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  1. Basically just carrying my M&P Shield 2.0 in 9mm. I might try to carry my P320 compact in the cooler weather, but those constant M&P 2.0 Compact deals on Brownells are mighty tempting... Glock 19 size but with a similar grip angle to every other gun I own!
  2. That would be my guess. I'll add that having your SBI number won't necessarily make the process of getting either your employee of a dealer card or your FID any quicker, but it pretty much guarantees that you'll be approved. I had my employee of firearms dealer card prior to getting my FID and it still took forever to get my FID. My residence and job were in the same town and I applied for the FID only a month or two after getting the dealer card.
  3. I hope that you and your friend are only doing this for exploratory purposes and not modifying all of your magazines at this point in time. It hasn't even been determined yet if an injunction will be issued...
  4. From my perspective, he’s simply being super conservative. It’s almost like he wants to keep people from needing his services.
  5. The beauty of a pump action shotgun is that it's legal almost everywhere. I could keep an AR with a bunch of mags in my trunk no problem these days, but I'd still consider a shotgun just in case I have to make an unexpected drive into enemy territory.
  6. By the way, who wouldn't want a shotgun in their trunk? I never got around to it when I was still in NJ, but I seriously considered keeping an 18-20" Mossberg 590A1 in my trunk. In fact, I might still do that at some point...just need to work out the best way to secure it.
  7. Not knocking Magpul (I have more gen 3 PMags than anything else) or Lancer, but USGI mags with Magpul anti-tilt followers are easily the best bang for the buck. They're pretty much unbeatable for SHTF/prepping purposes. I think I picked up a pack of 10 for $70 or $80 from PSA. Full disclosure, I have no idea if you can get NJ legal variants, so PMags would be my pick.
  8. I have US Law Shield. It isn't perfect, but I don't think any of them are. USLS is good because there's no caps on legal defense (criminal and civil) and since the lawyers are already on retainer, you don't have to go out and find a lawyer. Two issues though. 1 - If you get sued in civil court and lose, it isn't an insurance policy, so you're on your own. 2 - You don't really get to pick what lawyer you get, so you're hoping they have great ones on retainer (Nappen's firm is the NJ affiliate). I went with USLS because the price is right (and locked in for life), I have coverage in all 50 states, and I live in a state that limits the rights of shitbags or surviving family members of shitbags to sue me if my shooting is deemed legal. With that said, I may take out an actual insurance policy at some point just in case.
  9. A bunch of people should box a few up and anonymously send them to their senator's or representative's office (if they voted for the law). Track the package, and as soon as it's been delivered, anonymously call the cops and report that they are in illegal possession.
  10. Even cheaper for anyone who sent in their P320 and still has the discount code Sig sent with their returned gun. I used my code to snag a sweet new pair of Zulu binoculars they had on closeout as well as some mags (yes, it stacked). There's no way I could find a nicer pair of brand new binoculars for what I paid.
  11. It looks interesting and I appreciate the engineering that went into it, but would I buy one? Probably not. It's yet another manual of arms to learn and become effective with. For situations that require fast reactions, it would not be the optimal choice. With that said, it carries a boatload of rounds and looks nothing like a gun when it's folded up and carried in a pocket, so it might be ideal for certain scenarios. Of course, most of the scenarios that I can think of are either highly dangerous or possibly illegal, so nothing that I would like to get involved with.
  12. I have IWB holsters for all of my handguns so far, but the SC state police is still processing my permit (only sent in the application a few weeks ago and they have 90 days by law), so I haven't made good use of them yet. Once approved, my main carry will be my new M&P Shield 2.0 in 9mm with an extra mag. That thing virtually disappears under a t-shirt. I will likely carry my VP9 or P320 once in a while during the cooler months, or in my backpack while hiking as a backup. Of course, I should probably pick up something with a bit more punch as my hiking backup. A 4" .357 sounds like a winner, but I could get a conversion kit for the P320 in .357 Sig or .40 S&W. Decisions, decisions. Edit: Oh what am I thinking? I can buy a handgun at will now and my last NICS took less than 5 minutes (and won't need to do a NICS once I have my CWP). Screw the conversion kit!
