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  1. Ok I see there is an Oaks show in March. And there is also one in May. Which is better to go to? Are they both held at the same place?
  2. Did you go on the weekend? I'd like to check it out, but hear it's a zoo weekends. Not sure if I should plan a mid week trip.
  3. Thanks all. jm1827 was that your wait times from Millstone going thru the SP? I put in my paperwork first week of January and am waiting patiently. I have my next pistol all picked out and am researching what shotgun I want.
  4. Stumbled upon this forum. Looks great. Just getting back into shooting after a 10 year break. (Not sure how that happened). Enjoy pistol shooting and want to get into clay. Look forward to learning a lot from you guys and gals. Tony
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