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  1. I started steel matches this year thanks to the recommendations of a few members here. Can’t say enough good things about it and it’s a great way to start off. Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol has public matches every month along with members matches if you decide to join. I haven’t done one yet but I hear bowling pin shoots are a ton of fun too.
  2. My math has to be off. How'd you get it at that price? Did I miss out on a promo?
  3. Nice. I have 6 or 7k rounds thru mine with no problems. Solid gun.
  4. Yeah I get it and I’m sure I’ll get over it in short time. I buy guns to shoot them and hopefully I’ll shoot this one a lot.
  5. Steve at Monmouth Arms is being nice and holding onto my Dan Wesson PM9 until my permits come in. Going on 8 weeks now. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for them, hoping this week. It’s the nicest gun I’ll own to date and maybe ever. So I know I’m being a bit over the top with worrying about the finish but that’s the way it is right now. I’m still leaning towards the Safariland 014. Saw Zeke asking about the new 7 series holsters and might go that way down the road if I go single stack “division”. I like the limited division, seems like the most people are in that one. Like I said before, right now doesn’t really matter where I’m at. I’m just trying not to suck and ring some steel. Going back to the 014. Any one share there experience with that one?
  6. Lol... I’m still new to this. I saw the DAA. Why do you like them better? Right now I see the safariland for $130. The DAA were much more then that. The one reason I’m leaning toward the “open” style holster as opposed to a kydex is I really don’t want to put any holster wear on the gun. Like I said I’m new to this and speed and scores are really not a concern right now. My 3 main goals are have fun, don’t embarrass yourself and don’t shoot yourself.
  7. I’m picking up a 1911 soon and am looking at the Safariland 014 holster for it. As far as I can tell I’ll still be able to shoot in the limited class with that holster. Am I correct? Thanks, Tony
  8. I tried this, didn’t work to well. Ended up just buying a 10 rounder.
  9. Again very nice. I like your taste. But I’m not sure if it’s tachti-cool enough for the boy. I’ll have to run it by him.
  10. Yeah it was tops on my list till I spoke to a few people that have them. Between their feedback and what I’ve read/seen online I’m disappointed.
  11. Very cool. That might be on the list down the road. Right now I’m looking for a handgun for the kid in 22. Leaning toward the Ruger SR22 but am open to better suggestions. Looking for a gun to fit a youngsters hands so am not sure a 1911 will work.
  12. Take the band off and stick it on some other cheap cigar. Smoke the ‘26. Just do it when you can sit down and enjoy it.
  13. Very happy with mine. Did send it back for the "upgrade". Sig was awesome with customer service. A few thousand rounds thru it with no problems. I did recently change the trigger to an Apex flat trigger. Love it.
  14. I’m just starting out myself so by no means am I an expert. But after researching I went with Safariland brand belt, holster and this holster hanger. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1016613589/safariland-uspsa-kit-adjustable-hanger-for-5198-holsters Haven’t used it in competition yet but holster drawing at home using my itarget setup I’ve found it very comfortable and was able to easily adjust position to where I like it.
  15. +1. At that price point there are many other great options as Ray pointed out.
  16. Tony did you get charged tax? I just ordered 2 cases and was surprised to see tax added. I thought they only do that if there is a store in the state, has some thing changed?
  17. Tony13


    My boy now 13yrs old.
  18. Anybody using a .22 conversion kit on their 556 AR? I plan on getting a .22 AR for the kid down the road, but am thinking of getting a conversion kit for myself. Reasons would be cheaper to shoot and stay proficient with my rifle. Not sure if there are any cons.
  19. Awesome, thanks for the info. How is your holster attached to the belt? I'm looking to drop mine down and have it off my body a little. I was looking at the USPSA kit or the model 6281drop adapter. Are you using either one?
  20. I'm also interested in this system but all the parts and numbers is a little confusing to what I need when looking at the web site. Is there a local store to go to that has stock of safariland products? Can you guys list the parts, model numbers would be great, of what your rig consists of? Thanks
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