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  1. thats about as well as anyone could have said it. i do think trump is smarter then he sounds, weather he downplays his vocab. on purpose or not i dont know. you dont need to be a mastermind tactician to understand how to call bluffs and force hands.
  2. ill be there, and my brother will almost certainly come with me. gonna spread this word of mouth i might be able to get a few more guys to go MARCH 26 GUN OWNER RALLY UPDATE Social media has been abuzz since our announcement earlier this week of a March 26th gun owner rally in Trenton sponsored by ANJRPC and NRA. In 3 days, over 800 people have said they will attend - and we haven't even announced details or logistics yet! The rally has been timed to coincide with the anticipated date that both houses of the legislature will be in full session and voting on the first wave of anti-gun legislation. The rally will be at the Trenton War Memorial, one block from the State House. ANJRPC and NRA are planning a morning rally followed by a march to the Senate and Assembly chambers, where we will pack the galleries and make sure legislators know we are watching as they vote. Plan on spending the entire day.
  3. this happens to me just about every time i order any kind of ammunition online (not just handgun) i assume the shipper is just trying to cover theyre ass because of how ridiculous some states laws are, and staying on top of all current laws in the rabid anti gun states its easier to just add restrictions on theyre end shipping policy from a place i just ordered from last week - AMMUNITION ORDERS No shipments of ammo to: AK, CA, CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, NY. In NJ: you must email FID + DL before ordering.
  4. i wouldnt even know where to begin to apply. although i would be willing to go through the process to certainly be denied, i have an out of state ccw, im sure that dosent matter when applying
  5. ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’
  6. you know if any law is sold to the public as "for the children" or "to keep the public safe" you can be damn sure its going to cost you money and restrict your rights as a citizen. strict gun laws coincidentally increase violent crime, insane school funding somehow produces low test scores, drug use and smuggling has skyrocketed with the war on drugs, "affordable care" increased heath care costs, its maddening.
  7. quinton is an awesome club, i wish i lived closer. they put on some great 3 gun and idpa matches. navigating the hunting zones, seasons, permits and regulations in nj - its like deciphering a dead language but if you know what you want to hunt and where you can usually figure out the rest. hope the new governor dosent scare you off too fast. if your interested in 3 gun matches at quinton talk to @louu
  8. the center can stay nj, north can be absorbed into ny and south to pa ( they need the republican votes)
  9. i like the analogy as long as we remember judges and police unions are licking those boots to a glossy sheen
  10. i already knew he was completely ignorant about gun laws already on the books, also that he is a rabid anti gun socialist. i meant more specifically the part of his speech where he plans to " tear down barriers to voting " what exactly does he believe is a "barrier to voting"?!? currently all thats required to vote in nj is the ability to consume oxygen, and thats only if you ignore all the dead people who still vote somehow. sorry, taken from his campaign page Making voter registration easier through: Automatic voter registration: Five states have automatic voter registration at their Motor Vehicle Commissions (MVC). This means that residents are automatically registered to vote when they visit the MVC unless they opt out. Governor Christie vetoed a law that would make NJ the sixth such empowering state. Online voter registration: There is no reason why our residents should be able to bank and shop online, but not register to vote. 38 states have already moved towards online voter registration in some form. NJ should follow suit. Same-day voter registration: Sixteen states have authorized voters to register the day of elections. NJ requires that our residents register 21 days before an election – Phil believes we should eliminate this requirement. Allowing early voting: 21 states allow residents to vote early at the polls prior to election day — easing the burden for working families that cannot get to the polls in person. Governor Christie vetoed a bill that would have required counties to establish between three and seven polling places available for early voting during the 15 days prior to the election. Allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by election day: Currently, New Jersey citizens who turn 18 after the primary but before the general election are put in an unfair position where they have to vote for the candidates on the ballot but did not have a say in choosing who is on the ballot. 24 states allow these voters to vote in the primary as well, and New Jersey should join them.
  11. also from his speach: To my partners in the legislature: I ask you to send me the bills, among others, to reaffirm our support for women's health and Planned Parenthood; to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour; to promote equal pay for women; to give every worker the peace of mind of earned sick leave; to tear down barriers to voting; and, to strengthen our gun laws. And, I promise you now that they will be met with a signing ceremony instead of a veto pen. what the hell does that mean?
  12. if you have to ask its most likely not legal. you could write the AG or SP and ask for an opinion, but honestly if you have someone checking your rifle for "compliance" your probably already under arrest
  13. i will not comply. i suggest everyone do the same, the 2 scary feature law was already arbitrary and ridiculous. the idea that basically every semi auto black rifle will become illegal overnight is absurd, considering most are already compliant with the nonsense regulations that exist. to anyone already buying compliance parts to "get ready" YOU are part of the problem not the solution. i suggest you move to NY or CA and stop spreading the disease of compliance to " free states " that are already being overrun with loyal democrats fleeing NJ
  14. Hey you guys still on for tomorrow? I'm free now but I figure you might cancel cuz of the snow
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