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  1. Why single stage? What are you looking to load?
  2. What town would that be? Did they move? The one listed in Bethlehem says permanently closed.
  3. Where is he doing his training at? His website states Steel City Gun Club but according to they’re website it’s permanently closed.
  4. Vitez Vadasz Palinka Pici Bogar Not Hungarian but “ Hennessy “
  5. Dan Wesson. Have a PM 9 and love, love, love it. My second choice would be the Smith and Wesson.
  6. Ruger Mark IV Hunter. Nice shooter. Good comp gun. Also not a fan of the SR22. To snappy of a gun for a 22.
  7. Agree. I just started last year myself. It’s a ton of fun. You’ll never want to shoot paper again.
  8. Are you looking for steel challenge match or just looking to shoot steel targets? CJRPC has public steel challenge matches first Sunday of every month.
  9. Check out https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/clearance-sale-on-a-dozen-classic-dan-wesson-pointman-models.64045/. https://www.1911addicts.com/threads/for-sale-dw-heritage-45acp.64317/
  10. New Colt. 1911C is what I believe they're calling it. Not really new, just new going back to old school marking.
  11. Aren’t you a Flyers fan?
  12. She’s a beauty but way out of my price range.
  13. I picked up a Ruger MK IV Hunter back in Nov. I plan on shooting steel challenge matches with it once I get some more trigger time on it. Love the feel and weight of it. Take down for cleaning is awesome.Trigger is good but I see guys installing Volquartsen trigger kits on them. Rear site is v-notch which I don’t like and will be changing out soon. Fiber on front which I like. Ambi mag drop which is easy to remove right button if you don’t like/ need it. I see a lot of them at the matches. I looked into the Victory which does seem to be good bang for the buck. Heard great things about the Buckmark. But the Ruger fit me for what I was looking for and looking to spend.
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