  13. Strange. They used to. Even had models with suppressor-height sights if my memory serves me correct.
  14. NJ permit to carry covers handgun possession, while your P2P only covers purchase. In order to possess a handgun within the state of NJ, you must either have a permit to carry, or be covered under an exemption, which is in all actuality, a defense in court. Technically speaking, you and every handgun owner in the state is in violation of NJSA 2C:39-5b. You don't go to jail because you are covered under one of the exemptions of NJSA 2C:39-6. You must be in violation of 2C:39-5 to be covered under an exemption of 2C:39-6. He isn't wrong, just could have been worded better.
  15. I would imagine that ANJRPC filed for an injunction on the mag ban because there are hundreds of thousands of people who are immediately impacted by the passage of that law. So many people immediately impacted, both legally and financially, makes an injuction possible. The red flag laws are more difficult to file an injuction for, or even file a lawsuit against at this time, since virtually no one has been impacted by the law until now. If I am not mistaken, they can’t even file suit until someone is adversely affected by the law, but it sounds like this could change that.
  16. The more I shoot my P320, the more I like it. The trigger isn't as crisp as my VP9, but it's smooth, highly controllable, and the reset is quite nice. I feel that the trigger is actually better after the voluntary upgrade. I have around 1600 rounds through it, and not one issue. It'll likely wind up in my carry rotation once my CWP arrives in the mail in the next few weeks. I figure my P320 compact is my fall/winter carry gun, and either a Walther PPS / S&W Shield or something small would be good for (our near endless) summer.
  17. I'm not so sure I would go ahead and modify the magazines just yet. Sure, investigate how, but let's all hope the lawsuits do as intended.
  18. I don't like taking chances with my eyes, which is why I only use ballistic mil-spec rated glasses when I shoot. I love my ESS Crossbow Suppressor kit. Also, my pair of Smith Optics Aegis Arc make for a nice backup or spare pair for when I bring a family member or friend.
  19. I called the NJ State Police Firearms Unit just for fun and asked what I am required to do with my FID card after moving out of the state. The lady who answered the phone said that I "could shred it?" in an inquisitive voice, and said that there wasn't any requirement for me to do anything. Just in case anything happens, I can at least say that I sought advice from the NJ State Police.
  20. The funny thing is I actually would change my address and get an out of state card if it was practical to do so (online system like anywhere else). Most of my family is still in NJ, so I wouldn’t mind having the card just in case I suddenly have the need while visiting. Of course, NJ is about 40 years behind the times, so that isn’t happening any time soon.
  21. I remember looking at the statutes when I moved within NJ to see what would happen if I had not updated my address. The law is 30 days to update your address, but I don’t remember seeing that failure to update within that timeframe was called out as a crime or had any penalty associated with it. Edit: just read the administrative code that Nappen points to. I don’t see it prescribing any penalty for not changing your address within 30 days.
  22. I haven’t run into that situation yet, but it would probably be a factor. It wouldn’t be a determining factor, but it would play into my decision. By the way, it isn’t a boycott mentality as much as just being cognizant that other options exist that *may* fit into my worldview better. If I boycotted every company that didn’t hold my worldview, I would pretty much have no possessions and would likely starve. Anyway, I think we’ve derailed this thread far enough. Back to Sig 2022s!
  23. I tend to agree about it being a blanket ban, but it still doesn’t quite sit right with me. One of the countries in the Middle East isn’t like the others. I’m not about to take my VP9 and film myself destroying it, or even sell it, but I’ll certainly see if there are other competing products that would do the same thing before buying another HK.
  24. I was very close about a year ago to buying a P30 for the exact same reason, but I went with the P320 instead. As for HK and Israel- http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/09/john-boch/heckler-koch-no-gun-sales-israel/amp/
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