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  1. Natchez Shooters Supply has free Hazmat shipping deal going on now for orders over $99. They're a good company to deal with
  2. diverjp

    Glock 43?

    I bought the 43 for my wife, she and I loves it. I have a M&P Shield and she cant rack the slide. She shoots my Glock 19 well but wanted something to call her own. Its a nice gun and the recoil is very manageable and very Glocklike if that's a word. It goes bang every time, has yet to FTF or FTE. You wont go wrong with it
  3. Yes but you better hurry it takes a bit. You can find the requirements on the Florida dept of Agriculture website. There are some training requirements (hunter education used to be an acceptable item) fingerprinting that you can do here and mail back, passport sized photos and of course they do a background investigation
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