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  1. not at the moment, appreciate the offer though.
  2. CZ P0-7 with RMR 3.25 MOA dot (First Gen) and Primary Machine Comp. RMR milling done by Primary Machine as well. Comes with 2 10 rounders as well. Asking 700. In Galloway and looking to transfer with Mike over at Ocean Armory (if convenient for the both of us)
  3. used it a handful of times. still getting used to it. up for sale for the right price (with mount if wanted).
  4. Thought I wanted to do dabble in some distance, but don't really as I mostly do pistol and occasional rifle . Only mounted once and used a couple of times. MOA turrets. Asking 1,000 near Galloway.
  5. Debating to sell my Recce 16 Burnt Bronze stripped (no accessories). Howell Gun Works did all the compliance work. Asking 1400; near Galloway.
  6. gotcha. I just want to be clear and appreciate the info. I currently have a battle belt setup with a safariland ALS mid ride. Appropriate?
  7. I'm potentially interested in doing my first match. Are there particular rules for guns? ie no red dots/comps, etc? sorry for the noob question.
  8. Anyone hear of the training company? I saw them pop up on my facebook feed when they hosted a course at my local range. Was wondering if anyone heard of them and their quality of classes?
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