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  1. you know, if it's for the children then I can't argue .. you got me there ...
  2. don't worry if that is a republican/NRA idea, democrats will never vote for it .. we can restrict that to 1 oz of water
  3. Ok, got the point, we should then raise it to 65 .....
  4. Sam1

    Sig P320 issues...

    , oh well, I was hoping to get an answer from someone who just/recently got one online
  5. Sam1

    Sig P320 issues...

    obviously, this is the first thing to do, but how reliable would that answer be? You are counting on CS to actually know about this specific gun issue among all things they deal with. I just hate to have to send it back paying for shipping, waiting for a refund (if they would accept your return based only on the recall issue vs. asking you to deal with Sig) and looking for another one while time is running on the permit expiration
  6. Sam1

    Sig P320 issues...

    Thanks but if I'm buying from an online dealer, how can I check before buying?
  7. Sam1

    Sig P320 issues...

    Wow, that was really quick, but why go through that if I can get one that has been already done
  8. Sam1

    Sig P320 issues...

    Agree, it depends on the dealer, and I rather have the one that has been manufactured with the upgrade vs. the one that got upgraded later, it may not make a different to others but this is my preference .. That would be the case if I'm getting it from a local dealer, but if I want to buy it online, I can't depend on the posted picture, I wonder if I call CS would they even know ...
  9. Sam1

    Sig P320 issues...

    So after all that time, if I'm buying a new P320 from a dealer, which of the following I should expect: I still have to send it to Sig for the updates? It would have been updated while in the dealer inventory (sent back by the dealer)? The update has already been incorporated in production after they have been done with all the recall?
  10. Sam1

    Sig P320, NJ legal?

    Thanks! This is logical and what I thought but who knows with NJ nonsense laws they in their ultimate wisdom didn't differentiate between rifles and pistols ...
  11. Since Sig P320 is a modular gun which can be converted to other calibers using the same serialized frame, would it be NJ legal?
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