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  1. "The holder of a firearms purchaser identification card issued prior to the bill’s effective date would be required to renew the card within four years of the bill’s enactment. " The way I'm reading this is that a currently issued card would need to be renewed within 4 years after the law is passed. I seriously doubt NJ would grandfather existing card holders when they could try to get a vig out of them every 4 years
  2. Lower grade steel cases should be harder on both your chamber and your extractor compared to brass. Steel has a much higher modulus of elasticity than brass so it has less elastic recovery. When a case is pressurized during firing any yielding that occurs in a steel case will typical result in some interference fit between the case and chamber as the elastic recovery is the same between both. The interference fit requires more force to extract than brass.
  3. If I find a single six for $225 when my permits are in hand I’ll be all over that. Let me know if you see anything come up
  4. Still awaiting my permission slips so I haven’t even picked up the 686 yet. Hopefully should get those in a few weeks. I added a bunch of house renovation projects to the list so money is also a little more of a concern now. Might end up going with a rough rider to fill the niche for a few years and then add the 617 to my stable when these projects are over with.
  5. Thanks to everyone who responded to me. Looks like I need to research the 617 a little bit. Think my final decision will be if I want a true mini me to the 686 or if I want to get a single action cowboy style revolver as something different to mess around with. Either way I think I’m going to go with one of the more quality brands( Ruger,SW, or Tarus). I want something that I can pass down through the family and I don’t see the cheaper alternatives lasting.
  6. I just put a deposit on my first wheel gun ( a SW686) and will have one more permit to burn after I pick it up. Was thinking about getting it a younger brother in the form of a 22LR revolver to plink with. I was looking at the heritage rough rider and wanted to ask if they are any good or if I should “buy once cry once” and go for a Ruger single six. The Ruger is 4 times the price $600 vs $150 for the heritage. I’m not expecting moa accuracy out of the heritage but I at least want to make sure it will go boom, can hit a can, and will not fall apart after 100 rounds.
  7. Are you ever up north, I've been looking for a 1917 but Waretown is quite a ride from Sussex county
  8. The Hopatcong Gun shop has a bunch of polymer lowers in stock, I believe the were 30 a piece. Not sure if you want polymer though.
  9. KSG is pump action so the 10 rd limit does not apply
  10. Nice - I think I'll add a second garand to my safe
  11. The way the law is written you can only deduct 90% of your charitable contribution from your property taxes paid to your town. You would have to donate 110% of you property tax bill to the "charity" in order to not owe any property taxes. Sorry I should of been a little more specific but it's pretty much a way for the town to charge you an extra 10% in property taxes and maybe get an federal deduction out of it
  12. Keep in mind that even if the IRS does consider it charity you can only deduct 90% of your charitable contribution from your property taxes. So the town gets to skim 10% off the top.
  13. I've been looking for a either a swiss K31 or 1911 for a little while. I saw that classic firearms has the 1911 in stock. https://www.classicfirearms.com/swiss-1911-straight-pull-7-5-x-55-rifle From the searching I've done so far it seems that some people have had pretty bad experiences while others are happy so I just wanted to see if anyone on the board has feedback for me. I'm always a little nervous about buying a used rifle with out inspecting it first and I don't want to shell out 500 clams for a wall hanger.
  14. I'm sure gun friendly states could do the same thing in return and try to pressure NJ to reduce its draconian gun laws. Even though I seriously doubt other states would actually travel to NJ for any reason to begin with.
  15. Any way to get a thorsden stock on it?
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