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  1. Like Bull Terriers ? If so PM me...
  2. Just picked up a Glock 19 gen5 with night sights as my third handgun to go with the PPQ M2 5inch and the Springfield XD9 Mod 2 4 inch. Next for me might be a 1911, maybe a Kimber or a Sig, or a nice Revolver !
  3. Well it wasn't any surprise that Mayweather was gonna win. The stoppage was a bit quick for me, he hadn't even went down. But they are both winners cuz they both made over $100M for that bullshit fight !
  4. Can ya let me know of local NJ shops, specially in eastern/central or PA area, that sell lots of AR15 parts. Need to find ar barrel and gas system for a good price and don't want to wait for it to be shipped plus I love buying local but I don't have too many choice where I live.
  5. Do you guys know any Gun shops in NJ (Central or south NJ) or any where in NJ that has the Kel Tec Sub 2000 in stock? And anyone with experience with them let me know how they are.
  6. Depends on local ordnance. Cities like mine don't allow fire pits, yet our neighboring towns have to problems. And rural areas with dry brush may need permits
  7. Not too far from me either I'll check them out thanks
  8. Yeah if I can't find anything local Online will have to work. Like T bill said online prices are hard to beat. Just would like see if I can find around me before I have to stuff shipped to me.
  9. Yes I wanted to go with the Jack from Sharps Bros but it wasn't available at that moment so went with the Warthog. The lower parts are almost all Spikes Tactical, except the buffer tube. Then the BCG and the muzzle brake are Spikes also
  10. I didn't like the Hera Arms fixed stock too much so I decided to change it. Went and got a Magpul MOE SL pistol grip and Stock. Removed the Hera buttstock and replaced it with the Magpul stuff. Then pinned the stock myself. Also added a Magpul sling. Tomorrow I will be getting a UTG pro Quad Rail to replace the Current round rail. With Hera Arms Stock With Magpul MOE SL furniture pinned stock
  11. Most of Boxing has been fixed for a long time now. If they are no fixed, fighters pick and choose opponents in their favor like Mayweather did his whole career.
  12. Hey guys I just bought a Pistol caliber rifle and the mag it came with is a pmag glock 17 magazine. I was thinking the mag would hold 15 rounds but it took all 17 rounds. It came out like that out the box. Should I take this magazine back to the store so they can block it or what should I do ?
  13. I was looking to purchase one but went with the Sub2000 instead. But I seen an AR9 that is probably gonna be my next buy. It's the freedom Ordnance FX-9 check it out Classic firearms .com sell them exclusively. Takes Glock magazines and has all the features a regular AR has ever. The last round bolt over feature. With a few tweaks it can be NJ legal ( ships with 32 round mag, flash hider and collapsible stock. I have contacted them and they said they would ship to a NJ FFL that can agree to make the compliance work and they would ship it without the magazine.
  14. It's been taken care of
  15. My wife had a MVA that involved a man in a bicycle. She was turning right on a green light and as she made the turn the bicyclist smacked into her car with speed right at the passenger side front fender. The dude was wearing no helmet, no light in the bike, and he was riding in the sidewalk. He was complaining of pain but refused medical assistance. Cops where called and even though my wife had the green light and the man struck the vehicle, the police blamed her and gave her a traffic ticket for not yielding to pedestrians. I believe he was not a pedestrian as he was on a bike and bicyclists have to comply with traffic laws just like vehicles but he was on the sidewalk. I will research more but what do you guys think about the cops decision? We plan on fighting it.
  16. Consider the price of ammo also. 22 is way cheaper than other calibers. 9mm is not that expensive either. I would rent different handguns and try them out to see how they feel. Learn with a .22 and then go for a 9mm.
  17. Got one ! I happen to stop by Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters for some ammo this morning and while looking around at the Rifles noticed they had 2 more Sub 2000s than the one .40 they had a couple weeks ago. Asked them and they had a couple Glock 17 models in stock. Out it on layaway until a couple weeks from now when I can pick it up !!! Thanks everyone for the suggestions and if your looking for one Cheyenne got them in 9mm and .40
  18. I drive a 97 Acura Integra that it's ready to go in any minute as my daily driver. And a 2008 Honda Accord. The best car I ever had was my favorite was a 92 Nissan 240sx coupe that I drove when I was younger !!!
  19. Your right just wanted threw that in there just because.
  20. Any NBA fans here ? What do you think of the Warriors and the Cavs going to the NBA finals for the third straight year ?!?!? Good, bad , could care less ?
  21. Try Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters in Bordentown. Big selections on handguns and ARs. I have bought all my firearms from Cheyenne. The prices are a bit high compared to other places but I still buy from them because never ever had a problem and the background check are quick.
  22. Restrepo or Korengal Documentaries
  23. Yeah we don't like traffic...other than that I think NJ drivers are pretty good. Nothing like NY drivers !!! I have driven everything from small compact cars to mini vans to fire trucks without any problem he in NJ and PR !
  24. Oh ok a gun show. Yeah I seen several 9mm Sub 2000s at gun shows in PA but they won't sell them to me because not being Jersey legal.
  25. Where is Oaks? I'm not familiar with this place