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  1. Interesting. It seems to vary from state to state. Ohio and Illinois had a problem with it but California doesn't. CA calls it the Decoy Program. The Decoy did the buying and not the cop. I think internet sales could shed a different light on it if fought. But as pointed out we could never know. Weaponizing the law is as old as time itself.
  2. I certainly hope not. I'd like to think if a couple of bakeries can last a good fight fight I'd hope they could/would.
  3. Then I guess they feel secure. But I hope we can follow this and see. Should be interesting either way no doubt.
  4. And on their site does it have the disclaimer of your responsibility to know the laws in your state? Real question because I can't seem to open their site. I'm getting that it's not secure and my browser won't do it. I believe these are both valid arguments. Considering these are from non-attorneys it could be an interesting fight.
  5. If a cop offers a woman money for sex and she takes it without force it's still entrapment. If a cop offers me pot and I buy it from him it's still entrapment. They asked hey asked and NFA did. They knew very well what they were ordering and that they couldn't. They are law enforcement and they can't ask you to do something illegal and then prosecute you for it. If I ordered it and they shipped it and the cops did their job of investigating it and found out about it then it's not entrapment. But they are not allowed to go around inviting (which this is) people to break the law and the prosecute.
  6. That store is a victim of entrapment. Pure and simple. https://www.justice.gov/jm/criminal-resource-manual-645-entrapment-elements https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/entrapment-basics-33987.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrapment I'm the furthest thing from a lawyer but seeing Turbin Man in action, reading his papers, seeing the laws he's had to re-write (mag capacity laws vs cops) I believe we have one of the dumbest AGs in the land.
  7. Yes. And I'll never understand why all these Dominoes and Papa John places succeed with their cardboard with ketchup on it pies when we are the mecca of pizza.
  8. https://www.smith-wesson.com/firearms/mp-45-shield-m20-thumb-safety I prefer the extended mag for my pinky but it fits nice.
  9. I have an all black one in .45. It's probably my favorite semi-auto thus far. You'll enjoy it.
  10. Mine. With the exception of my Mother's. But she's dead so MINE.
  11. All true. The problem with this is it's proven time after time that any regulation or impedance leaves that door open for the opposing side to expand on. This has historically been the case.
  12. I’ve had one for about a year now. Mine has a pick and pluck foam layer. Then another one inch foam layer then another pick and pluck layer. It’s the next to smallest size and I comfortably carry 3 pistols in it. I never ran it over or set it afloat but I’ve dropped it and used it extensively in the rain without issues. I’d buy another if the need arose.
  13. And I think these complications are what catch us in the cross fire. NFA rights vs states rights vs our 2A rights. It's sometimes a gray area that in court turns into a fine thin line that causes compromises with the court's decisions that tend to get abused.
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