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  1. Thank you all for the replies. It doesn't look like ill be purchasing this device, i'd rather not risk it. My search continues for a compliant muzzle device!
  2. I am in the process of building an AR. I am interested in getting a 14.5 barrel and pin/welding the muzzle brake on it. My question is what are your opinions on the legality of this particular muzzle device. I called the state police and didn't really get a very straight forward answer on wether or not I would be good to go or not. ( The guy on the phone pretty much said that if its marketed as a comp or flash hider then no good, and if its marketed as a brake it should be fine.) http://www.alumalite-usa.com/shop/viewitem.php?productid=87 Here is the link. It is a linear muzzle brake, not a faux can. It has the fake can look to it with the shroud extending over the barrel. So is it a fake can? maybe, but i like it and thats the look i'm going for. Thanks in advance for any help provided!
  3. Last few exits on the parkway is where I can be found! I shoot sig p320c, mossberg 702, and have some experience with shotguns. I am in the tail ends of an AR15 build, and am a noobie reloader. Just saying hi and glad to come aboard the forum, seems like theres some very knowledgeable and friendly people here.
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