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  1. I'll prob post a pic when it's all done and said
  2. Full frame stipple, trigger guard double undercut, reference points stipples, remove finger grooves (gen 3), maybe a mag release scallop. I'm planning on using this as a class handgun and currently getting milled for an RMR. I've got the same trigger coloration, except in the DAT config how do you like the falx compared to flat face?
  3. Hey guys, does anyone have recommendations for companies for Glock frame-work? I've been looking into Landers Weapons Systems, Agency Arms and NAF Solutions. Thanks!
  4. Selling my CZP07 Tactical through my FFL - only thing it's already milled with an RMR from Primary Machine and has their comp as well.
  5. I like the QLS system on a mid-ride. Currently using a Trex Arms Ragnarok setup which I really like. Ran it through a couple of classes and steel matches. I like the setup and feel/location. May or may not want to upgrade the holster to a safariland with ALS system in the future.
  6. I opened up my local newspaper and forgot a new range was opening up near me. There aren't much details but curious how the place is going to be. Anyone else know details? https://www.range129.com/
  7. easier to maintain and find parts/upgrade for regular AR's anyway. No need to get a lefty AR, IMO. I honestly haven't run a bolt gun so I can't say for that however.
  8. I run my AR-15's lefty and haven't had trouble with brass in my face; I've ran a 3 day course and no problems with that either. FWIW, I run stock lower controls (no ambi) so I can theoretically run any AR-15 lower set up for a righty; or at least start that way so you learn how to run one.
  9. a guy I took a Vickers class with last year said he knows him and isn't that great at shooting; takes him a while to warm up. anyway -> I'm cross-eyed dominant (Left Eye, Right Hand) and I shoot long guns lefty and handguns righty. I didn't know how I wanted to set myself up to run rifles/long guns, but I was watching youtube and learned that Larry Vickers is the same. Much easier to have a dominant eye on the long gun with two eyes open plus makes support side manipulation "easier". Just my two cents.
  10. https://www.rainierarms.com/kinetic-development-group-enhanced-billet-ar-15-lower-stripped/
  11. I have both SSA and SSA-E triggers. SSA feels more heavy on the second pull with not as fine break as the SSA-E. I think geiselle calls it the carrot break and candy cane feel, which I can see. IMO, both feel like what they're marketed for (SSA for CQB and SSA-E for precision). I have run the SSA-E in a class and it did just fine; it just depends what you want to do most of the time.
  12. Variable power scopes like 1-4x or 1-6x are an option. I have astigmatism as well and my Steiner 1-4 is crystal clear. I ran that scope during a Vickers 3 day course with no problems.
  13. I took the Pistol 1 Course last year with Ryan, Scott, and Mike up in Princeton. I drove about 2 hours for the course and I highly recommend them. I applied a lot of the things I learned in a 3 Day Vickers Class I took the week before as well as refining my grip. If I can take at least one thing in a course that I can immediately apply, I think it's worth it. Price is right and the instructors are easily approachable. I recommend these guys and look forward to taking more courses from an NJ based company (when I save up for more since some unfortunate recent events).
  14. I'm right hand dominant, but left eye dominant so I shoot all my long guns lefty. I have no problem with shooting my AR's left handed. You get used to it once you train it enough.
  15. Hey everyone, I was wondering if any gunsmiths in south jersey did cut and threads for AR-15 barrels? I was looking into chopping down an 18" barrel through Rainier Arms, but thought I would support local business first.