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  1. This is the one I'm considering: https://www.consolevault.com/Chevrolet-Under-Seat-Console-Safe-Silverado-1500-2019-2023_p_215.html
  2. Yeah, there are a lot of options out there. Seems like LOT of companies are jumping into the frenzy and putting out different solutions. I'm probably going with a basic single gun safe that I can cable lock/hard mount under a seat,or one of the console safes like this: If someone steals the entire vehicle it doesn't matter (bad guys will get everything) but I want something that will prevent the smash and grab type person from getting my pistol.
  3. I'm around 122 days now. Money order was cashed 3 weeks ago, so hopefully permit will come soon.
  4. Maybe lead with that next time. Keep the new people round a little longer
  5. OP has barely been here 2 months and obviously asked the question because he was considering it. That means it didn't seem 'dumb' to him. Noobs regularly provide feedback that this place is hostile to newcomers. This thread is an example of that.
  6. "Off body carry of your CCW should only be used as a last resort, a special requirement, or an accommodation for a disability If you are going to CCW, keep it on your person wherever it is legal and appropriate to do so." See how easy it was to convey information effectively without starting a pissing contest? Concealed carry is BRAND NEW to NJ so there are going to be a lot of questions asked. It would be a lot more beneficial if the people here with the most knowledge provided responses that helped noobs instead of making them feel like idiots. "The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked"
  7. My wife and i did an anniversary trip to Knoxville a few years ago and we really enjoyed it. We've taken several small trips to different places as scouting trips looking for places to retire. Tennessee is very attractive because of the low cost, moderate weather and relaxed lifestyle. Knoxville is a college town, so there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops for you to go to. There are plenty of day trip options if you want to go rafting, hiking (Smokey Mts.), or on a scenic drive. we spent some time in Maryville (they pronounce it Murh-ville) looking at property and we thought it was a very cool place. Some good 'local' restaurants and friendly/accommodating people.
  8. Delay doesn't impact the prints or quals. Those are tied to the date you submitted the application, so as long as they were within the correct window when you submitted, you should be fine. I called 862-397-5700 ext. 75340 https://www.njcourts.gov/courts/vicinages/morris-sussex/offices#toc-criminal-division-
  9. Thanks Anthony. I like the idea of copying Scutari on everything. I'll copy him on every message I send to the rest of the legislators...
  10. I dunno. Sounds kind of easy. Keep the holster on at all times (IWB) and take the gun out for storage (or put it back in holster) in your vehicle...
  11. OK, you go first. Start defying (absurd) gun laws. Let us know how that works for you. OP is in uncharted waters. There was a small victory in the fight and he now has a carry permit. Unfortunately he still needs to navigate the legal quagmire that is NJ, so he's looking for support among fellow travelers. The way to fight is through the courts. Join ANJRPC, GOA, NRA, and support the Strikeforce. Send e-mail, snail mail, and make phone calls to legislators. Being a dick to a fellow gun owner who's just trying to do the right thing is senseless. OP obviously spent time and money to be part of the process, so doesn't it make sense to try to help him out?
  12. No idea why you quoted me. Also no idea why you can't understand the OP's question and are looking to turn the thread into some kind of drama. I'll make it simpler for you so you can follow: "Do the absurd firearms transportation laws apply in the same way to people with carry permits, or would there be exceptions if a carry permit holder transports his loaded pistol in a safe instead of his holster"/
  13. These studies are horseshit. They sampled 2389 handgun carrying behavior. THAT'S ALL. From there they use statistical juggling and zero logic to extrapolate that millions are carrying every day...
  14. Interesting question. I'm not a lawyer, but if it's OK for you to be driving the vehicle with the loaded pistol in a holster on your belt, I can't imagine why you wouldn't be able to carry it locked in a travel safe under your seat. Interested to hear some more expert opinions...
  15. Good luck! Fortunately there's at least a process in place where permits are moving (albeit slowly) so hopefully it will be shorter than the 4 months (and counting) that I'm at.
  16. Yeah, my local PD sat on it for 70+ days, so the court hasn't been the biggest delay (yet). It will be interesting to see what effective date they finally put on the permit (presuming it's approved)...
  17. Just got a call back from Morris county court. They were very nice and confirmed receipt of my completed application. They were also very honest and said that there was still a huge number of requests flowing in (great IMO!!!) so it's still averaging over 45 days to turn around.
  18. I use Splits https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.csl1911a1.livefiretrainer&gl=US There are probably better ones that you have to pay for, but this one meets my needs.
  19. I made the calls and left messages. Moriarty and Mosquera share a receptionist (Brittany) and she sounded a little pissed the second time she spoke with me. The other receptionists were less rude, but still put-off sounding.
  20. Thanks for sharing this. I'll be making calls today around noon...
  21. Hard to tell exactly, but my app went from my PD to the court around the 13th of October, and the MO reflected as cashed on the 9th of November.
  22. I'm at day 115. My MO was finally cashed last week by, but two calls to the court (Morris county) have yielded no update. When I called earlier this week I was told my information was being e-mailed to the person in charge of following up on permits and he'd "get back to me".
  23. Yeah, mine was similar (a bit less), but I just view it as we're kind of taking one for the team by submitting early. Hopefully the process will achieve some kind of 'normal' state and it won't be as expensive going forward...
  24. Shooters in Little Egg Harbor does a very good job and they charge less than many others https://www.shootersnj.com/
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