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  1. It doesn't have to take a lot of space!! I converted an old black and decker folding workbech into my reloading table. It fits in the corner of my spare room next to a keyboard and rocking chair. Join the fun!
  2. Thanks both. I don't think I saved your number Buns, so I'll PM you.
  3. Thanks T Bill. Yes, I have a notebook dedicated for reloading so I'm trying to keep track of as much as I can. In an effort to keep it simple I'm sticking with one caliber, powder, and primer to start. This first load worked out well, so I'm probably going to make another 30 rounds of it. After that I'll increase powder a bit (using same bullet, brass, primer COL, etc.) in batches of 10 and see how it goes from there. After that the bullets from Hornady should be here so I'll have to reset things since they're JHP and I'm using RN right now.
  4. Just bringing this back to the top to thank everyone for your input. Over the past 6 weeks or so I've been buying things as I catch them on sale, and last weekend my Lock n Load press arrived. I haven't had a lot of free time available in large blocks, so over the course of the last week I've been setting the press up to load 9mm. Like many others I had the most difficulty setting up the dies. I ended up smashing a few cases as I was trying to dial things in, but I have TONS of brass saved up so I didn't mind. Since I bought a Hornady press and dies they're sending me 600 "free" bullets, but I couldn't wait for that so I ordered 100 from Everglades ammo and picked up some powder and primers to get started. I successfully loaded and test fired my first 20 rounds this morning with nothing going bang unexpectedly. I was at the bottom of the load data (.1 grain under actually) because I'm being VERY cautious, but all 20 rounds functioned as expected out of my Glock 17 with no problems cycling, ejecting, etc. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions as I go, but I'll put them in new threads as appropriate. Thanks again!
  5. New to reloading so I'm interested in picking up a reasonably priced chronograph. Finished setting up my press and dies last night, so working up my first 9mm loads this weekend. Just spent most of my money on a new press and supplies so hoping someone is looking to clean out their closet/basement!
  6. I found that to be the most absurd part of the argument. The "loophole" does NOTHING more than allow people to rent a gun and shoot it at a range!!! They can't bring it home, or take it off premises in any way, so how the hell is it even an issue????
  7. Oh they're still whimpering... https://patch.com/new-jersey/wayne/shooting-range-danger-community-gun-opponents-say Political Candidates Speak Out Against Wayne Gun Range Legislative candidates say there are not sufficient precautions in place to protect people from those who would use the range.
  8. This. Move your guns to your new permanent location and then send NYC their paperwork back. Honestly, I'd hesitate to provide them any information on the disposition of any of your guns.
  9. In my limited experience you're asking a lot from a sub-$100 spotting scope. I have one and I can just make out .223/5.56 holes on paper at 200 yards.
  10. Or you could place them in the for sale section of the forum????? You would be reaching out to a significantly higher number of people than your friends/co-workers. Much more targeted way to do it IMO...particularly if you're planning to sell a revolver of some kind.
  11. I'm going to stop at Dick's on my way home and pick up an extra box or two "just in case"...
  12. Make sure to share some pictures and give a range report when you get it.
  13. My favorite quote from the article: " Since 1968, more Americans have died from gunfire than have died in all our wars put together. "
  14. Best of luck to them, Their location is about a 7 minute drive from Gun For Hire so I hope they do something to differentiate themselves.
  15. Thanks bry@n. PM sent.