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  1. There's a good chance I'll be there. I'll admit that a job interview in another state would take precedence, though.
  2. That actually looks nice. All the stuff they've sent me over the years is nothing but junk, and I wish they'd spent that money on lobbying efforts or lawsuits instead. I actually wish there was a "please don't send me the crappy folding knife" option when I opted in for EZ pay life.
  3. Considering how 20+ year old "kids" are tending to delay adulthood longer and longer, is it any wonder that someone would propose raising the age limit for rifles? I'm not trying to defend them or this awful idea, but I think it's obvious that a very large swath of 18-25 year olds in this country aren't mature enough to feed and clothe themselves, let alone own a weapon. This is a symptom of much larger issues with our society, but unfortunately the "easy" fix is to go after the freedoms of everyone instead of dealing with the actual problems. With that said, I'll send something. I'd rather we address the actual issues, and the good people don't deserve to have their rights stripped away from them.
  4. I got in on EZ pay life over the summer at $600. $25 per month for the next year or so and they even threw my recent 2 or 3 year membership dues towards it. I've been a member for 10+ years paying the annual or semi-annual rate and figured I couldn't imagine a scenario where I wouldn't be a member. NRA isn't perfect, but it's the biggest hammer we've got. They just need to swing it a bit more and we need to vote out the fudds.
  5. I'd probably give it a few more weeks before going to an indoor range just to be safe. Even doubled up, it can still be loud at an indoor range, especially if anyone's shooting a shotgun or something with a muzzle brake. Heck, I've doubled up at Range 14 on at least one occasion. It all depends on what the guy next to you is shooting. ESS Crossbow Suppressor is a great option as well, which is what I have. My earmuffs seal very nicely while wearing them.
  6. I don't give a damn about bump stocks. If they're banned or regulated via a law, so be it. My issue is HOW they want to go about banning them. A regulation from an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy is not how this should be done. It sets precedent and opens too many doors for the next administration to ban whatever they want through executive Fiat. This will end badly.
  7. Exactly. The AR-15 is the low hanging fruit. You also have an entire country that doesn’t remember, or chooses not to remember, that civilians could buy full auto M16s back in the early to mid 80s. There was a waiting period, background check and tax stamp, but that was it AFAIK. Thank NRA for that one.
  8. I would check to see if your credit card has a price protection feature. Only bad thing is you’d be telling your CC company that you bought ammo.
  9. Good deal! This stuff shoots well in my AR. Been looking for a good price on some 5.56 since the Federal rebate ended. Sold!
  10. Are you thinking of the Louder With Crowder gunshow video or something else?
  11. I wish there was more time in the segment. I think that Scott could have made that councilman look like a total fool with a bit more time. I thought he did well overall though. I do wish that Scott had countered the “we have Police” comment by bringing up that he in fact was a Captain in the Police, and that the vast majority of police work is reactionary, aka after the fact. That would have been pure ownage IMO. Oh, am I the only one who got a kick out of the opening scenes of the guy shooting? Kinda looks like Alex Roubian of NJ2AS.
  12. 2c:39-3j bans “large capacity magazines” which is defined in 2c:39-1y.
  13. Even if you found someone willing to sell you a long gun in another state, without the NJ FID you'd be committing a felony. Getting your FID isn't terrible. The worst part is likely having to wait past the legally-allowed 30 day limit and wondering if they found something that disqualifies you. I find that writing a respectful letter to your chief of police usually helps if you're stuck in limbo.
  14. I got the feeling from DSG Bloom’s talk at SAFECON 2017 that the Firearms Investigation Unit may be able to address pretty much all FID issues on their own. By centralizing the process and doing it all online, they could eliminate the headaches without a lawsuit, all while probably saving the state & towns money and resources. It all depends on if/when the NJSP gets it all done, though.
  15. Here’s hoping that, between this angle and Cheeseman’s suit going after the administrative code, NJ finally becomes a shall issue state.
