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  1. kind of curious on that SR15
  2. markymarkkev

    Condition Gray

    Anyone hear of the training company? I saw them pop up on my facebook feed when they hosted a course at my local range. Was wondering if anyone heard of them and their quality of classes?
  3. markymarkkev


    still available?
  4. don't suppose you'll separate the RMR from the mount?
  5. I was there - I was the asian guy rocking the RMR CZ P07 with comp.
  6. markymarkkev

    Two Gun Matches

    no really interest in it. I could get a cheapy used police trade in, but rather spend more time on Carbine and Pistol to be honest. I think next on skillset I would like to get into in precision.
  7. markymarkkev

    Ranges in South Jersey/Philadelphia Suburbs

    took a Vickers Class there last November and thought it was a nice range. Only was in the 50-yard pit, but it was nice. Not sure of all the rules and etiquette though.
  8. Are those around the area? I would be more interested in those vs 3 gun (don't feel like getting a shotgun).
  9. markymarkkev

    Ranges in South Jersey/Philadelphia Suburbs

    Pistol range has different board hangers at different distances to accommodate. I believe off the top of my head there are 5,7 and 10 yards. So yes, that's possible. You're allowed to move up on the 50-yard and 300-yard range with long guns only as long as all shooters are in agreement. Steel is allowed only at the 25-yard range for pistol calibers only and 50-yards and above for anything else. Only caliber restriction is 50 BMG.
  10. markymarkkev

    Ranges in South Jersey/Philadelphia Suburbs

    I'm a member of SJSC and seems like that it meets most of your requirements. You get what you pay for.
  11. markymarkkev

    Glock Frame Work

    LAV Edition
  12. markymarkkev

    Glock Frame Work

  13. markymarkkev

    Cajun Gun Works Pro Package

    soo tempting! I'll put on my wishlist; in the meantime I'll spend my money on ammo/training and learning that DA/SA
  14. markymarkkev

    Glock Frame Work

    bit of a conundrum; my frame is an RTF2 and heard those are sought after? keep or do whatever? I don't see myself selling it anytime soon.

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