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  1. I'm right hand dominant, but left eye dominant so I shoot all my long guns lefty. I have no problem with shooting my AR's left handed. You get used to it once you train it enough.
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if any gunsmiths in south jersey did cut and threads for AR-15 barrels? I was looking into chopping down an 18" barrel through Rainier Arms, but thought I would support local business first.
  3. I have a BCM Recce 16 in burnt bronze that I may consider parting ways. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Looking for one for my Springfield Armory 1911 Range Officer
  5. Has anyone taken their classes? Thoughts?
  6. not sure if he posts on here, but I did by a handgun from him not a while back and had a more than positive buying experience with Pete.
  7. ah, that's what I initially thought and wanted to double check.
  8. Hey everyone, I just had a quick question and my search of the forums didn't find me an answer. I was wondering if anyone knew if the AAC brakes were good to go for NJ compliance? Looking into a pin and weld on a 14.5 barrel sometime in the future. Been looking at this brake and the surefire ones. Thanks!
  9. Estimated Ship Date in 15-16 weeks I grabbed one the morning it was posted on gun deals. Hoping they stick to the 1-2 weeks backorder my order says when I put it in.
  10. Hey Guys, New to the forum here. I did a quick search on the forums regarding compensators for pistols; ie glock comps like the texas black rifle company one (https://tbrci.com/product/tbrci-glock-micro-comp-v3/). So far, I've only seen that comps have to be pin and welded for ARs - does that apply to pistols as well?
  11. I'm the same way; I shoot handguns righty and all my long guns lefty (Larry Vickers is the same too and suggests what I said)
  12. Went to my local Dick's in May's Landing to pick up some 9mm Remington that's already on sale for the range tomorrow and saw that a box of 200 rounds of 55 grain Fiochhi was on sale for $70.