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  1. IMO you're uninformed and focusing your anger in the wrong direction. Or pissing in the wind as my uncle says...
  2. This. Murphy folded like a cheap suitcase AFTER the ANJRPC filed suit.
  3. Read on another site that there's a "protest" planned at 12:45 in Newark today. Anyone going? I was thinking of packing some sandwiches and taking the kids. Maybe there will be some good speeches and reasonable discourse about the state of race relations and the force used by police.
  4. Same. My semi-auto rimfires (pistol and rifle) seem to run best when frequently cleaned/oiled, so I do so. The rest depend on how many rounds go through them. I think I cleaned my Glock at one point too...
  5. My father in law has probably taken hundreds of deer with a .44 magnum lever gun. He's really old and doesn't hunt much anymore, so he wasn't specifically using the Henry, but the caliber will more than meet your needs.
  6. Agree. Arrogance and a rush of ego that's driven by his ability to make millions do what he says when he says it. My son works at a big box store and they regularly have MUCH more than 50 people in the store. At best it's bro-science, but in reality it's just power overreach.
  7. Enjoy. There didn't seem to be a really big line/backup at the pistol line as I was leaving, so you might get lucky. Rimfire range had no wait when I was heading out (there was just one dad with his kids).
  8. I was there today. Initial rules are as follows: THis morning that translated to: Only 10 ports per range (pistol, 50/100 yard, 200 yard, rimfire). 300 yard line is closed, so it's only 200 yards. 1 hour limit per shooter/session. You need to wear a mask unless you at the firing line. Maintain social distance at other times. ------------------------------------------------ I got there around 8:15 and there were RO's at the gate asking what I wanted to shoot. There was one spot left at the pistol range but the rifle ranges were full, so I could shoot pistol or get a ticket for 9:30 at the rifle range. I took the pistol spot. RO asked if we wanted to just shot for the full hour or stop after :30 to switch targets. Everyone wanted to keep shooting, so there was no break. I hung around a little talking with people and it didn't look like there was a ton of people backed up to shoot, so I don't think anyone would have to wait more than one rotation. Glad it was open.
  9. As long as the gun you have is NJ-legal I don't think any range (indoor or outdoor) in North Jersey would have a problem with it. Again, they may limit you to the rifle range(s), but just call and ask.
  10. You can shoot any NJ legal gun at Cherry Ridge. At the pistol range they'll probably limit you to pistol calibers, so if your NJ legal "pistol" shoots .223/5.56, 7/62x39, etc, etc they'll probably make you move to the 50/100 yard range. Otherwise you should be good to go.
  11. I think it depends on the class, but for many of them you don't have to be a member. There may be a different price for members/non-members, but typically it's not a big difference. The class description linked in the schedule should have the requirements for the classes.
  12. So they're ignoring the Governor's order? Kudos to them.
  13. Indeed. One of those they put together 'just because". I'd love to shoot it at the range if a friend had one, but I'd never throw money at it...
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