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  1. I don't believe anyone mentioned beaver.
  2. My wife just corrected me on the type of shampoo. Apparently she used a ferret shampoo bought at the store. We did bath them that often though. There was an old lady across the street at the time that had a female she would bath every day. Mittens the ferret smelled nice every day.
  3. Tony13

    9mm vs .40?

    dajonga have you shot it in both 9mm and .40? Can you tell me your thoughts on the difference between the two. I'm still hung up on getting it a .40.
  4. Tony13

    9mm vs .40?

    Thanks all. Looking at the Sig P320. The conversion kits weren't a factor for me originally but now I'll have to consider it. If I get it in 9 can I install a .40? Or does it only work going down calibers? Yes a revolver is on the list, as well as a .45. Next one I believe is going to be a O/U I hope. You guys know that list never ends. Lol. I have a few expensive hobbies so I'm trying to pace myself.
  5. We had 2 ferrets. Ours lived for around 7 years. Great pets. Very entertaining. Bath him once a week, more if possible, we used Johnson no tear shampoo. We used to let them run around the house free range when we were home. You have to ferret proof the house, block off all small holes where them can crawl into, and eventually fall asleep in. Hardest thing is to litter train them, setup a litter box like for cats, put him in it when it looks like he has to go.
  6. Tony13

    9mm vs .40?

    Ok, I've been out of the game for a few years and from what I've been reading lately the mindset on .40 has changed. Why should I NOT get a .40? I was all set on my next handgun being a .40. Why? Because I have a 9mm already and want something different. A .40 was supposed to have more knock down power then a 9mm. But this thought mentality has changed since the last time I research anything. Did I mention I want to get something different? Getting another 9mm appeals to me in cost of ammo. Is the wear and tear less on a 9mm? Do you feel less fatigue shooting a 9mm over a .40? Accuracy? I don't see myself being able to shoot one before purchase so I look forward to your input. Thanks, Tony
  7. I was there today. Like tomk62 took me about 2 hours to stroll through and I skipped some of the aisles. First time for me so there was some cool stuff. Didn't see any deals on pistols. I was looking at shotguns and am a little disappointed at the selection that was there. Some ok deals on ammo. Alot of AR stuff. Knives, swords and ninja stuff, but I'm not into that. Over all it was good to go to if you have nothing better to do.
  8. Sorry to hijack. But what about buying a shotgun? Can I just buy it with my FID card and bring it home?
  9. Ok I see there is an Oaks show in March. And there is also one in May. Which is better to go to? Are they both held at the same place?
  10. Did you go on the weekend? I'd like to check it out, but hear it's a zoo weekends. Not sure if I should plan a mid week trip.
  11. Thanks all. jm1827 was that your wait times from Millstone going thru the SP? I put in my paperwork first week of January and am waiting patiently. I have my next pistol all picked out and am researching what shotgun I want.
  12. Stumbled upon this forum. Looks great. Just getting back into shooting after a 10 year break. (Not sure how that happened). Enjoy pistol shooting and want to get into clay. Look forward to learning a lot from you guys and gals. Tony
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