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  1. Tony13

    Cz o/u

    The CZ was on my short list when looking for an O/U. It's a nice looking gun. Did a lot of research and reading with reviews being 50/50. Some words of wisdom I heard were "buy once, cry once". "You get what you pay for". " And buy what you like as long as it's one of the 3 B's." Ended up getting a Browning Cynergy.
  2. How about the HK 416-22? Looks like a solid choice with less polymer to it.
  3. Can I get this one? http://grabagun.com/smith-and-wesson-and-wesson-23.html
  4. I want to get one for plinking at the range. Just started researching models and pricing. Would like to ask others what model I should be looking for that's acceptable in NJ. Apparently some are not NJ compliant which blows my mind being it's a .22. Also a buddy might pick one up, does anyone do a deal if I get 2? Thx.
  5. Steve would you accept packages to be sent to SIG? Example If I have it all boxed up and ready to go can I drop it off at your place for a pickup.
  6. I emailed they a few month back. I was told it's either $280 year membership OR $20 hour lane fee.
  7. Weber. Ours is going on 25+ years. Replaced the grate twice, flavor bars once. Take it in for the winter, put a cover on it for the summer.
  8. I'm on a couple of different forums....scuba, aquarium,gun. It's all the same BS no matter where you go. I just weed thru it and try and learn what I can. Internet experts are everywhere.
  9. https://www.yitechnology.com/yi-1080p-home-camera-2 I use these and an happy with it. I got mine thru Amazon .
  10. Tony13

    Peel has permits

    Now your talking.
  11. How's G96 on gun stocks? Specificlty want to use it on my shotgun and am wondering if it's ok on the wood. Friend of mine says he sprays it on everything and he's good to go. Would like a second/ third/ forth opinion.
  12. On sale at Dick's right now. Picked up a couple cases. https://m.dickssportinggoods.com/p/federal-top-gun-target-shotgun-ammo-25-shells-15fedutpgn123d118amo/15fedutpgn123d118amo
  13. Wow!!! I'd say your a fan. I've tried some if the Undercrowns. Knowing I like the #9 what would you recommend I try out next?
  14. Pardon 2000 or 4000 in Maduro is my go to. Accompanied with a Glenfiddich 14yr old. Special occasion I'll smoke a 1964 Padron or a Liga Privada #9.
  15. I'd like to thank everyone for they're replies. I for one am enjoying everyone's post and am learning a lot.
  16. I have to say I was at Cheyenne the past weekend and am very happy with the service I received. Picked their brains about shotguns and shouldered a bunch. Very helpful and friendly. Will definitely consider them when buying. Good selection of guns around and prices were compatible.
  17. Recoil is about 15 minutes from me so that will be great. UH looks like a great option too. I'm not sure if I'm going to get out enough to justify a membership yet though.
  18. Does anyone know the status of Recoil and/or Union Hill? I see Union Hill is farther along but can't pickup any info on when either one will be opening. Tony
  19. Tony13

    Ruger Red Label

    Does anyone have a Red Label I can checkout? I'm close to pulling the trigger on one but would like to touch one first. Thx, Tony
  20. Thx Buns. Picked up 6 today. For the price their good, I have a few ideas with what to do with them. Tony
  21. Tony13

    Ruger Red Label

    The one I'm looking at in NIB bought a few years back and put in safe. Has 3 chokes and case. 28" barrel. I haven't handled one so it's a gamble in that sense but like it being based on it being a Ruger.
  22. Tony13


    My boy. Shaba Inu. Vitez 12 yrs old now,
  23. Tony13

    Ruger Red Label

    Is this a gun worth getting? I love that it's American made, the price point at @ $1000 is attractive for an O/U. But it seems to be a love them or hate them gun reliability wise. It would be for clays only. Anybody have experience with them?
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