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  1. Oh ok a gun show. Yeah I seen several 9mm Sub 2000s at gun shows in PA but they won't sell them to me because not being Jersey legal.
  2. Where is Oaks? I'm not familiar with this place
  3. lol Yes same dog
  4. I did. Thanks I will call them later to see what they have
  5. They where gifts from the wife !
  6. Just called Shooters to check before I took the trip down there. They don't have any one stock.
  7. Yes I checked them out. They are a weird camp color though. And hey have a Kel Tec but in .40
  8. Well I'm looking for the Kel Tec but yes I am considering another AR type carbine if I can't find it
  9. Ok now I'm not familiar with Oaks. Where is this place located ? I wanna check both Oaks if possible and Shooters today
  10. What has to change to be made complaint on those ?
  11. Still looking for a 9mm one haven't been able to find one in NJ. Anyone seen one for sale lately ?
  12. Does a shootout in front of your residence counts as a serious threat ?or how about a bullet coming through your front window and traveling through you whole house until embedding it self on my rear door ? Because it those count I should be good...
  13. Thanks !!! That's my baby. Here is my girl also. Benny is 2 she is 1 now.
  14. I get what you guys are saying, it was just a question. When there is someone saying this is like this and others saying no this like this is important to get clarification. That's all.
  15. With all due respect sir. When people are not sure of thing or don't know something, they ask questions. That's the reason forums are formed. If you know the answers, help out. If you don't or don't have anything helpful to say towards the subject STFU ! I joined this forums to learn more about firearm and the laws but I think I'm gonna quit coming here because of smart asses like you !!!