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  1. from what I heard, the guy left Spikes to start his own company; I had a stripped lower from them without complaints. Bob Keller uses their rifles FWIW.
  2. gotcha. I just want to be clear and appreciate the info. I currently have a battle belt setup with a safariland ALS mid ride. Appropriate?
  3. I'm potentially interested in doing my first match. Are there particular rules for guns? ie no red dots/comps, etc? sorry for the noob question.
  4. Anyone hear of the training company? I saw them pop up on my facebook feed when they hosted a course at my local range. Was wondering if anyone heard of them and their quality of classes?
  5. I was there - I was the asian guy rocking the RMR CZ P07 with comp.
  6. no really interest in it. I could get a cheapy used police trade in, but rather spend more time on Carbine and Pistol to be honest. I think next on skillset I would like to get into in precision.
  7. took a Vickers Class there last November and thought it was a nice range. Only was in the 50-yard pit, but it was nice. Not sure of all the rules and etiquette though.
  8. Are those around the area? I would be more interested in those vs 3 gun (don't feel like getting a shotgun).
  9. Pistol range has different board hangers at different distances to accommodate. I believe off the top of my head there are 5,7 and 10 yards. So yes, that's possible. You're allowed to move up on the 50-yard and 300-yard range with long guns only as long as all shooters are in agreement. Steel is allowed only at the 25-yard range for pistol calibers only and 50-yards and above for anything else. Only caliber restriction is 50 BMG.
  10. I'm a member of SJSC and seems like that it meets most of your requirements. You get what you pay for.
  11. soo tempting! I'll put on my wishlist; in the meantime I'll spend my money on ammo/training and learning that DA/SA
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