheap online.
  9. I don’t know if it changed, but when I was going to R14 you could buy targets on wooden stands for pretty cheap from the range ($2 per is what I remember). Just have to dig a hole and put the target in. @grazzie Range 14 does indeed require all targets to be 15 yards or longer. I didn’t find it to be that big of a deal. You get used to it pretty quick.
  10. Although I moved a little over a year ago, when I was still in NJ I lived in Ocean county and definitely preferred Garden State over Shore Shot for indoor ranges. I just got a better vibe at GSSC. With that said, I preferred making the drive to Range 14. If you give me a choice between outside and inside shooting, I'll almost always take outside. No need to worry about the ventilation when you're outside, and I don't have someone with a 12 ga four feet away in an enclosed space rattling my fillings loose. I never got to try CJRPC. I couldn't bring myself to pay the near $1000 first year price tag when I had a feeling I would be moving for work.
  11. Knives in the 4-5" blade length range are quite nice for hiking and backpacking. They're large enough that they can get the job done, but can still be positioned in ways to keep them out of the way. I have a Gerber Strongarm and an Esee 4. I haven't done much with either yet (the Gerber typically lives in my SHTF bag in my trunk, and the Esee is brand new from last weekend's Blade Show in Atlanta) but both seem solid with decent sheathes. The Gerber is the more tactical option, while the Esee, with micarta handles, is probably less likely to get the stink eye while on the trail. Normally I look to reduce weight when hiking, but I like having a solid fixed blade knife on my hip. I picked up the Gerber for around $45 on sale and the Esee was right around $100.
  12. Doesn't surprise me. I sent an email to him regarding HR38 a few years back. The letter I received in response said everything I needed to know about him and his position on the second amendment. It is nothing but toilet paper to him.
  13. Out of the ”conservative” justices on the court, Clarence Thomas is the man, Alito has been great, and Gorsuch seems good, albeit mostly untested. Unfortunately, Roberts scares me and I have a bad feeling that Kavanaugh won’t be the conservative hero that everyone thinks he will be. I do hope for the best, though.
  14. Range 14 is great. Highly recommended. Nothing quite like an AR10 (or bigger) with a muzzle brake just a few feet away from your head. I'm surprised that my teeth didn't rattle out a few times.
  15. If this is true that the majority of people did not comply, they may as well just go for broke at this point and get a bunch of 30+ rounders in PA/DE. Same penalty as 15 rounds if I am not mistaken. On a related note, most NJ gun owners are too busy with everything but firearms. Most probably don't even have a clue that they're breaking the law.
  16. Not to crap on your post (it is indeed a good deal), but PSA has an even lower price per round on the .223 black pack after rebate, as long as you don't mind bulk packaging. https://palmettostatearmory.com/federal-223-rem-55gr-fmj-bt-300rd-black-bulk-box.html
  17. I started using ALG 0000 grease instead of oil on my carry gun, and I've recently started using it on my other pistols and a few points on my AR as well. So far, so good.
  18. I finally completed my AR's de-Jersification! Instead of just hitting the muzzle brake with a Dremel and putting on a flash hider (which I will probably do at some point to re-use the barrel in a carbine build), I opted for a new barrel (16" Faxon SOCOM profile with mid-length gas - was carbine), Geissele MK14 rail, and an A2 flash hider (for now...will change that out when I get a suppressor ).
  19. I love love LOVE my ESS Crossbow Suppressors for the exact reasons you've mentioned. So much more comfortable and better sealing from my ear protection. You also get the added benefit of them being ballistic rated for impacts, while most lower cost "shooting" glasses are not.
  20. From my experience, the state historically doesn't track down folks who moved and did not update their FID address. With that said, I would NOT use your FID to purchase something until you get the address updated. I would also act as if the FID was not valid from an exemption standpoint until you get the address updated. My second PD made me go through fingerprinting when I changed my address, but my first FID was issued with paper and ink prints. The last I knew, their policy was to make people do fingerprints again every two years, no exceptions.
  21. If they were able to take that kind of money from a family trust, there's a good chance you know a few judges or politicians (in other words, it sounds like you're in a different social circle than I am). You probably have a better shot than most people if you do know some judges/pols, but my guess is that you'd still be denied.
  22. First full day I was in SC I went to Cabela's and bought some 30 rounders, and to Home Depot to buy a pair of pliers to remove the roll pin from my AR's stock (movers had my tools). The next purchase was my M&P Shield 2.0, which gets plenty of use since I got my CWP. As for new stuff, there's a bunch of goodies I would like (suppressors, an SBR, another AR, etc) but I've been pacing myself. No need to light my cash pile on fire.
  23. My favorite sight on I-95 was "Welcome to Virginia". Maryland isn't exactly too welcoming to gun owners.
  24. The paddle release is actually quite nice. I can use my trigger finger just fine, but I find that using my support hand to do the job is the best. My support hand is going that way anyway, so why not just hit the mag release and grab the empty magazine in one motion? With that said, there is something to be said for consistency. I have no plans to buy a Glock because they point differently than every other pistol I own, so it wouldn't be a bad thing if each of my pistols had the same magazine release. I have no intention of ever selling my VP9 with the paddle, but if a good deal came along for one, I'd be tempted to buy the push button model.
  25. I'll pass on both. I'd rather be hungry than feel sick with a stomach full of grease. When I happen to have a craving for fried chicken, Publix is actually quite good, and they're everywhere in SC.
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