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  1. I don’t suppose you ever get around central Jersey. Around six flags Jackson area?
  2. Thanks for the info. But I’m looking for a 20 gauge. But I do appreciate to info
  3. When there this morning. No luck it’s gone
  4. Im looking for a 20 ga prefer pump like a benelli nova BUT definitely open to anything available in 20 gauge. So please let me know what you have. Im located in Ocean county but willing to travel Thanks
  5. I have a Parker and Hale. 7mm mag. I think we talked once before about it. Let me know if your interested
  6. Ok thanks. I'll have to take ride over there. Cheyenne is close
  7. I have a 303. I inherited a 303 it was missing the bolt and mag. I bought a bolt and a mag Now I want to get it checked out and see if its safe to fire. Any suggestions on where to go or what I can do on my own.
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