  16. I work as an engineer in a manufacturing environment, and I'm not sure where you're getting your information from. Mass manufacturing processes have increased product reliability across the board, all while increasing production output and driving prices lower. There's a reason why a modern vehicle that was assembled by robots tends to last much longer, with lower relative maintenance costs, than a vehicle that was assembled by hand. With regard to guns, I would venture that modern, mass-produced firearms are, on average, more reliable and last longer than anything used in WWI or WWII. Any issue the M17s are having are most likely due to design flaws, or not having robust manufacturing processes in place. The shoddy execution of mass manufacturing is the likely issue, not mass manufacturing in general. Any company that strives for 6-sigma quality levels isn't making anything by hand, and makes millions (or more) of units of their product per year. On a different note, I've shot 1200+ rounds through my P320 without an issue yet, but I tend not to drop it in mud and keep it clean/lubed, so my abuse level is rather low.
  17. If you REALLY want to register it you can at your local PD, but it isn’t required as @Rob0115 said. Inherited handguns don’t need to be registered and require no pistol permit. You just need to be eligible (not prohibited) to own it. You can go to the range with it, but just be mindful that you must comply with NJSA 2c:39-6, which basically means directly to and from the range with no deviations, cased or locked in trunk, unloaded.
  18. True, but I will say that it is easier and typically quicker for a LEO to determine if you are indeed an FID holder if you have it with you at the time. If I am not mistaken, LEOs are instructed to treat you as if you don't have an FID until it can be definitively shown that you are indeed an FID holder.
  19. Non resident FID is useful if you want to buy handgun ammo, buy long guns, and want to be able to legally possess long guns without using an exemption per NJSA 2c:39-6. AFAIK leaving your guns in a self storage unit is a no go, especially the handguns, as you would be out of exemption simply going there with them. Out of exemption = illegal possession of a handgun. Gunsitters.com is an option (they have a location in Whippany), but as others have said, upcoming NJ gun laws will likely make your guns and magazines illegal pretty soon anyway. Their Easton, PA location would be a better bet for long term storage in a free state.
  20. Initially I was with the NRA on this one, where I had no problem sacrificing bump stocks for right to carry, but I'm 100% the other way now. Bump stocks conform to the law as it is currently written, and we shouldn't have unnamed and unaccountable bureaucrats making what amounts to law. It should scare the living daylights out of us all that there's talk about max cycle rates, and making firing too quickly a felony. Also, if we give them bump stocks, it won't end there. Thanks for posting this. I'll be giving my polite-yet-stern two cents to the BATFE.
  21. As I read the law, the vagueness of the law was the issue here. Bump stocks were only illegal if you possessed a semi-auto rifle with a detachable magazine and had two offending features, per the 1996 AG guidelines. This probably covered almost every AR owner in the state, but if your AR was fixed mag, or somehow only had one offending feature (the bump stock as the offending feature in this case), a bump stock was permitted. You could also posses a bump stock itself if you didn’t own a rifle for it to go onto. Now, you can’t.
  22. If you ban it, they will come (and find a clever way around it)!
  23. I'm not saying that the strategy is wrong or won't work, but I have my doubts that SCOTUS will ever bail us out. They didn't hear the latest MD AWB appeal, so why would they bother with anything from NJ? Besides, SCOTUS is mixed at best. Gorsuch, Thomas, and Alito seemingly can be counted on, but Kennedy and Roberts could go the other way depending on the day of the week. We'd probably need to rely on the Third Circuit for a good outcome and hope it doesn't go higher than that until Trump can appoint at least one more pro 2a justice (although I'd feel better with two). Here's hoping Trump and Congress get those vacancies on the Third Circuit filled ASAP.
  24. Funny how new gun ranges keep popping up in NJ of all places. I'll have to check it out once open. It looks to be almost halfway between my house and my brother, so I could probably get him to shoot a bit more often.
  25. I haven’t been there after sundown, so I can’t attest to how good the lighting is, but it is indeed lit.
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