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  1. 13 hours ago, Zeke said:

    @High Exposurewhat is the gtg 9 kit for ars soo I may not experience the OP’s problem in the future?

    Joe Bob Spartan which is rebranded New Frontiers upper and lower. Running Foxtrot Mike BCG with buffer and spring. Probably 4k rds thru it with zero problems.  Shot 3 matches with it already.

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  2. 22 hours ago, Scorpio64 said:

    Those signs you see all over, on the sides of highways, the going out of business sale, I buy junk cars, political signs etc., they are made of coroplast, and make great target stands, especially if you hunt small game.

    I second using those signs. I would just staple my target to the coroplast. It was always windy when I shot R14 and those signs would just wave nicely. I went through the trouble of making a pvc target stand, one day got it all set up just to have it blow over once the range went hot. Had to wait 20 minutes for the cease fire.  While waiting looked over to the guy next to me with his targets all set up on those wire based signs and that was all it took.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Longranger said:

    Dang!  ID on the barrel nut is what, 1.182"?  So it would just clear if you took 0.018" off the comp OD?  Or, opened the ID of your barrel nut 0.018"?  0.009" off the thread height.


    Not enough meat on it to this. I like your thinking though.

  4. 7 hours ago, raz-0 said:

    It's a 9mm carbine so blowback and no gas port. The comp is 1.2" in diameter. It's a linear comp too. And on a 9mm. So it racks up a stupid trifecta and wins and places for being useless.







  5. My first build is an AR9. Had the compensator welded/pinned to the barrel. Brought it home today to discover the barrel nut doesn’t fit over the comp. The comp is aluminum. Is there a chance that it could be drilled and removed or I’m I screwed? Comp is a KAW Valley slim line XL. Handguard is KAW Valley Konza.  I’m assuming I’d run into the same problem  with all the handguards?  Man I’m stupid.

  6. On 5/24/2019 at 10:03 AM, High Exposure said:

    Of those, I highly recommend S&T. Joe Riedy gives an excellent class that is close to home, it is affordable and a required a reasonable round count.

    I’m 90% sure I will be at Pistol II on 6/15.

    I try to take a couple of classes a year from Joe. It’s a great tune up

    Where is he doing his training at? His website states Steel City Gun Club but according to they’re website it’s permanently closed.

  7. 9 minutes ago, Maksim said:

    That is a false assumption!  You do not need to be good to shoot matches... Just need to be SAFE!  Most of the local matches are filled with weekend warriors.  As long as you are safe, you are more than welcome!  

    Agree. I just started last year myself. It’s a ton of fun. You’ll never want to shoot paper again. 

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